Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #66

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Chapter 66

Part 1

The assistant was very suspicious. She also took a look at the window. It was dark outside, with no moon or stars. Is this a good night?

But soon, the assistant felt that something was wrong with her focus. This seemed not to be the main point.

Sister Shi, what are you doing?!

The crazy fan was also confused by what Shi Zhi said, somehow feeling scared.

She couldn’t help but take two steps back, shivering hard for some reason.

Shi Zhi had already turned off the “Great Compassion Mantra” being played. When she saw that the other party was still there, she stretched her hand towards her.

“Don’t stand there, come here.”

“The door has been closed, don’t even think about running away…”

The charming female star showed an indescribable smile towards the little crazy girl.

Assistant: Now she feels that the painting style is developing in a strange direction. What is this about forcing that love?


The exciting thing Shi Zhi mentioned that you can do late at night is advanced mathematics.

Shi Zhi became interested after learning that the other party was still in school. She needed to install some knowledge if she didn’t go to school hard and ran around late at night.

Being so close to the artist you like would be very exciting if she didn’t talk about advanced mathematics.

The crazy fan was not interested in studying in the first place, and she couldn’t understand these at all. Her mind was already starting to feel dizzy.

“I won’t.”

She mustered the courage to tell Shi Zhi, “I’m still in high school.” This should only be learned in college, so why make it difficult for her.

Shi Zhi was serious about teaching. She had paper and pen prepared in front of her, and the crazy fan part was also arranged in front of her.

When faced with an opponent who wants to escape before the battle, Shi Zhi also has her own philosophy: “I’m just teaching you because you don’t know how to do it.”

“If you don’t know how, just hurry up and learn. Aren’t I teaching you?”

“The crazy fan,” “…” What she said was so reasonable that it was impossible to refute it.

Shi Zhi is a strict teacher. The truth is that even if the crazy fan wants to be in a daze and pass the test, she can’t. Whenever she wants to lose focus, Shi Zhi will knock on the table in front of her.

Shi Zhi not only gave lectures but also gave the other party questions on the spot after finishing a lecture and asked her to solve them.

Crazy fan, “…” I’m going to die, I’m going to die.

The final scene was that of the crazy fan who was originally gloomy and didn’t even panic when she was discovered hiding in Shi Zhi’s room. Now, she frowned, bit the end of her pen, and looked at the high-level math questions in front of her with a bitter look on her face.

Finally, she looks like a high school student.

Meanwhile, Shi Zhi was supervising the exam.

“Didn’t I tell you this several times just now?”

“Why don’t you do it yet?”

“Read the question carefully. What kind of question is this? I’ll give you points!” The last word was elongated.

When I was in school, the teacher would give me the sub-questions. Even though I was late, I answered it.

Crazy fan, “…”

Assistant: She doesn’t know why things developed like this.

There are billions of things that are funny.

Shi Zhi found that the crazy fan’s bangs were long and almost blocked her eyes when she didn’t lower her head. Lowering her head directly blocked her sight, and she had to keep pushing her hair to one side.

An idea came to Shi Zhi, “Your bangs are too long, how about I cut them for you?”

“I’ve cut people’s hair before, and my skills are pretty good.”

This time, the crazy fan looked horrified. Seeing that Shi Zhi was already looking for the scissors, she shouted loudly.

“Don’t want to!”

“Don’t think she hasn’t watched “Super North Nose.”” Could it be that the person Shi Zhi said was cutting his hair was the victim, Duoqi?

As Shi Zhi’s crazy fan, she already belongs to the relatively crazy category. After all, she is crazy enough to chase cars. She even sneaked into the hotel. She has watched Shi Zhi’s variety shows, movies, and TV series at least ten times.

In “Super North Nose,” Shi Zhi cut Duoqi’s hair and made a concave surface. She even laughed every time she watched it.

It would be funny if it happened to someone else, but if it happened to her, it would be a devastating disaster.


Shi Zhi’s haircut failed, mainly because the other party reacted too intensely.

“Then you continue to learn from me.”

