[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 38. (1/2)

Zhou Xing felt as if an invisible rope was tightening around his neck, and he could hardly breathe. He steeled his heart, strode forward, and pulled Qi Yuan out with all his might.

Qi Yuan was not in a hurry and used his skills to get rid of him – he was not in a hurry to compete with the opponent before all CCTVs were turned off.

Zhou Xing was not discouraged and continued to attack.

Zheng Songmin was stunned for a moment and immediately realized. This is to use a gangster style of play! Qi Yuan is only one person, but they have two. Taking turns to fight and consume physical strength, even Qi Yuan will gradually become unable to bear it.

As for the future…

Zheng Songmin calculated that the escape team currently has five surviving players. Eliminate Qi Yuan, and there will be four people left. CCTV is all turned off, and the pursuer is no longer invincible. The game is just a 3vs4 name tag tearing competition.

They haven’t lost yet! There is still hope as long as they eliminate Qi Yuan, the scourge! Thinking of this, Zheng Songmin was refreshed and shouted to his friends, “If you are tired, come out and let me take over!”

Qi Yuan frowned slightly. The opponent was determined to fight to the end.

During the stalemate, the third chaser, Liu Yi, hurried over.

Zhou Xinggang was replaced and panting beside him. Seeing Liu Yi, he was stunned, “Why are you here?”

Liu Yi said seriously, “If Qi Yuan is not eliminated, we will definitely not win. Let’s talk about the others later. First, we will unite the three of us to eliminate him.”

Zhou Xing nodded in agreement, “That makes sense.”

Zheng Songmin knew he could not compete with Qi Yuan in terms of fighting skills, so he used brute force. No matter how many times Qi Yuan broke free, he would be more courageous and continue to attack next time.

Qi Yuan was very helpless. If he could attack, he would have eliminated the guy who was in the way. But he could only defend, not attack. It must be said that the two dog-skin plasters are very sticky and can’t be shaken off, no matter how hard he tries.

What’s more troublesome is that the two existing ones have not been solved, and another one popped up from nowhere.

The radio continued broadcasting, “80 CCTVs have been eliminated so far.”

Zhou Xing encouraged his companions, “Getting Qi Yuan out is victory!”

Liu Yi said, “If you are tired, just step down, let me take over!”

Zheng Songmin didn’t force it, so he stepped down when exhausted and let his friends take over.

Liu Yi just stepped forward, and suddenly, a burly man ran over next to him. Without saying a word, he hugged him around the waist.

Liu Yi, “…”

He is not a girl, so why are you hugging him?

No. 3 held on to Liu Yi and completely imprisoned him, then turned back and said to Qi Yuan, “Your girlfriend No. 4 is worried. Let me come to help.”

Girlfriend… Qi Yuan couldn’t help but curl up the corners of his mouth.

Zhou Xing and Zheng Songmin were also confused by this sudden incident. Zheng Songmin, especially, could hardly tell who the chaser and escaper were!

Zhou Xing twitched his lips and threatened, “Do you believe I will not tear you apart?!”

“Tear me apart if you can.” No. 3 didn’t care, “No. 5 is not out, No. 4 is still alive, how can it be my turn? It is agreed that the players will be eliminated in order, and you can change the system settings?”

Zhou Xing was speechless. He could only try to pry open No. 3’s arms and try to rescue Liu Yi, who was trapped.

Zheng Songmin also came to help.

Qi Yuan took the time to rest and watched the four people tearing each other apart. Inexplicably, he felt… quite interesting.

Zhou Xing pulled his left arm, and Zheng Songmin pulled his right arm, but No. 3 hugged Liu Yi’s waist tightly and refused to let go. After a long struggle, Liu Yi failed to regain his freedom but felt that his waist was about to break.

He shouldn’t have left the monitoring room at all! Liu Yi was full of grief and anger. He couldn’t even help thinking that he wouldn’t have suffered if he had admitted defeat early and stopped messing around.

The pressure of 1vs3 is enormous. After holding on for two or three minutes, No. 3 gradually showed signs of fatigue. In a moment of carelessness, Liu Yi ran away.

But No. 3 was not in a hurry. He calmly found a corner to squat and slowly recovered his strength. The chasers could not tear him off, so there was nothing to fear.

Zheng Songmin took several deep breaths and tried to calm his breath. Seeing his companion on the left gasping for breath, while Qi Yuan on the right was not red in the face or out of breath, waiting for the next attack calmly, he wanted to cry for no reason, “What is this?”

According to the plan, they should have taken turns to consume Qi Yuan’s physical strength. However, the reality was that the three of them were almost exhausted. However, Qi Yuan stood by and watched the show leisurely.

“Currently, 90 CCTVs have been removed.” The annoying broadcast continued to announce the death, and it was simply tireless.

Zheng Songmin thought, what are 90 CCTVs? If you have the guts, you can announce that 108 have been removed!

Liu Yi leaned against the wall in despair. Listlessly, he asked, “Can I choose to give up? My waist hurts, and I don’t want to win.”

Zhou Xing curled his lips and muttered, “What a shame.”

“It seems that it’s not you whose waist is about to break.” Liu Yi squinted at him.

Zheng Songmin didn’t believe it and launched another wave of attacks on Qi Yuan. But this time, Qi Yuan didn’t hide; he pushed back hard and ended up knocking him down.

Zheng Songmin fell to the ground, his mind a little dizzy.

“Forget it, admit defeat.” Liu Yi was so depressed.

He understood that no matter how meticulous and rigorous the plan was, it would be useless if the force value couldn’t keep up.

To be honest, there was nothing wrong with their thinking, but the force value was not enough. If the strength was insufficient to complete the plan, what else could they do except admit defeat?

Zhou Xing was in a mixed mood and thought secretly, wondering if there was any other way.

Zheng Songmin lowered his head and said nothing.

Qi Yuan’s goal was just to delay time, so he was happy to watch the chasers chatting (internal fighting) and quietly wait for the broadcast to announce that ‘108 CCTVs have been removed’.


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