Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #65

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Chapter 65

It’s really intense and cruel. Who loses and who wins is decided in three takes. Everyone is red-faced, roughnecked, and performing kung fu.

This is destined to be a war without smoke.

Brother Quan, who trespassed: You’re crazy!

God is so fierce and cruel.

The blushing face and roughneck are caused by suppressing laughter. Rock-paper-scissors are indeed a hand skill; after all, they cannot be used on the feet.

It’s unsightly and smelly. Even if they were put on their feet, they wouldn’t be able to do such a difficult thing. How could there be smoke in a rock-paper-scissors war?

Everyone has completely let go now. We are facing each other. You make rocks, and I make clothes. For a moment, it feels like we are back in kindergarten.

Being fair, open, and just really depends on yourself.

That’s it. Everyone actually had a dispute. If they were really fighting, there might not be such a thing. The main reason is that some young people don’t respect martial ethics.

“Master Shi, he does it too slowly. He did it on purpose.”

“Master Shi, he lied, this shameless person…”

Facing the aggrieved people’s angry accusations, Shi Zhi felt like a kindergarten teacher.

She also came out to supplement the rules urgently.

“You need to hear this.”

“We must have the Olympic spirit. Anyone who plays tricks will be eliminated directly.”

Her voice was not loud, even a little slow, but no one doubted the authenticity of her words.

With Shi Zhi coming forward, everyone finally became honest.

Soon, four lucky geese were born in this fierce fighting and obtained the qualifications for advertising background boards.


The newcomers at Shi Zhi Studio learned from this lesson: It turns out that this is the cruel adult world, and it turns out that this is the cruel entertainment industry.

This is so fun, hahaha!

Can they apply for more ways to fight? For example, battle in the Canyon of Kings, flying chess, and if that doesn’t work, roll the dice.

Everyone’s proposal was rejected by Shi Zhi.

She frowned, “Can you be more serious? This is such a serious thing.”

The team members want to ask, Sister Shi, are you serious?

However, they still watch their actions. Now that the company’s boss has been replaced by Shi Zhi, whether they can be promoted or raise their salary depends entirely on Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi Zhi is right, you should be more serious.”

The rock-paper-scissors project has also been carried forward in Shi Zhi’s studio. When faced with difficulties, when faced with a situation of equal strength, rock-paper-scissors engage in a real head-on confrontation.

Absolutely no small tricks. It’s just so refreshing.

These newcomers in the studio have developed well in the future, have achieved achievements in their respective fields, and have their own fans.

Later, on a certain variety show, there happened to be two artists from Shi Zhi Studio who faced each other when they became a PK team.

Artist A was very serious and asked artist B if he wanted an international fight.

The other guests recording the show were all frightened and did not care whether they were grouped or not.

No, no, it’s just a game. Didn’t we just give it back to the two brothers before? Why are we fighting now?

Even the audience was moved when they saw this section.

It turns out that this brotherhood is all fake?!

Then they saw it. They started to play rock, paper, and scissors, winning two out of three games.


What kind of international practice is this? Isn’t it so Childish!

It’s not just these two people. Pictures of artists from Shi Zhi Studio doing rock-paper-scissors have been exposed one after another.

This is the international practice of Shi Zhi Studio.

The childish one was Shi Zhi herself, and even the whole family became childish.


Shi Zhi took the selected four people to where the commercial was recorded, and two were more impressed.

The rap boy Zi Ziwen is young and has a kind of innocence. He was sad because Mr. Xu abandoned them.

Now Ziwen: Who is Mr. Xu? Who is Mr. Xu? He only knows Master Shi!

The person in sharp contrast with Zi Wenzhen was Gao Fan, sitting next to Shi Zhi. He obviously had a face that could be seen, but Shi Zhi was puzzled. How could he be so oily?

Gao Fan also had good luck. He stood out from the competition and became a semi-finalist.

He followed Shi Zhi directly into the van car and sat next to Shi Zhi. He kept talking to Shi Zhi along the way.

