[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 32. (1/2)

Prison Break Special

“What a coincidence,” Lin Xi said with a gentle smile.

“Goodbye,” Qi Yuan replied coldly, protecting his back as he retreated step by step.

Lin Xi calmly watched Qi Yuan leave. After he was gone, Lin Xi muttered softly, “Do you think I’m happy to see you?”

Shaking his head, Lin Xi moved closer to inspect the door lock.

Meanwhile, Qi Yuan took out a map from his shoulder bag and started to peruse it.

After visiting the first-floor lobby, he had a vague idea. This round of the game had two ways to pass.

The first method followed a spy approach: capturing and detaining the prisoners. But in this scenario, catching the prisoners would be like playing whack-a-mole; they would keep escaping, making it very troublesome.

The second method followed the prisoner’s perspective: the prisoners needed the final key to escape. If he could collect and destroy all the final keys in advance, the prisoners wouldn’t be able to escape even if they weren’t detained.

Rather than racing against time and competing physically with the other four, Qi Yuan preferred the second method to pass the game.

“Red key, red room,” he murmured, searching the map for his target. But after looking twice, he couldn’t find any red rooms.

Qi Yuan frowned. Did he get the idea wrong, or…? After a moment of pondering, he turned to search for the orange rooms.

Soon, he identified four rooms: the Tangerine Room, the Orange Room, the Amber Room, and the Sunburst Orange Room.

Although they seemed unrelated by name, in fact, tangerine, orange, amber, and sunburst orange were all shades of orange. And of all the rooms, only these four belonged to the orange series.

“No red room, so the red key must open an orange lock,” Qi Yuan analyzed to himself. “There are four rooms matching the required color since there are only four prisoners who really need to escape.”

Feeling confident in his reasoning, he headed to the nearest Amber Room.

Soon, Qi Yuan reached his destination and began searching.

He opened all the cabinets but found nothing.

He checked under the bed and on top of it, but still, nothing.

He scoured every nook and cranny but came up empty-handed.

“Strange, where did I go wrong?” Qi Yuan thought, lowering his head. “Did someone take it in advance? Or did I misunderstand from the beginning?”

While thinking, his sharp eyes scanned his surroundings carefully.

Suddenly, Qi Yuan’s eyes froze. He walked over to the bookshelf and pulled out an orange diary with a lock.

Qi Yuan took out the red key and tried to open the diary’s lock. With a click, the lock opened.

“It really is like an escape room. In the past, task items were never hidden this well once I found the target room,” Qi Yuan remarked.

Opening the diary, he found that the middle was hollowed out, containing an orange key.

At this point, Qi Yuan finally pieced all the information together.

“The red key opens the orange lock, the orange key opens the yellow lock… until the indigo key opens the purple lock at the main entrance on the first floor.”

“Each color series has four rooms. Some, like the Orange Room, are obvious, while others, like the Amber Room, are more subtle.”

“Even if you find the correct room, you might not find the key easily. Perhaps someone took it in advance, or it might be very well hidden.”

“The game’s difficulty lies in the time limit—you must escape within two hours.”

“After being captured, you go into a single prison cell, which takes time to escape. Finding the target room and the hidden task item takes significant effort. If you enter a room that no longer has the key, searching inside is futile.”

After a brief silence, Qi Yuan concluded that without help, a simple-minded, physically strong guy like Guo Dong wouldn’t be able to escape in this lifetime.

As Qi Yuan left the Amber Room, he suddenly heard a male and female voice nearby.

Qi Yuan’s expression shifted slightly, and he moved closer cautiously.

On the other side, Lin Dongyang was trying to approach the only girl among the five players, “Hi, I’m Lin Dongyang, I want to…”

But the girl’s almond eyes were full of vigilance, and she interrupted him rudely, “No need, go away! If you don’t leave, I’ll tell the others you’re a spy!”

Lin Dongyang, “…”

How could a girl have such a strong aura?

“Let me tell you, I haven’t seen any other players for a long time. If anything happens to me, it must be you, no one else!” the girl said aggressively.

Qi Yuan’s eyes flickered. He quickly wrote a note on a card with a pen from his bag.

Lin Dongyang looked helpless, “Can you give me a chance to talk? I’ll leave after I speak.”

“I refuse!” the girl insisted firmly.

Lin Dongyang, getting frustrated, walked up to the girl and asked, “Do you have persecution delusions? Do you think everyone except you is a spy?”

The girl was startled and quickly backed up against the wall. She said stubbornly, “Anyway, it’s a solo game, no need to team up. If you’re not a spy, go find someone else to cooperate with. Why are you focusing on me?”

Her reasoning left Lin Dongyang speechless. After a long pause, he lowered his head in frustration, “Fine, you play by yourself. I’m leaving.”

The girl secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

At that moment, a broadcast suddenly announced, “Player 5 has been captured and placed in solitary confinement. Player 5 has been captured and placed in solitary confinement.”

The girl looked shocked, “Me? Captured?”

Lin Dongyang was also stunned.

As her figure faded, the girl seemed to remember something and angrily said, “You said you weren’t a spy?! I’m in solitary confinement because of you! Wait… solitary confinement? Not eliminated?”

A flash of white light and her last words dissipated into the air.

Lin Dongyang stood there, mouth agape, almost petrified. He was sure he did nothing, yet Player 5 was captured in front of him…

“If the others find out, there’s no way I can explain this!” Thinking this, he quickly made his escape.

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