Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 4. (2/2)

Fenghuo tugged on his suit and confidently stepped into the kitchen like a CEO about to attend a high-level business meeting.

Meng Lianying shot several eye daggers at his back.

Xinghe greeted Gu Fan: “You have to wait a while over there. I’ll take you to see your room first?”

Gu Fan stood up: “Thank you very much.”

Meng Lianying slumped on the sofa and didn’t want to move. He waved to Gu Fan and said, “Go ahead. Xinghe is reliable in every aspect. You don’t have to worry.”

Gu Fan was not worried at all. Although she was not strong enough, she had practiced for a hundred years. She had accumulated several life-saving things in her hands.

Xinghe took her up the stairs and introduced as he walked: “Me, Lianying, Fenghuo, and Taishan all live on the second floor. Qingteng is a girl. She usually lives on the third floor. There is an empty room on the third floor. You can live there from now on.”, she is still unconscious now, she will wake up tomorrow morning, if you need anything, ask her first.”

Gu Fan: “I’m causing trouble for you.”

Xinghe smiled: “We are all teammates, we help each other, we don’t have to talk to each other.”

Gu Fan’s eyes flickered. She was just living with them temporarily, but she didn’t say she wanted to join this mercenary team. The mercenaries in the base are all people with special abilities and do not like to be controlled by the army. However, they often receive tasks from the army or other organizations and go out to fight monsters in exchange for merit points. The degree of danger corresponds to the level of the task.

Gu Fan just wanted to stay inside the base and didn’t want to go out.

When they arrived on the third floor, Xinghe turned on the lights and opened the door for her: “We just asked someone to clean it during the day. The sheets and other items are all new. There is a bathroom inside. You can take a shower first. I don’t have any women’s clothes. Can I lend you the men’s clothes I’ve worn first?”

At this time, Gu Fan, besides being dressed in a mess that looked like a piece of armor, had picked up and only had a backpack.

A kind of space crystal has evolved on the Earth. The space crystal contains a certain storage space. There is no flow of time in it. Anything placed in it will maintain its initial state. However, this kind of crystal will only be left after the death of space superpowers or monsters. The quantity is extremely small, and basically, all of them are in the hands of the top military officials. They are used to store food and water when going out to fight.

Things are rare and valuable, so Gu Fan did not dare to expose her jade bracelet for storage, so she had to pretend to be poor and gratefully agreed to Xinghe’s words.

Xinghe went to the second floor to get a set of men’s pajamas and a set of sportswear. He handed them to Gu Fan while standing at the door and went to the first floor.

Gu Fan closed the door and drew the curtains.

She went to look at the bathroom. She didn’t quite understand what those things were for and didn’t need to use them. She used her spiritual power to use a dust removal technique on herself, and she became clean and refreshed from head to toe. Even the pieced-together set armor also seemed to have been carefully washed, with only some traces of friction and damage remaining.

Gu Fan let go of her long hair and put on Xinghe’s sportswear. She spread out her limbs and lay on the bed, closing her eyes and recalling the experiences of the past half month.

She was so lost in thought that she was awakened after an unknown amount of time by the beeping sound from her communication bracelet.

Gu Fan pressed connect.

Meng Lianying’s voice came over: “Are you ready? The chicken legs are cooked. Do you want to come down to eat, or should I bring them up to you?”

Gu Fan smiled and said, “I’ll be down right away.”

She jumped out of bed and tied her long hair with a tie. The way humans on Earth dressed was completely different from that in the Cultivation Continent. She was afraid that she would be regarded as an alien by the people on Earth if she appeared in a fluttering long skirt with beaded hair pins.

On the first floor, Xinghe sat on the sofa reading a newspaper. In contrast, Fenghuo and Meng Lianying sat at the dining table.

Hearing footsteps, the three of them looked at Gu Fan together.

According to the measurement method here, Gu Fan is 1.7 meters tall. However, compared to Xinghe, she is still quite slender and petite, and her oversized sportswear is ridiculously baggy.

But at this moment, no one looked at her clothes. All eyes fell on her face, which was so white that it glowed with a soft light.

Just like a pearl, its brilliance seems to be dimmed when it is wrapped in dirt. With a little change of packaging, it suddenly becomes radiant.

“Men’s clothing is like this, can you imagine her wearing a skirt?” Fenghuo lowered his head and whispered to Meng Lianying.

Meng Lianying also looked away and shook his head at the roasted chicken legs on the plate.

After watching Gu Fan, the chicken drumstick no longer smells so good.

Xinghe and Gu Fan nodded and continued reading the newspaper.

Gu Fan sat next to Meng Lianying and saw that there was also a stir-fry and a pork rib soup in addition to a large plate of roasted chicken drumsticks on the table.

“You did it all?” Gu Fan asked in surprise.

Fenghuo smiled proudly: “Try it, everyone who has tasted my craftsmanship will not fail to praise it.”

Gu Fan was already tempted by the smell of the food, so she picked up the chopsticks and started eating seriously.

There were eight roasted chicken legs in total. Gu Fan and Meng Lianying ate four each and drank all the stir-fried vegetables and pork rib soup.

Fenghuo looked at Gu Fan sympathetically: “You have been wandering outside with your grandfather since you were born, and you have never eaten serious cooking, right?”

Gu Fan nodded.

Fenghuo: “Have you ever used electronic products? Can you play games?”

Gu Fan shook her head.

Fenghuo’s eyes lit up, and he immediately went back to his room, brought two tablets, and taught Gu Fan how to use them himself.

Gu Fan’s eyes were opened!

However, she has no interest in games and watches various TV series with gusto.

“Are these gods real?” Gu Fan asked excitedly after opening a fairy tale drama.

Fenghuo looked at her with even more sympathy: “Does your grandfather only know how to make elixirs? He didn’t even tell you about the great radiation incident?”

Gu Fan discovered that it was great to have a non-existent grandpa. Grandpa could take the blame for everything.

Next, Fenghuo enthusiastically introduced the history of the Chinese people to her.

Meng Lianying was the first to go to bed.

Xinghe listened to Gu Fan for half an hour and then slept.

Continuously talking until midnight, Fenghuo was already yawning. When he saw Gu Fan’s big eyes thirsty for knowledge, Fenghuo gave it all, opened a bottle of ice water, and continued to be a responsible history teacher!

The author’s side story:

Later, Meng Lianying brought back another beautiful woman.

Fenghuo raised his eyelids and continued playing the game.

Meng Lianying: Why don’t you stop being so attentive?

Fenghuo: I won’t go, there’s a shadow.

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