Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 7. (2/2)

Yes, why is your cousin so generous to Fan Fan? “Fenghuo asked suspiciously.

Meng Lianying touched his head: “”Maybe it’s a temporary loan to use it once? My cousin will deal with that bear, so he is afraid that there will be an accident.”

Gu Fan: …Why does it become more dangerous the more you talk about it?

At eight o’clock the next morning, two men in military uniforms held guns and personally delivered the armor to Gu Fan. After the handover, the two left.

Gu Fan went back to the room to change clothes.

It has to be said that Lu Ya’s eyes were poisonous enough. Gu Fan’s marrow-cleaned body conformed to the golden ratio among modern people. The black and gray armor with a close-fitting design perfectly outlines her figure. It can ensure that her movements are smooth and natural without any hindrance.

Like Qingteng, Gu Fan tied her long hair to the top of her head.

After getting dressed, Gu Fan opened the door and walked down the stairs.

Meng Lianying and others were waiting in the hall. Seeing Gu Fan in armor walking down the stairs, Fenghuo swallowed deeply and whispered: “It turns out that not all female superpowers can wear armor; they all became men.”

Before he finished speaking, Qingteng kicked him on the calf.

Fenghuo let out a scream.

Qingteng greeted Gu Fan and said, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to practice how to operate the flying boots.”

Practicing in the base is too eye-catching and inconvenient.

Xinghe said to Taishan: “You go with them.”

There are no high-level monsters near the base. What Gu Fan needs to watch out for are other mercenaries. A set of A-level armor is enough for some mercenaries to take risks.

Three minutes later, Taishan drove and left the villa with Gu Fan and Qingteng.

Fenghuo leaned against the door with his hands folded, looking at the off-road vehicle going away. He turned back and asked Xinghe: “Didn’t you say you were going to do the mission in Ning City before? Why did you go to An City instead?”

At this moment, Fenghuo’s eyes no longer had the usual casual joking, and he was very calm.

Meng Lianying was also quieter than usual, waiting for Xinghe’s answer.

Xinghe sat on the sofa, reading the newspaper, and replied calmly: “Gu Fan seems to be hiding some secrets. Lu Ya wants to know, and I am also very curious.”

Fenghuo frowned: “So, you asked to go with us, not to protect Fan Fan?”

Xinghe: “Protection and observation can be carried out at the same time. These two things are not contradictory.”

Fenghuo emphasized: “I don’t think Fan Fan is a bad person.”

Xinghe smiled, looked over, and said, “I didn’t say she was a bad person. If I had doubts about her character, I wouldn’t let her live here.”

Fenghuo couldn’t see through him, so he turned to Meng Lianying and asked, “You brought Fan Fan back, what do you say?”

Meng Lianying thought of the muscle-building and blood-tonifying pill that Gu Fan gave him. As Xinghe guessed, Gu Fan must have other secrets.

But he promised Gu Fan not to tell anyone.

“I think she is just timid. She has never been in contact with anyone except grandpa, so she can’t completely trust us.”

In his eyes, Gu Fan was simple, kind-hearted, and thirsty for knowledge. She was just like a retail girl with no world experience.

Fenghuo nodded: “I have the same view as you.”

Xinghe adjusted the frame of his glasses: “Why do you act like I am a bad person? I only said that I would observe her, not harm her. In comparison, Lu Ya forced her to go to An city. That is the real bad thing. How can you not criticize him?”

Fenghuo: “Lu Ya is too strong, I don’t dare.”

Xinghe looked at Meng Lianying.

Meng Lianying: “You are a fox, it doesn’t matter if you say a few words. My cousin is a wolf. If you mess with him, we will get backlash.”

At seven o’clock in the morning, Gu Fan and the others left the base. The general of the garrison at the base entrance reported the matter to Lu Ya, including the video of the three people entering and exiting in the car.

Lu Ya sat alone in the study room of the villa, watching Gu Fan in the video.

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