Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #82

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Chapter 82

Shi Zhi gave up after half a second. Watching the square dance was clearly more fun.

Her comment about not being able to cry already took away one-third of Lu Yingying’s momentum.

Another third was lost when a dancing auntie hesitantly spoke up.

“Girl, why are you crying?” she asked, puzzled and confused.

Why was she crying? Lu Yingying wanted some screen time.

But after these interruptions, her emotions were completely disrupted, and the eye drops she had used to gather tears were now gone.

Shi Zhi couldn’t cry, and neither could Lu Yingying.

The auntie’s sharp gaze bore into Lu Yingying. Under this scrutiny, she opened her mouth but couldn’t find a response.

Shi Zhi jumped in, “She’s moved.”

She was actually trying to help Lu Yingying out, offering a plausible excuse. However, Lu Yingying shot a wary glance at Shi Zhi, instinctively sensing a trap and deeply mistrusting her.


Shi Zhi extended a figurative olive branch, not necessarily the best option, but at least something to make Lu Yingying look less awkward.

Lu Yingying rejected Shi Zhi’s “olive branch,” dismissing it outright.

Then she was back to facing the auntie’s questioning. “Then why are you crying? Do you think our dancing is that bad?”

The aunties and uncles collectively changed their expressions.

Lu Yingying: !!!

She was scared, definitely not meaning that.

Shi Zhi, seeing this, felt sympathetic and immediately distanced herself from Lu Yingying.

To avoid getting caught up in the mess.

The video was uploaded online, and because of Lu Yingying’s ill-timed crying scene and Shi Zhi’s inability to cry, comments, shares, and likes surged.


“Why is Lu Yingying crying? I can’t see any reason for it. Everyone’s dancing so well.”

“Bro, Shi Zhi thinks the same as you.”

“Of course, it’s for attention. But honestly, it’s kind of dumb. She didn’t even read the room.”

“Who says Lu Yingying can’t act? This crying scene is pretty good!”

“Hahaha, seriously, Shi Zhi is hitting my funny bone. She even said she couldn’t cry… but she could laugh. Look at her grinning. Truly an expert in dealing with drama.”

“Shi Xiao Zhi is too cute.”

“Shi Zhi’s acting isn’t good; she can’t even cry. Confirmed! (Dog head emoji)”

“Shi Zhi seemed quite nice today. She even tried to help Lu Yingying. I thought Shi Dui Dui would make a comeback.”

Shi Zhi was also questioned by the cameraman.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, I thought you were going to roast Teacher Lu Yingying.”

The cameraman wasn’t a fan of anyone; he was just baffled by Lu Yingying’s antics.

Shi Zhi, “Is that how everyone sees me?”

“I don’t like roasting people.” Why does everyone think that being together always leads to conflicts?

In fact, her inability to cry wasn’t directed at Lu Yingying. She genuinely couldn’t cry.

Cameraman: Really? I don’t believe it.

Additionally, Mr. Chen and Huo Xing, who wanted special treatment from the show and claimed to have millions of fans but never debuted, were even more against Shi Zhi’s statement.

Shi Zhi repeated what she told the cameraman to her team.

Brother Quan thought everyone was right; Shi Zhi indeed roasted people, but she always had good reasons…

Cheng Yu spoke up, “How could they? Everyone thinks you’re very gentle.”

Cheng Yu spoke sincerely, leaving no room for doubt.

Shi Zhi was satisfied, “I think so too.”

See, she said it. Gentleness was her true nature. Today, she was Gentle Shi.

The team continued with a new round of flattery, “Sister Shi, you’re universally gentle.”

“I’ve never met anyone as kind as Sister Shi…”

As the only clear-headed person, Brother Quan: ??? This group of sycophants, he’s tired.

But Cheng Yu’s performance was the most convincing. He even seemed like a good acting prospect, with an elite aura that made his lies seem convincing.

The assistant, however, voiced a doubt, “Sister Shi, you seem pretty nice to Lu Yingying…”


Some netizens were already shipping them, thinking Shi Zhi could pair up with any female star. Of course, some people disliked it, not understanding how this could be a thing.

Cheng Yu had already given the answer, “Did Lu Yingying pay the penalty?”

Shi Zhi, “She’s my dear relative!”

The relative who paid the penalty.

Shi Zhi couldn’t bring herself to be harsh with Lu Yingying. Seeing Lu Yingying reminded her of the substantial sum. She even had the assistant buy a few pounds of walnuts with a fraction of the “ransom money” to send to Lu Yingying.

For brain nourishment.

It didn’t matter if she sought attention, but she needed to choose the right occasion. Shi Zhi was helpless, and Yingying thought things through.

If Lu Yingying had told Shi Zhi beforehand, Shi Zhi might have given her other ideas. Laughing like a goose at the scene would have been better, at least fitting the context.

Sending walnuts… wasn’t just for brain nourishment. It was also a gift.

Shi Zhi noticed they were trending, so she secretly extended her hand to continue promoting the company’s artists, using the opportunity for an ad.

Previously, when the fallout with Bai Wu trended, Shi Zhi informed Bai Wu. Now, seeing that Lu Yingying didn’t even want to play ball, Shi Zhi figured she wouldn’t be too generous.

So she went ahead without permission. After all, she received the walnuts, making her somewhat indebted.

