[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 37. (1/2)

As soon as player No. 8’s OUT news came out, No. 1 immediately regained his composure. He stopped running around and calmed down to search the CCTV carefully.

On the other hand, No. 7 was startled when he heard the broadcast and felt a strong sense of crisis. He wanted to escape to the 9th or 10th floor, where there was no surveillance, but in the cabinet not far away, a CCTV was filming him.

Turn off this CCTV and leave. Having decided, No. 7 walked quickly to the CCTV and pressed the off button.

Liu Yi spoke quickly and urgently: “No. 7 is on the 6th floor. Please arrest him quickly! If you don’t go over, he might run away!”

As he spoke, the elevator reached the 6th floor. Zheng Songmin trotted out of the elevator and looked around for someone.

No. 7 never expected that the pursuer would catch up after just a short delay. As soon as he turned off the CCTV, a person appeared in his sight. He was horrified, and with a sudden force on his feet, he shot out like an arrow.

However, Zheng Songmin had finally stopped the man, so how could he let him go so easily? He immediately opened his arms and stopped the man.

The two of them played like an eagle catching chickens. No. 7 dodged left and right, and Zheng Songmin approached step by step.

Liu Yi felt that No. 7 could not escape, so he sought the next target. Soon, he found the target, “No. 6 is currently on the 4th floor.”

“Got it, I’ll go there now.” Zhou Xing was not vague and immediately set off for the 4th floor. When he arrived at his destination, he just saw No. 6.

Zhou Xing hurriedly chased after him.

No. 6 found someone chasing him and immediately ran away desperately.

At this time, Zheng Songmin pounced on No. 7 and removed his name tag.

“Player No. 7 is out, Player No. 7 is out.” The broadcast announced, “40 CCTVs have been eliminated so far.”

Hearing this, Qi Yuan looked depressed. “I told them long ago that the next target only needed to escape, and they did not need to find a CCTV, so how come they were caught so quickly? No. 8 was eliminated just a few minutes ago, and No. 7 was also eliminated…”

According to the plan, they can shut down all 108 CCTVs when the chaser eliminates three people. When the time comes, they can catch the chaser, tear off the name tags, and the escape team can easily win.

However, no matter how good the plan is, it cannot withstand the poor ability of the executors. No. 8 and No. 7 were eliminated one after another, and he doesn’t know if the people behind can hold on.

Now, Qi Yuan can only comfort himself that it will be his turn soon. If he is not eliminated, others can continue to search confidently.

No. 6 ran all the way, exhausted, but did not dare to stop or look back.

Zhou Xing chased after him, biting No. 6 tightly, refusing to give up.

Hearing the footsteps getting closer, No. 6 secretly felt bitter, but she could do nothing. At this moment, Xu Jia appeared in front of No. 6 like a savior, helping her to hold the door, and quickly said, “I’ll hold it here. You go on.”

“Thank you, thank you.” No. 6 was a girl, and after politely expressing her gratitude, she ran away.

Xu Jia leaned against the door, holding the transparent door tightly, vowing to stop the chaser.

Zhou Xing chased after her and saw an unfamiliar woman blocking him. He immediately turned cold and threatened, “Get out of the way! Otherwise, I will tear you apart!”

Xu Jia sneered, “Who are you kidding? The system stipulates that the pursuer must eliminate players in a certain order. In other words, before No. 4’s turn, I am also invincible, and you can’t do anything to me.”

Zhou Xing, “…”

The lie was seen through in an instant! This time, the opponent looked difficult to deal with, and it must have been Qi Yuan’s fault!

Although there is no necessary connection between the two, Zhou Xing still forcibly blames Qi Yuan because he is annoyed by seeing this person.

Liu Yi discovered Zhou Xing’s predicament on the monitor and immediately notified Zheng Songmin: “Our friend is blocked and can’t get away for the time being. No. 6 went to the 3rd floor. Pay attention to interception.”

“Also, since the beginning of the game, the escape team has consciously started from the top and cleaned up layer by layer. At present, all CCTVs on the 8th floor have been destroyed.”

“The other party has a clear division of labor, and it is obvious that someone is in charge. There is another unfortunate thing I must tell you, Qi Yuan is No. 5. In other words if No. 6 is eliminated, you will face him head-on.”

When he heard the words, Zheng Songmin was trotting on the road, and he almost fell.

Liu Yi said, half helplessly and half melancholy, “Let’s talk about it later. Let’s eliminate No. 6 first.”

“Yeah.” Zheng Songmin responded softly.

While talking, the radio announced the progress, “Currently, 50 CCTVs have been removed.”

There are a total of 108. In other words, nearly half of the CCTVs have been removed.

Zhou Xing pushed the transparent door hard but couldn’t break through the defense line. Thinking that No. 6 was no longer on the 4th floor, he simply gave up the stalemate and turned away.

Xu Jia didn’t know that there were three pursuers. She thought she had successfully delayed the opponent’s offensive and couldn’t help but smile triumphantly.

Who knew that the next second, the broadcast announced, “Player No. 6 is out, Player No. 6 is out.” It seemed that Zheng Songmin caught No. 6.

Is No. 6 out? How is it possible! Xu Jia looked back in surprise. Zhou Xing was still within her sight, and it was impossible to eliminate No. 6 remotely.

Could it be…

Xu Jia’s face was stern, and she quickly thought of another possibility-there was more than one pursuer!

Damn it! She cursed inwardly and planned to go find Qi Yuan.

At the beginning of the game, she subconsciously thought there was only one pursuer, so she was very relieved. Because she believed that Qi Yuan could suppress the opponent in a one-on-one situation.

But now I know that there is more than one pursuer, which is tricky. It is hard to say how long Qi Yuan can hold on in a one-to-many situation.

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