[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 31. (2/2)

The next second, several items appeared in the bag—a bottle of special solution marked “infinite filling,” three blank cards, and a pen.

The card header reads, “Please describe in detail what kind of trap you want to set, or draw a picture.”

“Tsk, can’t eliminate the player, trouble.” Qi Yuan glanced at Note 2 with disdain.

But soon, he focused his attention and planned to find the password and leave the single room as soon as possible.

Qi Yuan searched everywhere in the room. The calendars on the wall, the books, and the notes on the desk were all flipped through, but nothing was found. After all, this is not a computer game of escape from the secret room. Places without clues cannot be opened. Only important items with clues will have text descriptions.

Qi Yuan lowered his head and pondered. If it were him, where would he hide the password?

Suddenly, his expression moved, and he looked at the calendar and flipped through it again. But this time he didn’t look at whether there were numbers on the calendar, but whether the calendar was marked.

Soon, he found that “July,” “August,” and “December” were circled with a black pen, and there were no abnormalities in the other months.

“7, 8, 12 three numbers…” Qi Yuan reacted quickly.

Six permutations of three numbers exist: 7812, 7128, 8712, 8127, 1278, and 1287.

He walked to the door and tried to open the password lock. As a result, when he entered 1278, the password lock opened automatically with a “click.”

Qi Yuan carried a shoulder bag and took all his belongings to leave the single room. He planned to go to the door on the first floor to see the situation first.

As a result, he found the single rooms of his cellmates not far away.

The cellmate in the first room was Lin Dongyang. He opened his mouth and stared at Qi Yuan with wide eyes, and said in disbelief, “Fuck! Have you found the password? So fast? Tell me, where did you find it?”

Qi Yuan lowered his eyes, and several thoughts flashed through his mind in an instant. Lin Dongyang, lv2 player. This guy had been seen in the special edition of Superpowers. His power at that time was the Death Note, and he was quite clever.

“If you try hard, you will find it.” Qi Yuan said nonsense seriously.

Lin Dongyang, “…”

Just talking nonsense! It’s better to shut up and say nothing!

Qi Yuan continued to move forward.

The second cellmate was a big man with a square face. At this moment, he turned the room upside down, and his face was livid.

Qi Yuan recognized him. His name was Guo Dong, a level 3 player. He had a high combat power, but his brain was not very good. In the special edition of Superpowers, he joined a group of lv2 to deal with Qi Yuan but was killed by the lv2s.

“You came out so quickly. Do you have another identity?” Guo Dong stared at Qi Yuan suspiciously.

“Whether you can find the password depends only on whether your brain is good or not. Don’t blame others,” Qi Yuan said seriously. He knew very well that the other party was just talking nonsense. Because he had been cheated on too many times, he was almost paranoid.

Guo Dong’s breathing became obviously heavy as if he was angry.

“Let’s go.” Qi Yuan waved his hand and continued to move forward.

The third cellmate was a young man in his thirties. He wore a pair of glasses and looked gentle, like a university teacher. He seemed to be suitable for staying at home and doing scientific research.

“Lin Xi?” Qi Yuan was a little surprised. Although this guy looked inconspicuous, he was actually level 3, and he had eyes and ears. Once, he almost fell into Lin Xi’s hands.

“See you again.” Lin Xi nodded and then started to toss the password lock.

With a “click,” the lock opened.

“Since this round of the game is a single-player game, everyone will act separately.” As he said, Lin Xi went in the opposite direction.

He was second only in speed in unlocking the lock, which was indeed very tricky. Qi Yuan sighed and went to visit the last cellmate.

The fourth one was a girl, level lv2. Qi Yuan found that he had no impression of this person at all and should not have met him before.

After meeting with the four inmates, Qi Yuan went straight to the lobby on the first floor.

As the system said, the door was locked.

Qi Yuan immediately took out the red key from his bag and inserted it into the keyhole. He twisted it hard, but as expected, the key could not be turned.

Glancing at the violet door lock, Qi Yuan muttered to himself, “Rainbow colors…”

The most common sayings about rainbow colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.

In the game, the red key probably opens the red lock and gets the orange key. Then, the orange key opens the orange lock and gets the yellow key… until, in the end, the purple key opens the purple lock.

While thinking, footsteps sounded not far away. Qi Yuan looked in the direction of the sound but found that the person coming was Lin Xi.

Qi Yuan thought I bumped into someone else’s idea again.

Lin Xi thought I was beaten to the punch again.

The two stared at each other, only to find that the other was very annoying.

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