Lu Yingying: ???

Who wants to eat walnuts?

But Shi Zhi’s advertising gave her an idea. Although this situation wasn’t what she initially wanted, it was still a way to trend without spending money.

Since things had come to this, she might as well promote herself too!

Lu Yingying told her team to promote her upcoming TV show.

Shi Zhi happily enjoyed watching the uncles and aunties dance in the square, and her fans, the Gardenia Flowers, appreciated Shi Zhi’s erhu version of “Drunken Butterfly,” expressing their desire for more.

Not satisfied with just listening to the erhu, they urged Princess Shi Zhi to dance.

Square dancing, let’s do it.

They were already accustomed to Shi Zhi’s beautiful face and her unconventional behavior as a pretty female star.

They wanted to see more of Shi Zhi.

Their wish was quickly fulfilled when the official Weibo account of the show “Hello, Manager” posted an update.

“Hello, Manager” V: The growth of an artist cannot lack the busy figures of the behind-the-scenes staff. They are colleagues and partners… Welcome @Shi Zhi to join us and bring stories of her and her artists.

Gardenia Flowers: She’s here, she’s here!

Fans of the six debut members were excited but also had doubts.

The excitement came from wondering if their newly adored brothers (or younger brothers) would appear on the show. The doubts were directed at the studio or, more specifically, at Shi Zhi herself.

After all, this concerned the future development of their idols, and only a good team would put their minds at ease. However, the definition of a good team varies for everyone.

It was Shi Zhi’s first time appearing on a variety show as a manager (boss), so Brother Quan and Cheng Yu gave her a crash course.

However, as usual, the process was chaotic.

Shi Zhi was quite curious about the other company managers (bosses). She encountered another group while taking promotional photos.

They sat together in groups, most of them older, and among them was someone Shi Zhi had interacted with—

President Sun Zhi.

He was the one in “The Strongest Idol” who wanted to act benevolently at others’ expense by giving that Huo kid screen time. When Shi Zhi suggested he give up his own trainees’ screen time for him, he backed down.

A group of people chatted happily.

One person, who seemed enthusiastic, opened his mouth and said, “Oh, isn’t this Shi Zhi? Why are you here? Did you come with your manager to look around… Where’s your manager? He’s going to be photographed later.”

Brother Quan wasn’t here today because Shi Zhi had given him the day off. She only had her assistant with her.

This show didn’t have much to do with Brother Quan.

President Sun Zhi added, “Shi Zhi is a big boss now. She’s not here as an artist this time; she’s here as a manager.”

“Oh, I see. I only remember her as a star. Has she switched to being a boss now? I wonder if she’s adapting well. If not, she can ask us for advice… After all, it’s different from being an artist.”

They sang in unison.

Shi Zhi’s assistant was already cursing in her heart.


This was clearly a backhanded compliment.

Shi Zhi participated in “Hello, Manager” as a studio boss, which everyone knew, including the bosses (managers) participating in the show.

They were blatantly bullying Shi Zhi.

Before her assistant could lose her temper, Shi Zhi reached out and gently held her hand.

Don’t be angry.

She also realized that many of these people were probably familiar with President Sun Zhi and were forming cliques to exclude her.

Shi Zhi thought: Is this the joy of middle-aged men? Playing childish games?

President Xu was also of a similar type.

President Sun Zhi didn’t dare to confront her directly this time. He was scared off by Shi Zhi’s stance last time, so he took a supportive role.

Shi Zhi witnessed a grand display of boasting. Middle-aged men bragging was even more eye-opening.

They talked about how many artists they had managed, how professional they were, how they were born to manage artists, and all their skills and methods…

They had seen potential in XXX and XX ages ago.

“President Shi, don’t just sit there.”

President Sun Zhi, who had been watching Shi Zhi smile silently, couldn’t resist passing the ball to her.

Others chimed in, “Say something.”

Shi Zhi responded, “Since everyone insists, I won’t refuse.”

“You all are my seniors. I’m not a professional manager, and I’m just starting in artist management. I don’t have any particular methods or techniques. In the eyes of seniors, I’m just fumbling around…”

President Sun Zhi and the others exchanged smug looks.

Shi Zhi was admitting defeat, acknowledging her lack of professionalism and that she was just a star who switched careers.

Shi Zhi’s tone shifted, and she smiled.

“But it’s interesting. You’ve probably seen ‘The Strongest Idol’…”

“I may be fumbling around, but I managed to debut six trainees, three of them with high rankings.”

It’s interesting how someone who fumbles around can debut six trainees.

They boasted to Shi Zhi, and Shi Zhi hit them back with a dose of humble bragging.

President Sun Zhi, “…”

The others who had just been boasting, “…”

Of course, they had seen “The Strongest Idol.” It was too popular recently. Not watching it would make them feel unprofessional.

Shi Zhi wasn’t done. She turned to President Sun Zhi.

“President Sun, I forgot to ask. How many of your company’s trainees debuted?”

President Sun Zhi had been praying not to be noticed, but his prayers failed.

Shi Zhi still called him out.

President Sun Zhi looked embarrassed.

Not a single one.

The awkward conversation and boasting continued. Shi Zhi remained steady, no matter how others tried to provoke her.

“Out of eleven people in the talent show, my company debuted six.” Six out of eleven.

Few words, but they worked.

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