Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 8. (2/2)

Fenghuo: “You’ve changed so quickly. You used to complain to us every day about Mr. Lu’s inhumanity. Since he stopped caring about you, you’ve started blowing his rainbow farts every day. It’s embarrassing!”

Meng Lianying: “If you can, say it in front of my cousin.”

Fenghuo: “I have no ability, I admit it.”

The banter between the two ended automatically when the off-road vehicle stopped next to Lu Ya.

“Cousin, has your car been put away?” Meng Lianying leaned to the right and asked.

Lu Ya looked at Xinghe and said, “The fuel is limited, can I squeeze in?”

Of course, Xinghe was willing to support his saving policy, but there was no room in the front row, so he looked behind him.

The space in the last row is relatively small. Taishan is too strong, and Meng Lianying’s current sitting posture is already aggrieved.

The middle row has the most space. Qingteng is too thin, and Gu Fan is plump and slender. It is more than enough for Lu Ya to squeeze in.

Xinghe asked Gu Fan, “Want the young commander to sit on your left? That way you will be safer if monsters attack from one side.”

He has obviously figured out the timid side of Gu Fan’s character.

Gu Fan glanced at Lu Ya. In her eyes, Lu Ya was just an S-level human shield.

She silently unbuckled her seat belt and moved to the middle of the seat.

Lu Ya came around, got in the car, sat as close to the left door as possible, and then fastened his seat belt.

Gu Fan noticed his movements, looked down, and suddenly realized no safety belt was in her position.

“Don’t worry, Xinghe is the most stable driver and there won’t be any accidents.” Meng Lianying assured her with a smile.

Lu Ya also looked at Gu Fan: “If you are afraid, I can sit in the middle.”

How could Gu Fan agree? She didn’t want to be a human shield for Lu Ya. Compared with car accidents, monsters were more dangerous.

“That’s it, I believe in Xinghe.” Gu Fan looked at Xinghe expectantly.

Xinghe smiled: “Then we will officially set off.”

There are no high-level monsters near the base, only some ordinary small animals that have not mutated or some C-level monsters that sneak over to look for food.

These C-level monsters in twos and threes will become a source of merit points for ordinary superpowers. Xinghe and others will not waste time killing them.

The off-road vehicle drove peacefully for a day without encountering any problems.

In the evening, Xinghe drove off the highway and drove into the outskirts of an abandoned county town, finally stopping in front of a two-story building.

Meng Lianying introduced to Gu Fan: “This is Tong County, the county town that the base just cleared last time. All the smarter monsters have escaped and will not come back easily, so the journey from the base to Tong County is considered safe.” outside the scope of Tong County tomorrow morning, the level of the monsters we encounter will gradually increase, A level or even S level is possible, it’s just a high or low probability, so be prepared.”

Gu Fan: “How long does it take to get to An city?”

Meng Lianying: “The distance is only twice as far as today’s distance, but the road conditions outside are not good. You may need to walk in some places, which may take four or five days.”

Gu Fan nodded.

She followed Qingteng out of the car.

What you see is a desolate place, with weeds growing on the ground, and the roofs of some small buildings are surrounded by vines. The building in front of her is one that Xinghe carefully selected after driving around a few streets. The preservation condition is quite neat.

Across the road, there is a strange place with some strange facilities.

Seeing her looking over there, Qingteng explained: “That’s the playground, the favorite place for children in the past.”

Gu Fan suddenly felt a little cold.

A black figure appeared on the right, and a cold voice reached her ears: “Most retail investors are running around outside, avoiding monsters. Have you never seen such an abandoned playground?”

Gu Fan just said: “Grandpa likes to collect medicinal herbs. As long as I can remember, there are only deep mountains and old forests around.”

Lu Ya glanced at her without comment, then turned and walked towards the small building.

“It’s dangerous outside, let’s go in.”

The first floor of the small building is the living room, and there are rooms on the second and third floors. However, in order to facilitate emergency situations, everyone will sleep in the living room tonight.

The men collected six beds from various rooms and placed them in a row in the middle of the clean living room.

“The conditions are difficult, so Fan Fan will make do with it.”

Meng Lianying was a little worried that Gu Fan wouldn’t be able to accept this kind of environment, so he specifically told her.

Gu Fan reminded him with a smile: “This is just my first time doing this kind of mission, not my first time out of the base. You forget, I am a savage who grew up outside. I can sleep on the ground.”

Meng Lianying was stunned.

Fenghuo patted him on the shoulder: “I don’t blame you, I can’t help but treat Fan Fan as a delicate girl.”

After saying that, he quietly glanced at Gu Fan’s glowing white face.

Meng Lianying pushed him away, looked around, and saw his cousin standing at the door. Meng Lianying shouted: “Cousin, Fenghuo and I will take turns keeping watch tonight. We just need to sleep on the same bed. Which one do you sleep on?”

Lu Ya: “You take your pick, I’ll bring my own.”

A brand new luxurious bed appeared out of thin air when he finished speaking. 

Everything was luxurious, from the pillowcases to the sheets to the carvings on the bed.

Meng Lianying:…

What about the simplicity and frugality you promised? Even if his cousin has space crystals, it’s inappropriate to put something like this for pure enjoyment, right? If you are photographed by a base reporter, you will be criticized in the newspaper!

“Um, cousin, how many more beds like this do you have?”

“The space is limited, so I only accepted this one.”

Meng Lianying:…

The author’s side story:

Lu Ya: What the heck with frugality?

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