The crazy fan, “…”

Shi Zhi watched her learn advanced mathematics for two hours, and Shi Zhi would ask her occasionally, “Have you learned it?”

She has lost her studies passion.

The crazy fans really no longer have the patience.

“It’s too late; I want to go home; I miss my mother…” Throw the pen away.

Shi Zhi was very principled: “Let’s solve this problem first and then talk about it.” It was already late enough, and it would not take less than an hour.

The crazy fan’s face turned red, not because she was excited or shy, but because she was scared.

“… Don’t do this, I will call you if you do this again!”

Shi Zhi was supposed to be lecturing someone, but now she is really giving a lecture.

With tears already in her eyes, she took advantage of Shi Zhi’s unpreparedness and rushed out the door.

The speed was so fast that She was afraid that Shi Zhi would catch her back and continue doing advanced math.

Shi Zhi, “Huh?”

“Have you learned it yet?”

The opponent ran faster.

The assistant watched for a long time and saw that she was starting to doze off in the middle. The magic power of high numbers is indeed terrifying.

Brother Quan didn’t know until the next day that a crazy fan had broken into Shi Zhi’s room and gotten into the closet. He didn’t expect such a crazy thing to happen to them.

“Why didn’t you say anything to me?”

Assistant, “I originally wanted to tell you, but Sister Shi said it wasn’t necessary.”

There is really no need. Shi Zhi thought awhile, “She probably won’t come again.” In fact, Shi Zhi still wanted to know if the other party could solve the last question. If the other party showed up again, she would ask.

Qi Liuhai, the crazy fans will not come.

After two hours of advanced mathematics teaching by Shi Zhi, her love wears off.


She doesn’t even know how she got home. She felt too heavy. Even when she was sleeping and dreaming, she could see Professor Shi Zhi.

“Have you learned it?”

She can’t!

Dreaming about her favorite artist might be a sweet dream for others, but after those two hours, it was a nightmare for her.

The crazy fan woke up from her sleep and deleted all the updates related to Shi Zhi after getting up.

Fans have fan groups, anti-fans have anti-fan groups, and crazy fans also have groups.

Shi Zhi doesn’t have many crazy fans now; they are still in their infancy, but everyone is fanatical and loyal, including her. It is precisely because of this fanaticism that many people follow her instructions.

Her behavior of deleting the post immediately attracted the group members’ attention.

“Has your account been hacked? Why have all the updates been deleted?”

Who doesn’t know that she is the craziest person in the group? She even said she would sneak into Shi Zhi Hotel’s room.

The crazy fan, “I’ve lost my love passion.”

She couldn’t stand it anymore, and someone happened to be looking for her, so she started talking about that night in the group.

That night was not very beautiful, and it seemed to indicate that she was not destined to spend it in an ordinary way.

When the crazy fan finished telling the whole story, the group was silent for ten minutes before they appeared one after another.


Terrible. +1

Add ID post.


The bastard fan story was posted online by the sister of a certain group member.

She first stated that she absolutely did not support this behavior and had already educated her younger sister in the second year of secondary school. Her younger sister had courage but no time or money, so she did not participate in offline activities.

“I laughed to death when I saw the chat logs. I can’t have fun alone, we all have to have fun together… Of course, I want to declare again that I refuse crazy fan behavior! PS: I have never been interested in celebrities, but after reading the chat logs, Shi Zhi is so damn sweet.”

It’s so devilish.

Netizens came over after hearing the news and took a close look at the screenshots of the group chat.

When the crazy fan complained in the group, they saw how inhumanely Shi Zhi taught mathematics. She was forced to learn even if she didn’t want to. She was also given special questions to ask, and her distraction would be noticed. It was very strict.

Anyone who has been tortured by high math can sympathize with the pain of the other person. After thinking about it, they started to tremble. After Shi Zhi found out that the crazy fan was doing something inappropriate, she actually took her to learn high math? Do people do things?

But…well done!

They all know that crazy fans are not a good group.

The crazy fans also said in the chat history, “After careful observation, Shi Zhi lied somewhere.”

Netizens began to think that there was something. This was probably a backlash after the crazy fans withdrew. Is Shi Zhi’s character about to collapse?

