[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 32. (2/2)

After Lin Dongyang left, Qi Yuan appeared quietly. He smiled slightly and wiped his finger on the wall—his hand was immediately stained with a special liquid.

“The trap card works even better than expected,” Qi Yuan murmured.

He had written on the card that he hoped the wall behind Player 5 would be covered with special liquid droplets, and the system made it happen!

Unaware, Player 5 leaned her back against the wall, getting her name tag wet with the droplets. She was sent back to solitary confinement by the trap, thinking Lin Dongyang had done something. But it made sense—there was no one else but Lin Dongyang in front of her.

“When Player 5 escapes again, will she inform the others that Lin Dongyang is the spy?” Qi Yuan speculated with interest.


Hearing the broadcast, Lin Xi went to the solitary confinement area to visit Player 5.

When he arrived, Player 5 was sitting on a chair, deep in thought, “Why was I detained and not eliminated? How did Number 2 (Lin Dongyang) do it? He didn’t even get close to me. It’s so strange!”

“Tell me, how did you get captured?” Lin Xi walked up to Player 5.

Player 5 looked back blankly.

Lin Xi smiled, “You don’t think the spy would approach someone already captured, do you?”

Of course not. Player 5 decided to trust that the visitor was an ally and recounted what had happened.

“As expected, someone’s task is to detain the prisoners to prevent them from escaping,” Lin Xi analyzed. “Detained, not eliminated. This means after being detained, the prisoners can still find a way to escape.”

“Can we continue the jailbreak?” Player 5 was both surprised and delighted.

Lin Xi smiled, “Since you’re idle, give it a try. By the way, where were you captured? I’ll check the scene.”

“Next to the orange room,” Player 5 answered honestly. “I had just left the room when Number 2 approached me and wouldn’t leave.”

“Got it.” Lin Xi hurried away.

Player 5 began searching the solitary cell.

Lin Xi arrived next to the orange room and started to simulate the scene when Player 5 was captured.

“According to Player 5, Number 2 approached her, so she backed up and leaned against the wall.” As he spoke, Lin Xi leaned his back against the wall. “Then shortly after, the broadcast sounded.”

…Wait, leaning against the wall??

He slowly turned around and touched the wall. His palm immediately felt wet.

Lin Xi, “…”

The broadcast suddenly announced, “Player 4 has been captured and placed in solitary confinement. Player 4 has been captured and placed in solitary confinement.”

Simulating the scene led him to send himself to solitary confinement. Lin Xi didn’t know what else to say and could only smile wryly.

“At least there’s some gain,” Lin Xi consoled himself. “This must be the prison trap mentioned at the beginning of the game. The way to capture prisoners is by wetting their name tags with a special liquid.”

“…” After a long silence, Lin Xi finally couldn’t help but curse, “Damn it! Why did I lean against the wall!!”

Filled with regret, Lin Xi was sent back to solitary confinement.

Hearing Player 4 had been captured, Qi Yuan was momentarily stunned but quickly regained his composure.

With Players 4 and 5 captured in succession, another trap card appeared in Qi Yuan’s bag. Glancing at it, he then strode into the Maize Yellow Room.

The yellow series had four rooms: Maize Yellow, Apricot Yellow, Flaxen (Light Yellow), and Primrose (Pale Yellow).

Qi Yuan thought Flaxen and Primrose were too inconspicuous, so he chose between Maize Yellow and Apricot Yellow.

Entering the room, Qi Yuan first checked the bookcase. Unfortunately, there was no locked notebook this time.

“The last room had an orange locked notebook,” Qi Yuan analyzed. “If that’s the case, any yellow item in the room is suspicious.”

Then he considered—if he were to hide something, where would he put it?

Scanning the surroundings, Qi Yuan had an idea, “The room isn’t big, with few places to hide things. For the most hidden spot… I could sew a small pocket on the back of the opaque curtain, at the top.”

The back of the curtain was a blind spot. Combined with the top, few people would notice it.

“Ceiling, under the bed, wall safes are also good hiding spots. But in this room, only the curtain is a dark yellow, opaque material.”

Qi Yuan pulled back the curtain and immediately noticed a thick section at the top, indicating a hidden pocket.

He took out a small yellow box with a lock. Inserting the orange key, he turned it. Inside was a yellow key.

“Next is the green room,” Qi Yuan said, putting the key into his bag.

At that moment, the broadcast announced, “Player 4 has escaped from solitary confinement. Player 4 has escaped from solitary confinement.”

“Escaped already? That was fast,” Qi Yuan remarked casually.

Shortly after, the broadcast sounded again, “Player 5 has escaped from solitary confinement. Player 5 has escaped from solitary confinement.”

Qi Yuan ignored it. He chose the Military Green Room from the options of Military Green, Grass Green, Moss Green, and Matcha Green, then entered.

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