Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #83

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Chapter 83

Everyone was left speechless, unable to continue the conversation.

Shi Zhi’s assistant, who had been seething with anger at how everyone ganged up on Shi Zhi, now felt a wave of joy and had to stifle laughter.

Sister Shi is forever a legend!

There’s never a time when Sister Shi can be bullied.

When it was time for the photo shoot, the middle-aged men who had been bragging earlier were now dumbfounded, standing there awkwardly. Shi Zhi offered her help, claiming to have some experience in this area.

“What’s the advice?” one of them couldn’t help but ask, though they added that they weren’t really trying to learn from Shi Zhi, just curious to hear her take.

Shi Zhi’s assistant thought, “Yeah, right, like I believe that.”

Shi Zhi didn’t hold back, “Just be confident in front of the camera and follow the photographer’s instructions.”

If they didn’t understand, she offered to go first.

The other agents (managers) let Shi Zhi go ahead.

While Shi Zhi was having her photo taken, the others gathered around to watch. Her pictures turned out flawless.

Despite their disdainful expressions and dismissive comments, when it was their turn, they mimicked Shi Zhi’s poses and remembered her tips.

After much effort, they regained some confidence, but when they saw their photos, they were horrified—they looked terrible.

President Sun Zhi couldn’t bear the sight of the photos and took his frustration out on the photographer, questioning why they looked so bad.

The photographer looked troubled.

Shi Zhi intervened, “President Sun, no need to be so angry.”

“Are the photos really that bad? Let me see…” Shi Zhi studied them, “I think they look fine.” She glanced at him.

“Have you considered that it might not be the photos’ fault?”

President Sun Zhi was exasperated, “If it’s not the photos, then are you saying it’s our problem?”

“Are you saying we’re ugly?”

Shi Zhi showed a disapproving expression, “Heaven forbid, I never said that.” She asked, where in her words was there any mention of ugliness?

Shi Zhi then stirred the pot, “President Sun, if you want to say something, say it… Why involve the other Manager?” Why is it ‘we’re ugly’?

The men who had been allied with President Sun Zhi moments ago quickly changed their tunes.

“I think my photos look fine.”

“Mine too.”

Shi Zhi was amazed. Not only did plastic sisterhood exist, but so did plastic brotherhood.

President Sun Zhi, “…”

He was in agony.

Shi Zhi consoled President Sun Zhi, “It’s okay if the photos didn’t turn out well. After all, you aren’t professionals, even though…”

Even though she wasn’t a professional in managing artists, six out of her eleven trainees had debuted.

Shi Zhi didn’t need to finish her sentence; everyone could fill in the blanks.

Shi Zhi’s six successful trainees had thoroughly brainwashed them.

While they failed at being non-professionals.

Shi Zhi smiled, no need to elaborate.

President Sun Zhi was so furious his face turned red, realizing Shi Zhi had been setting them up.

After the photoshoot, everyone returned to their respective companies. The others had hoped to see Shi Zhi falter but ended up leaving in frustration, not wanting to stay any longer.

Shi Zhi, however, called out to them.

“Why are you leaving so quickly, seniors? I still wanted to learn some professional techniques for managing artists from you.”

Professional techniques, which were essentially just bragging.

Hearing Shi Zhi’s words made them leave even faster.

“Next time, for sure.”

“Sorry, urgent matters to attend to, and Shi Zhi, don’t you need to return to the company to record the show?”

Where were the program crew to whisk Shi Zhi away!

Gone were the previous condescension and the pretense of being seniors to Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi looked regretful, expressing a desire to hear their wonderful insights next time.

Everyone: Let’s hope that never happens.

Back at the studio, the program crew followed Shi Zhi around. The director had previously told her they wouldn’t script anything, just record her naturally.

Shi Zhi led the camera crew through various scenes, from the dance practice room to observing artists learning instruments and attending acting classes…

The newcomers were bustling with activity, eager to perform.

Even at lunch, Shi Zhi was in the vocal practice room, inviting the director and cameraman to join her.

The director declined, “Already ate, not hungry.”

“But… Shi Zhi, why are you eating in the vocal practice room?”

Shi Zhi had her answer ready, “It’s convenient to eat while listening to music.”

“I enjoy eating with music in the background…”

After Shi Zhi’s explanation, the director understood, finding the idea intriguing, albeit more sophisticated.

Just then, a newcomer singing hit the wrong note.

Shi Zhi, “…”

In a flash, she covered the director’s ears with her hands.

The director only saw Shi Zhi’s beautiful face suddenly close, her warm, delicate hands covering her ears.

“Did something happen?”

Shi Zhi smiled, “No, nothing happened.” Trying to hypnotize her.

The director, “…” But she heard it.


The cameraman chimed in, “Teacher Shi, it’s all recorded.” Covering the director’s ears didn’t help.

The singing newcomer scratched his head in embarrassment.

Shi Zhi closed her lunchbox, giving the newcomer a reassuring look, telling him it was okay and that she could take her meal to watch dancing instead.