In the end, it was the uncle character or the Buddhist character that collapsed.

The crazy fans, “She didn’t go to the toilet for three hours. In the end, I was forced to hold in my urine. She even said in the variety show that she was weak, which is not true at all.”

Finally, she made an analysis, “I think her kidney function should be very good.”

According to Chinese medicine, kidney deficiency will lead to frequent urination. Shi Zhi did not go to the bathroom for three hours. This kidney is very good.

Netizens who were eagerly waiting for the crazy fans to take off their fan’s love and spread the news showed doubts on their faces while holding their mobile phones.

Right here?

Wow, what a big scandal. This character is really broken.

Shock! Shi Zhi’s character collapsed unexpectedly, and she actually lied to the outside world. In fact…

She is not weak at all, and her kidneys are very good.

The crazy fan was very happy when she praised her in the group. She looked a hundred times better in person than in the photos, with a better figure and a nice voice. Those who didn’t know even thought it was a large-scale meet-and-greet event at Gardenia fans’ club.

But her attitude is very resolute underneath. She has really lost her love and can no longer pursue her.

The rest of the people also lost their crazy passion or turned into normal fans.

They didn’t want to chase the car anymore. After all, they didn’t want Shi Zhi to teach them two hours of advanced mathematics.


Shi Zhi was once again put on the hot search list. One of them was teaching the crazy fan how to count, but she lost their fans; the other was that Shi Zhi was healthy and had excellent kidney function.

Although Gardenia thought it was indeed funny, they still took a measured act.

The crazy fan went directly into the cabinet in Shi Zhi’s room. This was too dangerous. What if it was not a girl but a man?

Or what if it’s someone with malicious intent?

They kept making noises.

Chasing Stars rationally stays closer to her works but stays further away from their life.

Others also forwarded their support.

The hotel called in surveillance cameras to apologize to Shi Zhi and asked Shi Zhi if she wanted to file a case.

This time, it was indeed their hotel’s negligence. From the surveillance, it could be seen that the crazy fan sneaks in while the hotel cleaning staff was not paying attention.

The team publicized, “You have to call the police.” This was too thrilling. Only when you are inside can you know how scary it is, but at least nothing happened.

What if something happens?

Shi Zhi shook her head, “Forget it.”

The PR staff didn’t understand, so after the hotel manager left, she couldn’t wait to ask Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi…” Are you afraid of making things worse?

But after meeting Shi Zhi’s eyes, the PR staff stopped.

Shi Zhi will not be afraid. After all, she is someone who can directly confront the program crew in front of the audience and millions of online viewers of the live broadcast.

In Shi Zhi’s view, the other party is too young and has a long way to go. She just took a fork in the road and made a mistake, so give her a chance. If she really goes to the police station, it may be a social disaster for her.

Of course, forgiveness is not unlimited.

Brother Quan was fiddling with his phone and told Shi Zhi after a while.

“A Shenbao tablet merchant is looking for you.” He couldn’t laugh or cry.

Shi Zhi, “???”

She herself was a little confused.

This Shenbao Film Company has filmed many commercials and is very wealthy. Previously, they were looking for macho male stars. This time, I saw the screenshots that accidentally leaked, and they actually got new inspiration and creativity.

The assistant whispered, “Brother Quan, you are right. Shi Zhi can accidentally receive advertisements if she does something.”

Shi Zhi had previously complained about whether she would receive a coffin board advertisement if she acted and died on the spot. Now they think…

Also… isn’t it impossible?

However, no matter how much money is given to Shenbao Tablets, Brother Quan still has to reject them. Apps such as group shopping software and drinks can quickly open up national popularity and match Shi Zhi’s image, but Shenbao Tablets are nothing. ?!


Part 2

Although the hotel has apologized, they still moved out of the hotel for safety reasons.

The butler attached great importance to this, and Shi Zhi stayed in her own hotel. Of course, the team members did not understand this aspect. Still, they felt that staying in this hotel was more comfortable, and even the staff were enthusiastic.

