[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 2. (2/2)

The King’s War

She turned and ran. As she ran, she shouted, “Hold him, and I will vote for you to be king now!”

Zhou Yonghao’s eyelids jumped. If the visitor were a civilian, No. 2 would certainly not look like she had seen a ghost and run away. So even though he had not turn back, he could guess that the person in back of him was a king.

What’s even more irritating is that No. 2 ran away, and before leaving, she betrayed her teammates, saying that he should be voted to be the king now. Does this mean that you are telling the other party that you are only one final vote away from unseating the old king??

Sure enough, the other party narrowed his eyes, raised his eyebrows, and said with a clear look, “Two votes?”

Zhou Yonghao said nothing, and quickly calculated the gap in strength between the enemy and ourselves. At first glance, the other person has an athletic figure that has been exercised all year round, but he is an office worker and lacks exercise, so he will definitely not be able to run. So all we can do now is delay.

“Just in time, I’ll tear you apart before chasing that woman.” The man in black flexed his muscles, then stepped forward, hugged Zhou Yonghao, and reached out to grab the name tag.

Zhou Yonghao resisted desperately and tried hard to push the person away. Unfortunately, the opponent’s strength was too great and he couldn’t push him away at all.

He gritted his teeth and hoped that No. 2 would move faster. As long as he becomes the king, he will become invincible, and then he can launch an attack without having to defend.

There was a sneer in my ears.

“Unlike you rookies, I am a serious and serious player. If the opponent is difficult to deal with, then you need to use a strategy. But for you, just tear them apart one by one.”

Xu Jia ran all the way and finally saw two polling stations ahead, one on the left and one on the right. She was just about to enter when she heard the announcement on the radio, “Out on the 6th, OUT on the 6th.”

One step away.

Xu Jia’s heart froze. She had seen the name strip behind Zhou Yonghao, and it was civilian No. 6.

After repeating the OUT news several times, the broadcast continued, “The two votes cast for civilian No. 6 are invalid, and the two votes cast for civilian No. 6 are invalid.”

“Sure enough, Zhou Yonghao told the truth. He voted two for himself.” Xu Jia sighed and left the polling station. The 6th is already OUT, so there is no need to waste voting paper.


After searching for a long time, the fat man found another voting paper. He cheered and immediately wanted to run to the polling station.

The gentle man suddenly appeared and stopped him, “Wait a minute, let’s talk.”

The fat man scratched his head, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you agree to vote for No. 2?”

“Things have changed.” After saying this, the gentle man walked in front and led the way.

The fat man didn’t quite understand why, but he still hurried to follow.

In a hidden corner, Xu Jia and another tall and thin man were waiting.

The gentle man approached and spoke first, “The survivors are all here. For formal introduction, my name is Le Lin, and my serial number is 4.”

“Xu Jia, No. 2.” Xu Jia reported for the second time.

“Sun Qirui, No. 1.” The man in the corner followed closely.

“Just call me Fatty, I’m No. 3.” Fatty smiled naively.

Le lin pursed his lips and announced solemnly, “I think you should have noticed that the current situation is not optimistic.”

The fat man wondered, “No. 2 already has one vote. With two more votes, wouldn’t it be enough to change the king?”

Xu Jia asked, “So what if I become the king? The guy in black is so tall and strong. Can I tear him apart if I go up?”

The fat man opened his mouth wide, obviously not thinking about this issue. After all, the system said that the king is invincible. But if you think about it carefully, being invincible means that you cannot die, but it does not mean that you can overcome the gap in strength and eliminate the target.

“If the number of civilians continues to decrease, then there is no need to look for voting papers, just admit defeat.” The future described by Xu Jia makes all survivors frightened.

“I will be the king.”

“You haven’t lost yet, choose me as king.”

Le Lin and Sun Qirui spoke almost at the same time.

After discovering that the other party also had ambitions, the two looked at each other. Then, Le lin took the initiative to show weakness and looked away. The internal strife at this moment is to give victory to the current king, he is not that stupid.

what to do? Who will be chosen as king? Xu Jia quickly analyzed the pros and cons of each choice in her mind.

In order to lighten the atmosphere, Le lin suggested, “Everyone tell me how many votes you have and who you voted for.”

The fat man said honestly, “I found two voting papers in total. The first one was for No. 2, and the second one was just found and I haven’t had time to vote yet.”

Sun Qirui said, “I only found one and voted for myself.”

Xu Jia opened her eyes and told lies, “I found one and voted for No. 6.”

Anyway, No. 6 has been eliminated, and no one knows that Zhou Yonghao cast both votes himself, so she lies without any psychological burden.

Le Lin sighed with regret, “What a coincidence, I also found one and voted for No. 6. It’s a pity that he was eliminated.”

Xu Jia paused slightly, then chimed in as if nothing happened, “It’s such a shame.”

However, she knew very well that Le lin’s words were equivalent to a disguised admission – he had found the voting paper and was not voting yet.

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