[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 34. (2/2)

Qi Yuan couldn’t help but look sideways. He didn’t know which stage Lin Xi was in, but he had a crazy idea and planned to cheat and directly attack the last level.

What’s more annoying is that he didn’t have the position to refuse. If he was an ordinary player, he could escape from the prison building after finding the indigo key, and the previous key would be useless. Keeping it or giving it away would have no effect on him.

So he couldn’t say no. If he didn’t even agree to such a simple request, it would be a disguised admission that he was a spy.

“Is it inconvenient to give it to me?” Lin Xi’s face sank, and his voice turned cold, “Because you don’t want anyone to escape from the prison?”

Qi Yuan pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

Lin Xi felt a chill in his heart and couldn’t help but step back.

Suddenly, Qi Yuan attacked and restrained Lin Xi! Then he took a special solution from his bag, poured it on Lin Xi’s name tag, and said, “You know it’s inconvenient, but you still ask?!”

Lin Xi, “…”

“The indigo key is almost destroyed, so you don’t hide it?” He asked with a wooden face.

Qi Yuan was also helpless, “The situation is urgent, I can’t think of a good excuse for a while, and I can’t hide it.”

He just now said that the key to the indigo room had been taken away, which sounds okay, but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Took away, then who took it away?

No. 2 (Lin Dongyang) and No. 5 (the girl) are still in prison, and No. 4 (Lin Xi) must know that he didn’t do anything. And No. 3… that guy probably still needs to figure out what he will do today. Qi Yuan himself feels it’s not right to put the blame on him.

Therefore, as long as Lin Xi thinks about it, he will know that the statement that the key was taken away in advance is untrue.

In addition, after searching two rooms in a row, the indigo keys were hidden in the built-in safe, and there was no way to take them away. If someone had checked the indigo room in advance, they would definitely find that he was lying. So Qi Yuan simply went all out and attacked directly.

“Next time we meet, I will definitely stop you.” Lin Xi looked at Qi Yuan deeply and was teleported back to the single-person prison.

The broadcast sounded at the right time: “Player No. 4 has been arrested and has been detained in solitary confinement.”

Qi Yuan snorted, “It’s not certain whether you can get out of solitary prison before I destroy all the indigo keys!” As he said that, he walked quickly to the navy blue room.

However, as soon as he entered the room, the broadcast issued a notice: ” Player No. 2 escaped from the single prison. Player No. 2 escaped from the single prison. Player No. 5 escaped from the single prison.”

Lin Xi heard the broadcast and didn’t bother finding the password to escape prison. Instead, he yelled to the two people who regained their freedom, “The spy is No. 1, Qi Yuan! He is currently looking for the key in the indigo room. Go and stop him!”

No. 5 looked confused, “Why is the spy looking for the key?”

Lin Dongyang reacted quickly; his face was particularly solemn: “After finding the key, destroy it. The prisoners will never be able to escape from the prison building again. This guy is cruel enough to directly destroy the prisoners’ hope of escaping from the root!”

No. 5’s heart jumped and subconsciously said, “No way…” But looking at her friend’s expression, she knew the other party was not joking.

“He went to the indigo room and the stone indigo room first, you quickly went to the navy blue and stone blue rooms to stop him.” Lin Xi spoke quickly and anxiously, seeming very anxious.

“Navy blue room and stone blue room? Are you sure?” Lin Dongyang expressed doubt.

“Do as I say!!” Lin Xi emphasized again with a serious face. The situation was urgent, and he didn’t want to waste time explaining.

No. 5 pulled Lin Dongyang, “Let’s go.”

Lin Dongyang hesitated, “What if we stop the wrong person?”

No. 5 glanced at him, “Then find two more indigo rooms on the map?”

Lin Dongyang was speechless. He was not good at color systems; otherwise, he would not be stuck in the orange room.

“Since you don’t understand, then listen to him.” No. 5 said thoughtfully, “I think the one often put in solitary confinement must be a teammate.”

Lin Xi’s eyelids jumped. What does it mean to be often put in solitary confinement? How can it be too frequent!

Lin Dongyang nodded in agreement, “That makes sense.”

As he said, the two went their separate ways: one went to the navy blue room, and the other to the stone blue room.

Qi Yuan successfully destroyed the third indigo key in the navy blue room. He heard the broadcast and knew that No. 2 and No. 5 would definitely come to make trouble. So he calmly took out four blank cards and started writing.

In a short while, the four traps were set.

Lin Dongyang arrived at the stone blue room and hurriedly pushed the door open to enter.

Who knew that as soon as he stepped into the room, more than a dozen water guns suddenly emerged from the wall and sprayed water at him. On the ceiling, a water bomb was ready to go off above his head.

Lin Dongyang, “…”

He had just entered the door and had no time to do anything. He was soaked like a drowned chicken, and his whole body was wet as if he had just been fished out of the water, not to mention the name tag.

The broadcast sounded at the right time: ” Player No. 2 has been arrested and has been detained in a single-person prison.”

At the same time, Qi Yuan’s ears rang with a voice that only he could hear, “Congratulations to Player No. 1 for achieving the “Super God” achievement (putting players other than you in prison for 8 times).”

Hearing this, he smiled happily. After leaving the navy blue room, he walked quickly towards the last stop.

At the same time, Lin Xi looked depressed, feeling finished.

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