Gao Fan talked to Shi Zhi before because he wanted to catch up with Shi Zhi’s popularity. It would be better if he could develop a relationship with Shi Zhi. Now that Shi Zhi has become Gao Fan’s immediate boss, he is trying every means to follow Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi Zhi.”

His name was not Master Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi looked at Gao Fan and said, “Say.”

Her eyes were very calm, and Gao Fan flinched for a moment.

But he is not someone who backs down easily.

“If the two of us live on a desert island together…”

Shi Zhi said, “No.”

Gao Fan, “…” was choked.

“Isn’t this just in case?”

Shi Zhi frowned, “Why would such a bad thing happen?”

She had done something wrong, and he wanted to punish her in such a way.

Gao Fan thinks he’s not that bad after all!

But Shi Zhi still followed Gao Fan’s words, “What if the two of us end up living on a deserted island, just the two of us, and then we can’t get out for a while?”

Gao Fan, “Yes.”

Shi Zhi thought for a while, “Then I will give you a nickname.”

Gao Fan actually received a series of blows at the beginning. He felt that he could no longer flirt with her. He had already planned to shut up and make himself more respectable, but he did not expect that things would turn out differently.


Falling from the sky, the nickname of love?

Gao Fan, “What is it?”

Shi Zhi smiled at him, “Friday.”

Gao Fan: Why is it Friday, not Monday or Tuesday? Because the social animals are about to have a holiday on Friday. Isn’t it happier?

There was a moment of silence in the car, and the driver said, “Friday, it seems familiar.” Desert Island and Friday always felt like they had heard it somewhere.

Ziwen hesitated for a while and said, “It’s “Robinson Crusoe.” Did Robinson save the savage?”

Yes, that’s the savage.

Robinson and Friday lived on a desert island.

Gao Fan “…” smiled politely but not awkwardly.

The atmosphere in the car was very good, and Brother Quan could tell what Gao Fan was thinking, but it didn’t work for Shi Zhi at all, and Shi Zhi couldn’t get enough of it.

Everyone talked and laughed and started discussions based on Gao Fan’s nickname. Suddenly, the car’s body shook.

The assistant sitting on the other side of Shi Zhi almost fell forward, but Shi Zhi helped her up.

The assistant was in shock, “Thank you, Sister Shi.”

Shi Zhi asked the driver, “What’s wrong?”

Brother Quan was sitting in the passenger seat and was also shocked.

The tough driver has always driven relatively steadily, and such situations almost never happen.

The driver said, “That van seems to be messing with us.”

Because the van beside him kept ignoring his alarm, he almost hit the other cars and braked suddenly just now.

Shi Zhi looked through the window and saw that a black van was constantly approaching their car deliberately and without any regard for danger.

The car window was open, and there were men and women inside, waving in the direction of Shi Zhi’s van car.

“Shi Zhi, can you see us?”

“Uncle Shi, I love you!”

Brother Quan cursed and told Shi Zhi, “Illegitimate fans.”


Celebrities have not only fans but also anti-fans and crazy fans.

In web searches, illegitimate fans refer to extreme behaviors and crazy styles among celebrity fans. In reality, they are all-pervasive. To satisfy their selfishness, they invade celebrities’ daily lives and impact their lives and work. It also seriously affected the rest of the people.

Car chasing like this is one of the behaviors that bastards will do. Some time ago, an artist had an accident because of fans chasing a celebrity car.

Shi Zhi almost understood it after Brother Quan described it.

Fans are not only Zhang Mingxia, but also those who write letters to her, and others like this.

The time Tang Yunling was blocked, many of them were illegitimate fans.

“We can’t let them chase cars like this.”

“It’s too dangerous.”

Shi Zhi felt that she still needed to go down and talk. Brother Quan wanted to stop Shi Zhi, but he could not.

According to Shi Zhi, the driver stopped the car at a safer place, and the van followed them.

The crazy fans probably didn’t expect Shi Zhi to get out of the car, and they were all shocked.

Everyone is not very old; the oldest is only in his twenties, and some of them look like they are underage.

