[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 34. (1/2)

After hearing the broadcast, Guo Dong slowly stood up. Initially, he didn’t understand the game idea, and he didn’t have the orange key. Even if he wasn’t imprisoned in a solitary prison, he could only stay in the corner and rot. But now, he suddenly finds his mission – to find Qi Yuan. No matter what the other party intends to do, stop him!

On the other side, Qi Yuan quickly found four target rooms: indigo, stone indigo, navy blue, and stone blue. While most prisoners were still in prison, he went straight to the indigo room.

Opening the room and just about to enter, Qi Yuan saw Guo Dong aggressively approaching.

Qi Yuan paused, then calmly closed the door as if he hadn’t seen anything. The next second, he took a card and a pen from his bag and began writing.

“Qi Yuan!” Guo Dong caught a glimpse of a figure, then yelled, and couldn’t help but speed up his pace.

But suddenly, the light yellow floor tiles changed color. From where Guo Dong stood to the indigo room, there were 6*6 floor tiles, all turning white.

“What is this?” Guo Dong kept muttering in his heart, “A new trap?”

He couldn’t understand what it was from the surface, so he simply stepped on it to try it.

The first step was very steady, and nothing happened.

Guo Dong felt a little relieved and bravely took the second step. As a result, nothing happened again.

So he took a step and planned to rush to the indigo room in one breath. Who knew that as soon as he stepped on it, the floor disappeared, and a black hole appeared underneath, and Guo Dong fell directly down.

“Ah——” It was dark all around, but the whole person fell down rapidly like a slide, and Guo Dong couldn’t help but scream.

After an unknown period of time, the wall of the solitary prison opened, and Guo Dong slid directly onto the bed of the solitary prison. The next second, the wall closed as if nothing had happened.

The radio sounded: “Player No. 3 has been arrested and taken to a solitary prison.”

Guo Dong lay on the bed and suddenly felt hopeless. It was too difficult to escape from prison, so he decided to spend the rest of his life in prison.


The radio kept broadcasting, and Lin Xi was surprised when he heard, “No. 3 was also arrested? How could it be?”

If No. 3 was a spy, how could he especially send himself back to the solitary prison? Could it be that it was not him who did it?

Lin Xi rubbed his eyebrows and felt that his brain was about to explode. There were a total of five contestants in the game. Except for himself, the other four looked like spies, and their behavior was extremely suspicious.

No. 1 often acted as a spy, was cunning, and his character was utterly untrustworthy.

No. 2 was the last person to contact No. 5 before she was arrested. Although it was later discovered that No. 5 was imprisoned because of a trap, No. 2’s suspicion was not completely ruled out.

No. 3 survived when four contestants were eliminated one after another, which seemed problematic regardless of how you look at it.

Although No. 5 was the first to be detained, who can guarantee that it was not a homemade drama, the purpose of which was to gain the trust of others?

Lin Xi, “…”

Everyone looks like a spy to him. He is probably going crazy.

After taking several deep breaths and trying to calm down, Lin Xi finally calmed down. He told himself, “It doesn’t matter who the spy is. Avoid the traps and keep looking for the key, and you can escape the prison building.”

“The closer I am to escaping, the more anxious the spy will be, and he will attack me frequently. He will naturally reveal his true colors if he does it too many times.”

“In order to find out who the spy is, I have forgotten the most important task – escaping from the prison building. This is putting the cart before the horse.”

“Although I don’t know how the traps are designed, they are powerful, and there shouldn’t be many. Putting most of my attention on finding the final key is the right way to go.”

But he thought about it and thought of another question, “Qi Yuan is currently making the fastest progress. Why is he committed to escaping the prison if he is a spy?”

The next second, Lin Xi had a bad premonition – if Qi Yuan is a spy, all the indigo keys may be destroyed!

Thinking of this, he hurriedly sped up and looked for the password.


The indigo lock was found in the safe behind the painting, which was opened, taken out, and destroyed in one go.

Qi Yuan muttered to himself, “There are three keys left.”

Walking out of the room, a 6*6 white floor tiles appeared in front of him.

Qi Yuan smiled slightly. This time, the trap was similar to the minesweeper. Six of the 36 floor tiles could not be stepped on. Once stepped on, the player would slide back to the single prison.

Of course, as a designer, Qi Yuan knew very well which six tiles could not be touched. So he easily avoided the minefield and went to the stone indigo room.

At this time, the broadcast sounded, “Player No. 4 escaped from the single prison, player No. 4 escaped from the single prison.”

“The annoying guy is out again.” Muttering, Qi Yuan walked into the stone indigo room.

He was stunned when he found the key, destroyed it, and walked out of the room. Lin Xi was standing in front of him.

“You have indeed found the blue key. Start to attack the indigo room.” Lin Xi said coldly.

To avoid being asked, “You have found the indigo key. Why don’t you escape from the prison building?” Qi Yuan took the lead and said, “So you deliberately took away the clearance items in the indigo room in advance? Even if you don’t have the key and can’t open the lock, you don’t want me to pass through?”

He had just destroyed the indigo key in the indigo room with his own hands. Still, now he pretended to be a victim and started complaining.

Lin Xi was stunned, his expression very surprised, and he blurted out, “You didn’t find the clearance key? How is it possible?”

Qi Yuan had a cold face and asked, “Why should I believe it wasn’t you who did it?”

“Because I plan to watch you leave and then ask you to give me the blue key.” Lin Xi said seriously, “Only if you find the indigo key will the blue key be useless, right? I hope you can pass through more quickly than you do.”

On the other hand, if this guy escapes first, he won’t have to worry that he is a spy, and his side may end up being wiped out.

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