[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 36. (2/2)

Zheng Songmin thought for a while and felt that the idea was good, “Before all the CCTVs are turned off, the pursuers are invincible, so there is no need to worry about their counterattack. To improve efficiency, we can act separately.”

“For example, when you arrest the first person, I will start looking for the next target. In this way, as long as you eliminate the first person, I can start with the second person.”

“In fact, this round of the game is about relative speed. The faster we eliminate the escapees, the fewer people on the other side will look for CCTVs, and the slower the speed of shutting down CCTVs. On the contrary, if we fail to catch anyone, the other side will always have eight players active, so it won’t take long for us to lose.”

Zhou Xing had to admit, “The analysis makes sense.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the broadcast sounded, “Currently, 10 CCTVs have been eliminated.”

Three people: “!!!”

Why is the other side so fast? They just communicated a little bit!!

Zhou Xing promptly decided, “There’s no time to waste. Let’s do it.”

Liu Yi said the truth in a particularly unpleasant way, “Anyway, losing is normal, and winning is a lucky win.”

“What if I win?” Zheng Songmin muttered and hurried out with Zhou Xing.

What if… Do we really expect a miracle to happen?

Liu Yi sighed, picked up the wireless intercom, and began to command, “The system requires starting from No. 8. Currently, No. 8 is on the 9th floor, and No. 7, the second in line, is on the 5th floor. You discuss who will chase No. 8 and No. 7.”

“Understood.” Zhou Xing and Zheng Songmin agreed in unison.

It was finally agreed that Zhou Xing would chase No. 8 and Zheng Songmin would chase No. 7. The two took the elevator and planned to act separately.

At this moment, the broadcast sounded again, “Currently, 20 CCTVs have been eliminated.”

At the same time, Liu Yi announced solemnly, “All CCTVs on the 10th floor have been destroyed.”

Zhou Xing couldn’t help but smile bitterly. “Is this game playable? As soon as the game started, I felt like total destruction.”

Zheng Songmin was exceptionally calm. “Do your best and leave it to fate.” He had made plans for the worst.

“Correction, No. 8 appeared on the 7th floor, and No. 7 is still wandering on the 5th floor. Correction, No. 8 appeared on the 7th floor, and No. 7 is still wandering on the 5th floor.” Liu Yi fulfilled his duties and updated No. 8’s geographical location in a timely manner.

The elevator arrived at the 7th floor.

Zhou Xing waved his hand and stepped out of the elevator in a chic manner. He was about to search, but Liu Yi changed his words again, “Correction, No. 8 appeared on the 3rd floor.”

Zhou Xing, “…”

He couldn’t help but doubt his life, “I say, are you really not a spy sent by the other side? Why are you on the 9th floor, the 7th floor, and the 3rd floor?”

Liu Yi’s face was heavy, “I don’t know. No. 8 is very strange. He didn’t search CCTV seriously but ran around everywhere. If you insist, No. 1 is also strange, wandering around like No. 8.”

Zheng Songmin’s heart jumped, and he immediately had an ominous premonition: “Did someone tell him? No. 8’s task is not to shut down CCTV but to delay time as much as possible. Because the elimination order is unknown, No. 1 also has the same mission.”

Fuck! Who told him? It’s too scary! Liu Yi couldn’t help but get goosebumps all over his body.

“That’s Qi Yuan’s style.” Zhou Xing smiled self-deprecatingly, “From the beginning of the game, he suppressed his opponent, pressed him step by step, and never gave him any chance. He rarely turned the tables in the later stages because there was no need. Since entering the game, he has had an absolute advantage and has always had the upper hand.”

Dead silence.

After a while, Liu Yi couldn’t hold it in anymore and couldn’t help reminding himself, “I said we didn’t come here specifically to praise Qi Yuan. Can we catch him quickly?”

Zhou Xing’s eyes were sorrowful. No. 8 was running around freely between the ten floors. Where could he catch him? He had the strength but nowhere to use it!

But miracles really exist!!!

Just when Zhou Xing was scratching his head and at a loss, No. 8 moved coquettishly and came directly in front of him.

Zhou Xing was overjoyed and immediately pounced on him, aggressively peeling off No. 8’s name tag!

Almost at the same time, several notifications sounded.

Broadcast, “30 CCTVs have been eliminated so far.”

Broadcast, “Player No. 8 is out.”

Liu Yi, “All CCTVs on the 9th floor were destroyed, and No. 7 ran to the 6th floor.”

Zheng Songmin wanted to get out of the elevator, but after hearing that target 2 (No. 7) ran to the 6th floor, he closed the elevator door. He pressed the button for the 6th floor. Then, seriously, he said, “If you don’t have enough strength, you can make up for it with luck. You know, luck is also a part of strength!”

The author side story: 

Zhou Xing: But I have never had good luck.

Zheng Songmin: …

#No way to be friends happily anymore#

#This batch of teammates is not good#


CCTV is a surveillance camera

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