Shi Zhi, “Chasing a car is dangerous, do you know?”

When someone asks, you know what you are doing. When you answer something very straightforward, you also take the initiative to admit your mistakes.

When Shi Zhi said not to do it again and hurried back, they were still obedient and said they would not do it again.

Shi Zhi climbed into the van car again and said, “It’s solved.” It should be fine, they all assured her.

However, Brother Quan is not as optimistic as Shi Zhi.

As an agent, he knows better.

Brother Quan pointed to the rearview mirror, “What do you think that is?”

Shi Zhi followed Brother Quan’s instructions and looked over.

The van stopped blatantly leaving but did not leave as promised to Shi Zhi. It still followed leisurely at a certain speed.

Brother Quan looked at Shi Zhi as if she was thinking and took the initiative to change the topic, fearing that Shi Zhi would become depressed.

“It’s normal. It means you are popular now, right?”

There will be a commercial shooting soon.


In Brother Quan’s view, Shi Zhi is generally not enterprising and is not interested in the usual quarrels in the circle. The only time there was a draft about fabric news was released by Mr. Xu.

Then, he was fired on the spot by employee Shi Zhi.

However, Shi Zhi’s attitude towards work has always been okay. The team members were worried that Shi Zhi would be affected by chasing a car and having illegitimate fans, but they were overthinking it.

The staff group shopping software still attaches great importance to Shi Zhi, and someone especially greeted her outside. It was probably because of Shi Zhi’s anger at the beverage vendor. They were a little cautious when facing Shi Zhi and got along with Shi Zhi for a while. Just let go.

Shi Zhi is really easy to talk to.

After Shi Zhi finished putting on her makeup, the remaining four background panels had to be more creative. Before the official recording, Shi Zhi watched the advertisement and improvised.

“Would you like to wear a down jacket? Winter belongs to me, and the other three seasons belong to you.”

The shopping software staff didn’t think anything was wrong with what Shi Zhi said at first, waiting for them to react.


Down jackets belong to Shi Zhi when it is winter, and they belong to others in the other three seasons. They have a purpose. Don’t we just wear them in winter?

Shi Zhi played with the advertising slogan before the shooting started but waited for the staff next to her to whisper a reminder.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, it’s time to begin.”

Shi Zhi, “Is filming going to start?”

After receiving the affirmative statement, Shi Zhi’s lazy uncle’s aura disappeared. She walked to the shooting location and spoke the advertising slogans enthusiastically.

Her face changed in a second.

What is a professional? This is a professional!

The four young artists in the studio were stunned. Does Master Shi actually have such skills?

Brother Quan, “Learn a little bit.”


This software advertisement was not too difficult and was much easier than filming a TV series. Shi Zhi was very cooperative, and the advertising director was delighted. It was completed without a long delay.

From there, it takes a while to get back to the car.

Shi Zhi’s team chatted endlessly with the four young artists in the studio. Shi Zhi didn’t say much, but watching them chat was fun.

Then, the assistant let out a gasp.

“Oh, Mom, I was scared to death.”

“What’s going on with that girl? Is she still a crazy fan?”

Everyone followed the assistant’s instructions and looked over.

Not far away was a young, pretty girl wearing loose clothes and neat bangs. Logically speaking, she should be adorable but had a gloomy temperament, and her bangs almost blocked her eyes.

She was staring at Shi Zhi motionlessly.

Looking at her suddenly, it is indeed a bit eye-catching.

After being discovered, she was not afraid. Instead, she grinned, showing her teeth, and smiled at Shi Zhi.

It’s very much like a certain change in a TV series.

Gao Fan, “She even chased a car.”

She was also among the people chasing the car before.

Brother Quan, “Stop talking and leave quickly.”

This time, there was no black van following them. The girl with bangs found a bicycle and followed the van, but the speed was too slow, and she quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight.


When being harassed by an illegitimate fan started, it never stopped. Shi Zhi also received harassing phone calls.

