[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 2. (1/2)

The King’s War

At the same time, Fatty also found a voting paper.

By chance, he met a gentle man, so he stepped forward and humbly asked for advice, “Who do you think you should vote for?”

The gentle man raised his eyebrows but said nothing.

The fat man said seriously, “I think since I don’t know how to play games, I should listen to those with experience. If you say it, I will do it.”

The gentle man was moved, and finally he was willing to speak, “It is better to choose a weak player to be the new king. In this game, civilians will not hurt each other, and the only enemy is the king. If the king’s athletic ability is poor, then the civilians will naturally safe.”

“It makes sense.” Fatty suddenly realized.

The gentle man continued, “Is No. 2 a female player? Just choose her.”

“Okay.” The fat man agreed, and then happily went to the polling station to vote.

The gentle man watched the fat man leave with a smile, a faint smile appearing in his eyes.


While Xu Jia was searching for voting papers, a voice suddenly came from behind, “I heard the players talking, someone wants to recommend you to be the new king.”

Xu Jia’s heart skipped a beat and she quickly turned around to protect the name strip behind her back.

Standing in front of her was a middle-aged man of about forty years old. He looked very strange and had never seen him before.

“Civilian?” Xu Jia asked tentatively.

“My name is Zhou Yuanhao.” The other party took the initiative to introduce himself.

It seems that this person is the eighth civilian who was not present before.

Xu Jia waved her hands repeatedly and shook her head like a rattle, “I don’t even understand how to play the game. I’m not fit to be a king.”

Although she said this, she actually knew very well that the focus of the game was how to survive to the later stage inconspicuously.

Because of the voting system, when the number of surviving players is less than or equal to three, players with a large number of voting papers can control the field. If you vote for yourself with more than two votes, you can elect yourself as the king.

But becoming the king before that will only attract too much hatred and may lead to early elimination.

She must wait patiently while collecting voting papers until the decisive moment arrives.

But the plan was pretty good, but there were a few minor issues with the details. Can you vote for yourself? How many votes can a civilian cast in each election? These all require experimentation.

Zhou Yonghao was a little surprised, “You don’t want to be the king?”

Xu Jia shook her head firmly. There are currently five civilians and one king on the field, and it is still very early to decide the winner.

Zhou Yonghao’s eyes flashed. After overhearing the conversation of other players, he actually wanted to come over and tear up the name strip No. 2.

Because when others gathered to quarrel, he had already found two voting papers and voted for himself.

There are currently five civilians on the field. In other words, if you find another voting paper and vote for Zhou Yonghao, he will get more than half of the votes and will become the new king. Under such premise, he certainly does not want competitors to appear out of thin air.

“Let’s cooperate.” Zhou Yonghao suddenly said.

“What should I say?” Xu Jia remained vigilant and retreated to a suitable distance.

Zhou Yonghao confessed, “I have found two voting papers and voted for myself. I only need to find another one to become the king. Come and help me, and I can let you die last.”

Xu Jia understood immediately. In other words, you can cast as many votes as you have voting paper. You can vote for others, or you can vote for yourself.

She made an “ok” gesture and happily decided, “Then you will be the king. I will continue to look for voting paper, and when I find it, I will go to the polling station to vote.”

“Okay.” Zhou Yonghao was very satisfied with his partner being so obedient.

After discussing it, Xu Jia slowly backed away and continued to look for voting papers. She seemed to be very easy to control.

But in fact, Xu Jia had a voting paper in her pocket. She just pretended that she didn’t have it and started searching in a decent manner.

Zhou Yonghao was secretly proud. He had carefully calculated that when it came to the final 1v1, the weaker the opponent, the higher his chance of winning.

According to his observation, civilian No. 2 is the only female among the remaining players. So it is most appropriate to cooperate with her and keep her until the end.


Xu Jia opened the cabinet and checked, and a piece of voting paper fell out.

Xu Jia: “…”

For God’s sake, she actually didn’t bother to look for it at all, she just wanted to fool him around, but unexpectedly the voting paper appeared in front of her.

Zhou Yonghao saw it and was immediately overjoyed, “Go and vote!!”

While secretly guarding against someone’s sneak attack, Xu Jia picked up the paper and nodded meekly, “I’ll go right away.”

Zhou Yonghao enthusiastically pointed out, “In that direction, you can see the voting station just around the corner.”

After thinking about it and feeling uneasy, he changed his mind and said, “Forget it, I’ll take you there.”

Xu Jia nodded, but was thinking in her heart, should she really vote for Zhou Yonghao? You can never have too much voting paper. To ensure final victory, the more inventory the better.

But Zhou Yonghao followed her to the polling station. If she didn’t vote, she would definitely fall out. Actually, think about it, it wouldn’t be bad to have a collaborator who is a king?

While thinking about it, Xu Jia looked up and saw a certain figure, wearing black clothes and black trousers, with a tall figure.

Xu Jia: “!!!”

The current king! That tyrant who rips off someone without mercy!

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