Watching dancing was less likely to have such errors.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, are you trying to give the artists more screen time?” the director asked directly.

Shi Zhi: Seems like I’ve been caught.

She responded candidly, “Yes, that’s right. How did you notice?”

She had already tried to make everyone’s appearances seem as natural as possible.

According to the program’s original plan, they wanted Shi Zhi to interact with the well-known artists in her studio, like Lu Zeming and the six members who debuted. Although they hadn’t explicitly stated it, that was the implication.

The other managers (bosses) were also following this approach.

While Lu Zeming had appeared, Shi Zhi preferred to give those who hadn’t had a chance to appear some opportunities.

The director pointed to someone not far away.

“That one, pretending to pass by nonchalantly, looks a bit fake.”

Not just a bit fake, but very fake.

Shi Zhi called the person over, “Your nonchalant passing isn’t convincing. Have you been attending your acting classes properly?”

The person replied, “I did attend, but I didn’t quite understand.”

Shi Zhi, “If you don’t understand, you need to ask. What’s that thing under your nose?” “It’s a mouth.”

“The acting teacher mentioned you seem a bit blocked in this area. I also feel you’re a bit weak here… What’s your plan?”

The person said, “Maybe I’ll keep trying… while also seeing what else I might be good at.”

Shi Zhi, “Sure, you like dancing, right? Your self-taught skills were pretty good. You can focus on developing in that area.”

With the director’s observation, the boss discussed the possibility of changing direction with the artist.

Shi Zhi also had things to attend to. As the studio boss, people came looking for cooperation.

This time, they were discussing several small artists. Shi Zhi had been promoting them on Weibo, attracting attention, and bringing them into advertisements. This had been noticed, and occasionally, small opportunities came knocking.

They had already met a few times before. This was the final adjustment of prices and the decision. Both parties knew the cameras were there and were fine with it being broadcast.

Initially, the atmosphere was friendly. The potential partner praised Shi Zhi’s artists and then suddenly offered a bottomed-out price: “35,000.”

Ridiculously low, and this was for the work of several artists.

A staff member from the studio frowned, feeling that the agreed-upon amount had been significantly reduced.

Even the program’s cameraman felt this price wasn’t right.

Shi Zhi remained calm and quoted a new number, “70,000.”

The other party, “???”

The potential partner had assumed that with the cameras around, Shi Zhi, as a public figure, would want to avoid causing a scene and would, therefore, accept the low offer. They didn’t expect Shi Zhi to double the price.

The partner said, “Miss Shi, let’s be serious… How about 40,000? Can we increase it to 40,000?”

Shi Zhi, “80,000.”

The partner, “……50,000, no more!”

Shi Zhi, “90,000.”

The partner, “……” He was starting to sweat. Was Shi Zhi a clock announcing the time?

Attempting to bottom out the price backfired as it only increased.

Shi Zhi reverted back to her previous offer, “70,000.”

“It’s limited-time,” she told the partner.

The partner quickly agreed, happy to keep the price at 70,000.

However, remembering something, he laughed bitterly, “But… we initially discussed 60,000.”

Shi Zhi, “But you didn’t offer 60,000.”

They had initially offered 35,000.

So now it is 70,000.

Shi Zhi could see through the partner’s intentions, thinking the cameras would make her reluctant to argue.

That wouldn’t happen. Give up on that thought.

The partner said they needed time to think, and Shi Zhi graciously agreed but reminded them it was a limited-time offer and might go up. The partner quickly made the decision.

Despite the extra 10,000, the partner agreed, knowing Shi Zhi’s artists were of higher quality.

Shi Zhi benefited, and the partner didn’t lose out, but he learned not to try to take advantage of Shi Zhi’s public persona again.

No chance.

This partner was merely cunning; there were also outright swindlers.

One such swindler sneaked in with the program team, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase, looking formal. He claimed to discuss big business with Shi Zhi, grandiose plans that fell apart under scrutiny.

Shi Zhi asked, “Do I look like a fool to you?”

The swindler, “What?”

“I think you resemble someone.”

He tried to play along.

Shi Zhi ignored him and watched his performance quietly.

The swindler said passionately, “You resemble my soulmate.”

Shi Zhi: She thought he didn’t look like a person but a monster.

“I’m quite busy now, so I’ll have my secretary talk with you.”

The swindler persisted, and Shi Zhi thought of the perfect person to deal with him.

She called Gao Fan, a man as slick as the swindler.

Gao Fan greeted in a soft, breathy voice, “Miss Shi, you remembered me.”

Shi Zhi, “Secretary Gao, please talk with this gentleman.”

Gao Fan looked puzzled and whispered to Shi Zhi, “But I’m not a secretary?”

Shi Zhi replied, “If I say you are, you are.”

Gao Fan, “Okay, I am.” He felt a sense of mission, and the two oily characters began talking in breathy tones, creating an air thick with oily bubbles.

Shi Zhi: Use everyone to their strengths. Fight magic with magic, oil with oil.

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