Cheng Yu saw Shi Zhi Shen’s super hot search and then stared at his waist, which hurt when he had moved the brick.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

He struggled to open the bedside table and took out the small dumbbells.

Even if his waist hurts and he can’t move much, he can still exercise the strength of his arms.

Don’t stop him.


“Very good, pass.”

With these words from director Wang Mingchun, “Yin Yang Snack Shop” ushered in its finalization.

This is Shi Zhi’s last scene in this film.

Director Wang Mingchun was not generally satisfied with Shi Zhi. The more he got along with her, the more he felt that Shi Tao was right to recommend Shi Zhi to her.

“What’s your plan next?”

Shi Zhi and Director Wang Mingchun have formed a health bureau, and they have become familiar with each other after such a long time of contact. Shi Zhi told him, “I want to join the next crew…”

During the filming of “Yin Yang Snack Shop,” Shi Zhi had already decided on her next drama, called “Weeds in the Distant Mountains.” The background is in a remote mountainous area. Everything was ready, and they were just waiting for her, the heroine, to be finalized and join the cast.

From time to time, they would take a few photos of Shi Zhi over there, and it could be seen that they were indeed eagerly waiting.

Director Wang Mingchun wanted to laugh a little, but he still encouraged Shi Zhi.

It is necessary to produce more works in the golden age.

The butler was very worried when he heard that Shi Zhi was going to the mountains. He was already preparing Shi Zhi’s luggage. Shi Zhi also discovered that there was a tent.

Of course, Shi Zhi wouldn’t take it with her, “It’s not for a picnic.”


After resting for a few days in the villa and enjoying the life of a rich person, Shi Zhi also ushered in the day to go to the mountains.

She didn’t feel reluctant this time. After all, she chose the script. The more she read the script, the more she wanted to put the story on the screen as soon as possible.

Shi Zhi, a new member of the team, has already made arrangements for the exercises that should be practiced and the filming that should be done on the set. Don’t be idle; Shi Zhi contacted Zhang Mingxia’s psychiatrist.

Zhang Mingxia’s condition is getting better and better, and she is already going through the divorce process. Every time Shi Zhi clicks on Zhang Mingxia’s account, she will gain a little happiness.

There is the sun, white clouds, little flowers on the roadside, and all kinds of information about her.

Zhang Mingxia is still chasing stars unremittingly, but before, she was more desperate than people to take advantage of  her, but now she is independent and looking for happiness.

Shi Zhi made all arrangements and set off with the team to the shooting location——

A journey in a mountainous area.

This drama was shot directly in real locations, and the director had chosen the location in advance to restore the scene as much as possible and make the shooting more realistic.

Shi Zhi and the others not only had to fly but also switch to several means of transportation. Although everyone had been prepared before, they never imagined it would be so bumpy.

The road was full of potholes and bumps, and they sat in the car for several hours. It felt like they were about to die when the car was shaking.

Inevitably, everyone started to get motion sickness.

Along the way, people kept asking the driver to stop and find a place to vomit. Shi Zhi also felt that she was approaching the critical point.

The assistant seemed to have thought of something and started to rummage through the bag.

“I have motion sickness medicine here.”

Everyone took the motion sickness medicine with mineral water. Gradually, it took effect, and they felt a little more comfortable.

“Okay, you’re quite prepared.”

Someone praised the assistant who took out the motion sickness medicine.

The assistant was a little embarrassed.

“I only remembered this after chatting with Mr. Cheng.”

Shi Zhi asked, “Cheng Yu?” She could only think of this one, Mr. Cheng.

It’s Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu worked as a technical consultant for the crew for a while. Although he didn’t stay long, he left a deep impression on the crew and the Shi Zhi team.

Everyone is obsessed with appearance. Good-looking people will be remembered more deeply, regardless of whether they are men or women.

While the assistant was chatting with Cheng Yu, they somehow came up with the idea that the new drama would be filmed in a relatively distant place.

Cheng Yu asked the assistant if the roads were not necessarily well repaired and if he should prepare some motion sickness medicine.

