[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 33. (1/2)

Prison Break Special

As soon as he entered the room, Qi Yuan was attracted by the light green floor.

He took some water and sprinkled it on the floor. Some water drops rolled freely, but some were blocked. So Qi Yuan soon found that there was a gap in the floor.

He removed the floor along the gap, and Qi Yuan saw the embedded safe inside.

He took out the yellow key to unlock it. Soon, the green key appeared in front of him.

“There are only two steps left.” Qi Yuan put the key into his bag and said easily, “First go to the blue room to find the blue key, then go to the indigo series room to find all four keys, and then destroy them, and the game will end.”

Why did Qi Yuan choose to destroy the indigo key instead of destroying the four orange keys at the beginning? He had his reasons.

In fact, destroying any four keys of the same color can prevent the prisoner from escaping. But the four keys are in different rooms, and it takes a long time to run back and forth. In addition, there is no time to search in the room!

If all the keys cannot be destroyed and one of them is found by the prisoner, he will be working in vain. The prisoners can cooperate with four people, holding one key to pass the level together until the blue key is used to open four indigo locks.

With four people working together, search efficiency will be much higher. There will be no waste of time in the early stage of repeated searches because they only need one transition key. Only when they find the indigo key will they have to search four indigo rooms.

Although this game is a single-player game, the possibility of cooperation is very low, but it must be prevented. So Qi Yuan did not stop all the way, and directly found the blue key in order, leaving the progress of others far behind, winning himself enough time.

Only in this case is he most likely to destroy the four keys of the same color one step ahead.


The prison guard’s escape business is going smoothly, but the prisoners are worried with bitter faces.

Lin Dongyang squatted in the corner, his face dejected, “Red key, purple lock, obviously rainbow color. Unfortunately, I was a step late when I left the solitary confinement, and my luck was not very good. No. 4 got to the orange room first, and No. 5 occupied the orange room.”

“There should be other rooms with orange keys hidden, but I can’t search them one by one! When will I find them?”

“No. 5 refuses to pay attention to me… It seems that I can only talk to No. 4.”

“If No. 4 refuses to cooperate…” Lin Dongyang paused, then said in self-abandonment, “Then I will give up this game.”

A step late in the start, the follow-up is affected everywhere. He is now clamped and cannot move freely.


At this moment, Guo Dong was also very irritable in his heart. He walked over, sat down next to Lin Dongyang expressionlessly, and then stared at the wall in a daze without saying a word.

“What are you doing?” Because No. 4 and No. 5 were both imprisoned, Lin Dongyang was not very afraid of spies. Anyway, he has nothing to do now, so it doesn’t matter if he thinks about life in a corner or goes back to the solitary prison to think about life.

Guo Dong looked vicissitudes, “Leaving the solitary prison has consumed all my brain cells, and I still don’t know what to do… I think I may not be suitable for this game.”

Lin Dongyang, “…”

It’s too subtle to say that He may not be suitable. In fact, he is not suitable at all!

“Can you tell me what this game is all about?” Guo Dong was aggrieved like a child weighing more than 200 pounds.

“The red key opens the orange lock, and then the orange key opens the yellow lock… until the end, find the indigo key, and go to open the purple lock of the first floor door. Obviously, it is a rainbow color sequence.” After finally finding a fellow sufferer, Lin Dongyang simply said it directly.

Guo Dong looked at his little friend and said, “You know it all; why don’t you go find it?”

When it comes to this, Lin Dongyang can’t help but feel full of grief, “I’m unlucky, someone else took the key first. It’s useless even if I know the steps to pass the level, because I lack the necessary props.”

“There are not only two orange rooms.” Guo Dong reminded him. He still knew this kind of basic common sense question.

“Of course there are not only two rooms. But I can’t guess which rooms are the other ones.” Lin Dongyang was also desperate, “There are so many rooms, and the items are hidden so secretly, it is impossible to search one by one.”

“You can only join forces with other players and ask them to borrow the key to unlock the door. But this round of the game is a single-player competition, and one key can only allow one person to pass, so the possibility of other people agreeing to cooperate is not high.”

Guo Dong asked, “What if someone uses force to coerce?”

Lin Dongyang stared at his friend in a daze.

Guo Dong spread his hands, “I am good at close combat, not using my brain.”

“Let’s go.” After thinking about it, Lin Dongyang stood up, “No matter what, we have to give it a try. No matter what the result is, it’s better than staying here and getting moldy.”

Guo Dong thought it made sense and stood up.


At the door of the apricot yellow room, No. 2 (Lin Dongyang), No. 3 (Guo Dong), No. 4 (Lin Xi), and No. 5 (girl) gathered together.

Seeing No. 5, Lin Dongyang’s heart was beating. It was because her arrest was too suspicious! Although he did nothing, it was not like that at all in the eyes of others.

Lin Xi glanced at everyone and nodded, “It’s just right, I have something to tell you.”

Lin Dongyang and Guo Dong looked at each other suspiciously.

“According to my analysis, there is a spy among the players.” Lin Xi said calmly.

Lin Dongyang subconsciously took a step out. He was very worried that he would be excluded as a hostile element.

“It may not be you.” Lin Xi stopped him, “After No. 5 was arrested, I went to the scene. I found that she was arrested because she leaned her back against the wall.”

“What’s wrong with leaning against the wall?” Guo Dong didn’t understand.

“There is a trap. The wall is covered with water droplets, and the name tag will naturally get wet if you lean against it.” Lin Xi explained.

Lin Dongyang suddenly remembered that the game system had reminded him at the beginning that there was a trap in the building. But he didn’t understand, “This doesn’t mean that there are spies among the players!”

“Yes.” Lin Xi said calmly.

“There are four rooms in the yellow series, Maize Yellow, Apricot Yellow, Flaxen (Light Yellow), and Primrose (Pale Yellow). There should be four rooms in other colors, but I can’t recognize some of them.”

“Why are there only four rooms for five players? Because one of them is a spy, whose mission is to prevent other players from escaping, and he himself does not need to escape.”

Lin Dongyang was confused. Flaxen (Light Yellow) and Primrose (Pale Yellow) are actually also in the Yellow series. Who can guess? Just looking at the names, they don’t seem to be related at all.

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