“Hello, is this Shi Zhi? I like you so much…”

When Shi Zhi answered the phone, she happened to be talking to everyone in the hotel room. Naturally, the team members also heard the crazy confession of the man over there.

Brother Quan: Fuck!

They even got the phone number.

An angry person on the team already plans to take Shi Zhi’s call and scold him.

Although Shi Zhi faced this situation for the first time, she remained calm.

“Hello, sir. Do you want to buy a house? We have a house here…”

Her voice was lovely, with a kind of surprise, and she talked endlessly.

The other person was stunned, and then he hung up the phone while cursing. Everyone heard him complaining before hanging up.

“Fake number, a waste of my money.”

Shi Zhi pretended to be a house seller.

After this incident, no one really made harassing calls to Shi Zhi anymore.

The assistant gave Shi Zhi a thumbs up.

So, cool, you still have to look at Sister Shi.

The commercials shot by Shi Zhi went up very quickly, and all of a sudden, it was all about Shi Zhi taking four background boards and putting them together.

Very magical.

Several of Shi Zhi’s friends in the industry also found Shi Zhi and said that they had been brainwashed.

The other artists were puzzled when they saw that Shi Zhi had won such an advertisement. Is this okay?

Carry forward the struggle.

Not only were the full-length ads released there, but also behind-the-scenes footage of Shi Zhi.

So everyone looked at Shi Zhi sitting on the chair, muttering over there, “Would you like to wear a down jacket? Winter belongs to me, and the other three seasons belong to you.”

There is only one second left to become a professional.

Netizen, “Hahahaha!”

They can also play.

“Are you fighting for your husband? The money you make during the day belongs to me, and at night it belongs to you.”

“Would you like to fight for a mobile phone? The first year belongs to me, and the rest belongs to you.”

Shi Zhi continued to return to the crew. Not long after she left the hotel, the hotel cleaning staff opened the room for cleaning. A young girl wearing loose clothes appeared in front of Shi Zhi’s room as if she could float away with a gust of wind.


“Shi Zhi.”

As soon as Shi Zhi arrived at the set, director Wang Mingchun called her over.

“This is the technical consultant I invited, Cheng Yu.”

Director Wang Mingchun introduced the man around him to Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi asked him, “How much better are you?”

Cheng Yu is now standing.

In fact, even if Director Wang Mingchun did not introduce him, it’s not the first time Shi Zhi saw Cheng Yu. Not only her but also everyone who walked into the room noticed him.

After all, he is tall and good-looking, with a straight waist. His skin is probably from not seeing the sun for a long time, and it is white and can reflect light, giving him a sense of dignity.

Ning Jiachi said before that Cheng Yu was a noble son, and it made sense for him to imitate him before.

Director Wang Mingchun: “Do you know each other?”

Shi Zhi said: “I’ve seen him before.”

It can’t be said that Cheng Yu is the fan who jumped up at the fan meeting.

Cheng Yu nodded toward Shi Zhi and smiled gently, which diluted his dignity.

“Much better.”

The two didn’t chat for too long. After all, Shi Zhi had to work. After Shi Zhi finished shooting, she got a cup of hot black tea.

Everyone has one, and Cheng Yu treats all of them.

The other party was not far away. He didn’t talk much and was quiet. Shi Zhi thought about it and walked over. He first thanked Cheng Yu for the hot drink and then asked.

“Why did you come to the crew as a technical consultant?”

Shi Zhi remembered that Cheng Yu’s family was well off, which could be seen.

It wasn’t just someone who carried him on a stretcher and gave her gold as a gift.

Cheng Yu said, “The company is not busy and I have nothing to do. Come here to make some extra money and experience a variety of lives.”

He answered very sincerely.

Shi Zhi agreed with Cheng Yu’s idea: Lu Zeming and Gao Fan should really come and take a look. Don’t always think about getting something for nothing. Cheng Yu knows how to make money. Even if he has money, he will not give up every opportunity to make money!

The assistant next to Cheng Yu.


They are obviously a company famous for working overtime on the Internet, and the programmers stay up all night to stay bald.