After such a reminder, the assistant had an idea. It seemed that she wanted to prepare some. It was not her turn to buy. In the afternoon, Cheng Yu had already brought them over: “I just happened to go to the hospital.”

The assistant sighed, “This medicine really works.”

Brother Quan, “Cheng Yu is quite attentive.”

If there was no medicine, they might all lie down when they arrived at the location.

With the help of motion sickness medicine, everyone finally made it to their destination. The director of the crew was waiting for them there. They hadn’t seen each other for two months, and the director was completely in a dark mood.

The director was actually quite worried that Shi Zhi would not adapt. After all, Shi Zhi is now a relatively popular star, so he asked her to come directly to the mountainous area.

The conditions were definitely not as good as outside, but he didn’t expect that Shi Zhi would adapt to life faster than them.

By the time everyone had settled in, Shi Zhi had already started playing chess with the landlord, and they even had a common language.

“There are wildflowers blooming over there, a large area, so strange and beautiful.”

Whatever the uncle has to say, the promotion in the team is getting louder.

Publicity: Can we take some photos?


When the director sent them the natural scenery here, the publicity team was obsessed with the flowers all over the place. Sister Shi Zhi is so beautiful. If she takes a few photos in the sea of flowers, it will definitely be a blockbuster.

The publicist had been talking about this matter to Shi Zhi a few days ago, but Shi Zhi didn’t dampen her enthusiasm.

Just shoot.

Makeup artist Shi Zhi and the team were also brought along. Everyone had high expectations for the Wild Flowers blockbuster. As soon as the promotion was proposed, everyone began to improvise impatiently.

Shi Zhi also wears a belt and a gorgeous big skirt. In the words of the makeup artist, “Paired with flowers, it is absolutely beautiful.”

When Shi Zhi saw the staff’s clothes, she was outraged.

“Are you going to go out wearing high heels?”

Publicist, “What’s wrong?”

At this moment, she did not realize the seriousness of the matter.

Shi Zhi didn’t want to change after seeing the staff, so she didn’t say anything more. She would know it after one try.

The wildflowers are indeed very beautiful, all over the mountains and plains. When they are gathered together, even the most skilled Photoshop artist will not be able to create such a shock. However, the staff finally understood why Shi Zhi hesitated to speak while looking at her high heels.

Because her high heels always get stuck in the ground and must be pulled out with difficulty.

Publicity: Ahhh!

“Sister Shi, why weren’t you stuck?”

Asked Shi Zhi, who was wearing a gorgeous big skirt.

Shi Zhi pulled up her skirt. She was still wearing pants under her skirt and had water shoes on her feet.

Everyone: ???

Water shoes, this is so prepared!

Shi Zhi said, “I can’t take a picture of my feet anyway. If I can, I’ll take a screenshot.” He also reached out and gestured to take a screenshot manually.

While Shi Zhi was filming, animals gradually began to gather behind her.

It has a sense of déjà vu as a Disney princess.

But other people’s Disney princesses are followed by elk and rabbits… Shi Zhi is followed by ducks and little local dogs.

The crew’s cameraman happened to be here, and he laughed and recorded the scene.

Shi Zhi was wearing water shoes, and her skirt was too big, so she might accidentally get something on it, so Shi Zhi simply stuffed part of the skirt into her pants.

Instantly mastered some local tricks.

The butler asked Shi Zhi to bring the tent. Shi Zhi said that she was not here for a picnic, but she almost acted like she was.

The people in the mountainous area are very friendly. They know they are here to make a movie, and the braver ones will take the initiative to say hello to everyone.

On the way back, Shi Zhi saw someone fishing by the pond, and she stood aside for a while.

“Are you interested in fishing?”

The fishing uncle noticed that someone was observing him, and he was also very chatty. He turned around to talk to Shi Zhi.

“You people from the city are not likely to be exposed to this kind of thing. You don’t understand this…”

This place is not big, and everyone in the village knows each other. Shi Zhi and the others are obviously unfamiliar, and the uncle even showed Shi Zhi his trophies.

“Come, look, these are all what I caught today, this old man.”

Camera crew: He felt Mr. Fishing didn’t know Shi Zhi well.

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