Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 8. (1/2)

Gu Fan’s head, hands, and feet were very flexible, and she mastered various flying boot operating methods in just one hour.

With such a pair of combat boots, she can fly freely at low altitudes, which is simply more powerful than the magic weapon in the cultivation world.

This made Gu Fan have a strong interest in earth technology.

On the way back to the base, Qingteng taught her about various thermal weapons. The most powerful one can even kill S-class monsters, but it will cause serious damage to the Earth. Humans will try to avoid using it unless necessary. S-class monsters are also very smart. They like to hide in deep mountains and forests and have never provoked human bases in the future.

“So, the base and the monsters are relatively peaceful now? If the monsters don’t attack the base, then as long as the ordinary people in the base don’t go out, their lives will be the same as before the radiation.”

Gu Fan commented after summarizing all the information she had obtained.

Qingteng pursed her lips.

Taishan, who had been concentrating on driving, finally looked back at Gu Fan and said in a deep voice: “You are a retail investor and lack understanding of the previous life. Before the great radiation, humans could move freely on the Earth and even carry out space exploration missions. The sudden great radiation spawned a large number of monsters, killed billions of people, and restricted human life to a few bases.”

“Human beings are the highest civilization on Earth. As long as they understand the past life, both superpowers and ordinary people hope to regain their former freedom, so each base is gradually clearing away the surrounding monsters and restoring the lost land that once belonged to humans. This long process may be arduous, and our generation may not be able to see it, but as long as we work hard, future generations will one day live a truly comfortable life.”

After all, Gu Fan is an outsider. She has no sense of belonging to the Earth, and she cannot empathize with the experiences of earthlings.

Cultivators are so ruthless, but she is the kind who keeps to herself. If the sky falls, there will not be a tall man to hold her up, so she just needs to find a place to hide and survive.

The Jiangnan base was the new place she found for herself. Unfortunately, she was unlucky and met an overbearing and unreasonable customer like Lu Ya.

Xinghe received a military mission this time, asking them to go to a rare mine in An City and bring back all the rare ores that had been mined. If conditions allowed, it would be better if they could collect more ores, and if they brought back more ores, the greater the merit points obtained, and both the mercenary team and the army would benefit.

Taishan is a person with earth and space powers. He can complete mining and collecting minerals by himself. The rest of the team is responsible for dealing with any monsters that may appear.

There are very few space monsters, so any space crystal is a rare treasure. Xinghe and his team have never encountered a space monster. Once they travel, they can only rely on Taishan to keep and collect supplies.

Throughout the afternoon, the mercenary team packed up the things they would bring for this departure. Ingredients and thermal weapons were the most critical.

In terms of clothing, everyone in the team wore a suit of armor and carried a backpack, and they didn’t even prepare a change of clothes.

Gu Fan asked casually: “Don’t you need to take a shower? What should I do if my armor is dirty?”

Fenghuo smiled, pointed at Xinghe, and said: “War Armor is easy to take care of. Once Xinghe is flushed, no matter how much blood it is, it will be washed away. After flushing, I will dry it in seconds, and I guarantee not to burn a single hair on your head.”

Gu Fan thought that her dust removal technique was more convenient.

After a night’s rest, the six of them drove off at six o’clock the next day.

This off-road vehicle will also serve as a moving castle for six people. The body is very defensive, but the seats are also cleverly arranged. Xinghe and Fenghuo sit in the first row, Qingteng and Gu Fan sit in the middle, and Taishan and Meng Lianying sit in the last row. There are strong attacks in front and behind, which can deal with monster sneak attacks to the greatest extent.

With Fenghuo and Meng Lianying here, there is no need to worry about boredom in the car.

The joyful atmosphere was as if they were not going to do a dangerous task but to go sightseeing in a scenic spot.

When the impregnable base city wall got closer and closer, Fenghuo and Meng Lianying all fell silent in unison.

Meng Lianying must have heard something from Taishan. He lay down on the back of Gu Fan’s chair, patted her shoulder with one hand, and pointed to the high base city wall with the other: “We can see the city wall, and there are other walls in the air and underground. It’s the invisible protective net, if the protective net is visible, Fan Fan, do you think this base looks like an iron cage?”

Gu Fan understood what he meant: “So when you do tasks for the army, you also hope to help mankind regain freedom as soon as possible.”

Meng Lianying: “Yes, we were not born in a good time. I particularly envy the era in old TV series when people could go out and play with just a mobile phone.”

Gu Fan: “With your strength, as long as you don’t encounter S-class monsters, you can protect yourself now when you go out, right?”

Meng Lianying: “Maybe, but what will I see when I go out? Monsters are everywhere. The better the scenery, the stronger the monsters. What’s the point of guarding against monsters every day?”

Gu Fan: “That’s right.”

So she doesn’t like to travel and only wants to make money while refining elixirs in peace.

The small city gate opened, and the off-road vehicle drove out.

Meng Lianying stuck his head out the window and looked around: “Where is my cousin?”

Fenghuo sat in the passenger seat and raised his chin towards the right front of the road: “Isn’t that right?”

Gu Fan sat upright slightly, raised his head, and saw Lu Ya under a straight tree. He wore black, close-fitting armor that outlined a tall and strong soldier’s figure, with broad shoulders, a black belt that cinched his surprisingly narrow waist, and boots of the same color that made his legs look even longer. His legs are slender, and his armor seems thinner and lighter than the A-level armor.

“People really rely on their clothes. This is the charm of S-class armor.” Fenghuo stared at Lu Ya’s armor with jealous eyes. “No matter how well the old marshals at the base maintain their figures, they are getting old. They can’t wear it like Lu Ya.” This effect is just wow.”

Meng Lianying: “You are nakedly jealous. My cousin is handsome and wears the same clothes.”

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