Someone is shouting over there.

“Can you all help moving the bricks?”

Cheng Yu told Shi Zhi, “I’m going to do a favor.”

Shi Zhi remembered that Cheng Yu was still recovering, so she casually asked, “Can you do it? Or let others do it.”

Cheng Yu had already walked over to help.

He worked very hard, and the suit he carefully selected for the catwalk was stained. The crew members who shouted for help were a little embarrassed. Cheng Yu completely became the main output force.

After the bricks were moved, Cheng Yu told the director and Shi Zhi that he had to leave first because he had something to do.

There was no need for Cheng Yu now, so the director waved his hand.

After leaving the crowd, the assistant asked the people around him.

“Mr. Cheng, what are we going to do?”

What else needs to be done?

Cheng Yu, “Go to the hospital.”

He looked at his assistant and told him calmly, “…my waist slipped.”

Assistant: ???!

Did you duck your back while moving bricks?


The work ended a little late today, and it was already dark when they returned to the hotel.

Shi Zhi’s room was relatively large, and everyone wanted to hang out with her. The team ordered food together and settled it at Shi Zhi’s side.

Some people still watch Shi Zhi’s variety shows, while others study Internet trends. After dinner, Shi Zhi plays songs and reads scripts on the sofa.

She had decided on the script beforehand. After filming “Yin Yang Snack Shop,” she was almost ready to join the set seamlessly, so she took advantage of the time to memorize it now.

The staff in the room came and went, and gradually, there were fewer people. For a long time, only Shi Zhi herself was left.

Shi Zhi barely moved and only changed a few movements to read the script.

The assistant sent a message to Shi Zhi, saying that she wanted to come over and borrow some body lotion, but she had run out of it.


The cupboard door of the room rang, and then it was pushed open.

Someone poked her head out from inside.

As soon as the assistant walked over there, she was startled and screamed.

How can she not be scared? In a nice room, a stranger suddenly comes out of the cabinet. It’s like filming a horror movie.

“Why are you here? Who are you!” Who is she, and when did she come in?

The assistant looked like she had stepped on a cat’s tail.

The other person was wearing loose clothes and had straight bangs. She said, “Can you please lower your voice? You scared me.”

It was obvious that she appeared in a scary way and stayed quietly in other people’s rooms. Still, now she was complaining that the assistant scared her.


Shi Zhi recognized the other party.

The crazy fan was following her on a bicycle. She didn’t expect that she could actually follow her to the hotel and sneak into the room.

It is indeed dangerous.

How many hours should she have been hiding? But why is she taking the initiative now?

Assistant: Too arrogant!

The crazy fan looked at Shi Zhi and sent out a soul greeting.

“Don’t you even go to the toilet?”

She was originally thrilled to see Shi Zhi. She planned to wait until the people in the room were almost gone and leave. Waiting for Shi Zhi to go to the bathroom.

Unexpectedly, people dispersed, but Shi Zhi hadn’t moved in the past few hours and had no tendency to go to the bathroom.

But her bladder couldn’t hold it anymore.

Listening to uncomfortable Buddhist music and holding it until your bladder is about to explode is like torture!

Shi Zhi now almost understood what was going on.

She was holding in her urine.

Crazy fan, “…can I borrow the bathroom?”

The assistant’s horizons have been opened. Does she still have the nerve to borrow the bathroom?

Shi Zhi made a gesture, indicating that it was okay.

She felt that the other party really couldn’t hold on anymore, as if she was going to collapse anytime and anywhere.

After the crazy fan finished her business in the bathroom, she felt like she was finally alive. Facing Shi Zhi, she felt a little uneasy.

A little bit.

Should they still send her to the police station?

Shi Zhi was not as angry as her assistant. She looked at the schoolbag the other person was carrying.

“Still in school?”

The tone was calm, like chatting with ordinary fans.


Shi Zhi glanced outside.

“It’s a nice night today. Since you are bored and I am bored too, do you want to do something exciting?”

Assistant: ??

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