Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 5. (1/2)

At two o’clock in the morning, Fenghuo could no longer hold on and fell on the sofa.

Looking at his handsome face covered by messy short hair, Gu Fan finally yawned.

In fact, she had heard enough, but this handsome Earth boy entertained her so enthusiastically that Gu Fan could not dampen his enthusiasm.

Turning off the lights, Gu Fan walked lightly back to her room on the third floor.

After locking the door, Gu Fan tried the hardness of the mattress. It was too soft, so she sat on the floor and started practicing.

Cultivators do not need to sleep. The effect of meditating for one night is better than sleeping.

As a cultivator, Gu Fan’s spiritual root qualifications are too poor. She is the type who can’t build a foundation no matter how hard she tries, so she has a very peaceful attitude toward cultivation, being diligent but not desperate. During her one hundred years in the sect, apart from the alchemy business, Gu Fan spent the rest of her time practicing. However, other cultivators would go out to practice in order to break through bottlenecks and increase their cultivation speed in adventure after adventure. Gu Fan was timid and almost lost her soul once she went there. After her nearly-death experience, she never stepped out of the sect again.

It’s a pity that the sect is gone, and she traveled to the Earth.

Fortunately, among the misfortunes, the concentration of spiritual energy on the Earth is similar to that of the Cultivation Continent, and she can continue to practice, refine elixirs, and make money.

At six o’clock in the morning, a slight push on the door made Gu Fan withdraw from her cultivation state.

With the bright morning light shining through the curtains, Gu Fan felt refreshed and stretched her muscles. Then she followed the habits of earthlings in the TV series and went to the bathroom to wash up.

When living with people on Earth, she had better abide by their habits to avoid flaws in the details.

When Gu Fan went downstairs, she found five people in the hall, one of whom was still fast asleep on the sofa, and the other four were sitting around the dining table, discussing something in low voices.

Seeing Gu Fan, Meng Lianying smiled, waved, and moved a chair for her.

Gu Fan sat over.

Meng Lianying, Fenghuo, and Xinghe knew each other, and there were two left, one named Taishan and the other named Qingteng.

Taishan is an A-level earth-type and rare space-type superpower. He is tall with a Chinese character face that is calm and determined. He looks very reliable. If Gu Fan wants to go out, she will definitely follow Taishan closely.

Qingteng is the younger sister adopted by Xinghe. She is an A-level wood-type psychic. She is seventeen or eighteen years old. She is very beautiful but has an extremely cold personality. A slight nod to Gu Fan is considered a greeting.

“Don’t look at Qingteng’s young age. She is the most skilled among the five of us in using supernatural powers. In terms of healing, as long as the person is still alive, she can recover from multiple injuries. In terms of attack, Qingteng can use any kind of plant that turns into poisonous poison ivy, which can be used to attack, retreat, or defend, and its combat effectiveness is super strong.”

Gu Fan looked envious. These five people were all geniuses in the Cultivation Continent.

“My name is Gu Fan, a C-level wood and fire dual-type superpower. My attack power is not good and I can only protect myself from a small number of C-level monsters. My only specialty is that I can refine some elixirs to improve physical defects. For example, hair growth pills.”

When she first arrived, Gu Fan briefly introduced herself. Also, she hinted to the mercenary team that she should not expect her to leave the base with them to do dangerous missions.

Taishan: “How do you make elixirs?”

Gu Fan: “I have an alchemy furnace. It’s too heavy. It’s inconvenient for me to bring it here. I hid it in a nearby place. I’m going to move it back to the base after settling in. It’s such a heavy thing that no one can see it.”

Meng Lianying: “Is it very close to the base? Then I will accompany you to get it.”

“I’m going too!” Fenghuo didn’t know when he woke up. When he heard that she was leaving the base, he raised his hands and shouted.

Meng Lianying: “You woke up just in time. Go and cook quickly. Taishan’s stomach has thundered several times.”

Fenghuo rubbed his head with both hands: “You are exploiting me! I, the mighty God of Fire, have spread word that the four major families are rushing to recruit me, but you actually use me as a cook!”

Meng Lianying: “You want to go to the four major families? How about going to the Lu family? I will introduce you to my cousin. He will definitely not treat you as a cook.”

His cousin would treat the war as a robbery, and he would stay on the front line every day and not be allowed to come back.

Of course, Fenghuo knew who Meng Lianying’s cousin was. Thinking of Lu Ya’s cold face, Fenghuo woke up completely and went to the kitchen wearing a wrinkled suit.

Gu Fan looked at the black hair of the other four people and asked Meng Lianying curiously: “Why is Fenghuo’s hair red?”

Xinghe smiled: “It’s dyed in a barber shop. As long as you want, the barber shop can dye your hair into various colors.”

Gu Fan:……

It was earth technology again. She thought Fenghuo went crazy and changed his hair color while practicing his superpowers.

“Do you want to change clothes?” Qingteng, who had been silent all this time, suddenly asked.

Gu Fan looked at the bloated men’s clothing and couldn’t get it.

Qingteng took her to the third floor.

She stood up, and Gu Fan realized that the girl was extremely tall, slightly taller than her, a hundred-year-old female cultivator.

Cultivation qualifications will also affect physical fitness. Someone like Qingteng would definitely belong to the inner disciples in the Cultivation Continent.

“My clothes are all here, you can choose them yourself.”

Opening the closet, Qingteng was very generous and authentic.

Gu Fan glanced at the row of clothes. There was no need to choose besides black sportswear and dark gray armor.

Gu Fan took a sportswear set and told Qingteng: “When I buy new clothes, I will return this to you.”

Qingteng hummed indifferently.

Gu Fan went back to her room to change clothes.

She and Qingteng are similar in height, but the difference in figure is huge. Qingteng is so thin that she can hardly see her feminine features. Gu Fan has taken the Marrow Cleansing Pill, and all aspects of her body have reached the perfect state she should have. Her skin is as perfect as it should be. Her fair appearance, slim waist, long legs, and breasts make this casual sportswear look sexy and voluptuous.

Qingteng’s eyes stayed on her chest for a long time when she walked out.

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