[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 36. (1/2)

Xu Jia pulled his friend’s sleeve and whispered, “Why are you fighting with him when you don’t even know what the game is about?”

Qi Yuan let go of the big man and explained loudly, “Based on past experience, this should be a teamwork game. Eliminate from 1 to 8, or from 8 to 1.”

“Choose in the middle. No matter which elimination method is used, you won’t be eliminated first.”

“Since it’s teamwork, if you don’t know the elimination order, the more powerful players will get the middle number.”

Everyone suddenly realized it.

Xu Jia blinked. Can you guarantee that it must be a teamwork method? Even if it is teamwork, are you sure the team wins, not the survivor?

Qi Yuan looked back innocently. Of course, he couldn’t guarantee it. But it’s safest to get the middle number and the others—who cares?

Xu Jia thought this guy was just talking nonsense! Anyway, after sorting the sequence, it will be too late for others to regret it.

But for Qi Yuan’s statement, others believed it without a doubt. Someone even took the initiative to say, “I know this guy. His name is Qi Yuan, and he’s a high-level player. I think we should listen to him.”

Do you know him? Xu Jia continued to ask his friends with his eyes.

Qi Yuan looked up at the sky. Who knows who it was?

Xu Jia thought if it turned out to be an eight-person competition, the expression of the guy who spoke would be very interesting.

After a while, the six people finished the negotiation and decided on the order. The golden characters continued to explain, “This round of the game is called ‘Chaser,’ and there are eight players in the escape team.”

“The building has 10 floors, with 108 CCTVs inside. The chasers are using CCTV to monitor you. Before all of them are turned off, the chasers will be invincible. Turn off all CCTVs, and the escaped players can counterattack the chasers. Tear off the chaser’s name tag, and the escape team wins. (The eliminated players are considered the winner.)”

“Please try to find CCTVs and be careful to avoid the chaser’s attacks.”

“The game will officially start in ten minutes. Please be ready.”

“Note: The chasers will attack in a certain order.”

Then there are the winning rewards.

[For the victory of this round of the game, each member of the escape team can receive a cash reward of 300,000.]

Seeing this, everyone was relieved-just as Qi Yuan said, this is a team competition, and the serial number represents the elimination order. At present, the most appropriate human resources have been allocated according to each person’s strength, which means that they have already occupied a slight advantage at the beginning of the game.

Xu Jia’s eyes moved slightly, but she was thinking that since everything was as Qi Yuan expected, Qi Yuan would automatically have the right to speak in the next game.

As expected, Qi Yuan cleared his throat and ordered without hesitation, “Everyone disperse first and find CCTV to turn it off. Wait until the first eliminated person appears and know the order of elimination, then make targeted arrangements.”

At the same time, he reminded No. 1 and 8, “It is very likely that you two will be caught first. I don’t ask you to turn off CCTV more often; just run as much as possible and try to delay time.”

No. 1 and No. 8 nodded in unison.

At this time, the game officially began. The eight people dispersed and turned to find CCTV.

Qi Yuan walked quickly to his childhood sweetheart and said in a relaxed tone, “Don’t worry…”

But before he could finish, Xu Jia turned her head and said very calmly, “I’m not worried at all.”

“Through CCTV, the chasers can see the movements of the escape team and find where the target is. So if it is the order of elimination from 1 to 8, when it is my turn, I will run to the floor that CCTV has cleared so that the pursuers can’t find me.”

“If it is the order of elimination from 8 to 1 when it is your turn, you can probably subdue the opponent with force? As long as your name tag cannot be torn off, the pursuer cannot continue to hunt the next person.”

As she spoke, Xu Jia laughed, “The most important task of delaying time is your responsibility, and the others only need to do some simple errands. I don’t think this game is difficult at all.”

Qi Yuan stared at her for a long time and suddenly sighed, and a sense of frustration rose in his heart. For no reason, the girl had clear thinking. How could he have a chance to show off?

Xu Jia patted his friend’s shoulder and praised, “But I think the most important thing is the good number distribution! Thanks to you, we can save a lot of trouble.”

Qi Yuan unconsciously raised his lips and agreed seriously, “I think so, too.”

After chatting, the two dispersed and went to find CCTV.

In the monitoring room, the images were taken by 108 CCTVs gathered here.

The three chasers looked at each other and laughed bitterly at the same time.

One said, “I finally know why the escape team has to shut down a total of 108 CCTVs, and the system has to arrange three people to chase. With Qi Yuan here, one person can’t handle it at all, right?”

Another said, “What should I do? I think three people are enough. The configuration of eight escapers and three chasers are about the same.”

The third person looked hopeless, “Can I give up? I don’t want to play anymore.”

The three sighed together.

One person took the initiative to introduce himself, “Let’s get to know each other. My name is Zhou Xing, a level 3 player, and I’ve been tricked by Qi Yuan several times. This guy is simply a plague god; nothing good happens whenever I meet him. If I lose again this time…”

Speaking of this, Zhou Xing’s expression was particularly helpless, “If I lose again this time, my winning rate will drop by 30%, and then I have to bully weak players to increase my winning rate. I don’t know how many times this has happened.”

Zheng Songmin was particularly understanding, “Zheng Songmin, a level 2 player, will be able to upgrade to level 3 soon. But since I met Qi Yuan, the promotion speed should be greatly slowed down.”

The last person said with a wooden face, “Liu Yi, a level 2 player, I want to apply to stay in the monitoring room.”

“You stay here?” Zhou Xing frowned.

Liu Yi nodded, “Among the three of us, I am the thinnest and the worst at tearing off name tags. But if I stay, I can check the camera in time and tell you where the target is.”

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