Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #80

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Chapter 80

Ye Ziwen, the trainee of Extreme Culture: Huh?

The trainees of Extreme Culture wanted to ask their good friend Ye Ziwen, Does your boss really enjoy making people feel suffocated?

They were truly startled.

Several young trainees who were previously feeling downcast and gloomy suddenly felt revitalized by the words from behind them.

Shi Zhi invited several trainees from Extreme Culture into the room and told everyone to sit wherever they liked without feeling restrained.

After all, this wasn’t her home.

“What would you like to drink?”

She asked them, then added, “We only have bottled water from 82.”

The trainees: …

Since there was only bottled water, why bother asking them?

Shi Zhi had her reasons, of course, mainly for the sake of politeness.

They waved their hands, “Boss Shi, it’s not necessary, we can’t drink it…”

Nobody was in the mood for drinking when Shi Zhi asked about their thoughts and plans regarding the prospect of changing companies.

Li Zhouxu, who had interacted with Shi Zhi before, spoke first, “Boss Shi, we want to switch to your studio. We can’t bear this oppression anymore.”

They were highly skilled in their work and knew that success requires hard work and dedication. They loved the stage and practice but couldn’t tolerate the suffocating atmosphere and endless psychological manipulation.

Zhu Yanan had her own theories, which no one could refute.

While it was commonplace for her to elevate and then belittle others, could anyone really thrive under her leadership as long as they were excellent?

Not quite. Otherwise the most outstanding people wouldn’t be seeking out Shi Zhi.

Even if they did well, in Zhu Yanan’s eyes, they were still worthless, deemed failures. She could always find ways to suppress them.

By destroying their confidence, she achieved control over them.

They were young, the youngest not yet adults, the oldest barely twenty. They were essentially university students, their minds filled with nothing but training, and Zhu Yanan had brainwashed them like crazy, leaving them with no room for doubt.

Li Zhouxu said, “We provided feedback to the leadership, but the process was very difficult… We finally found the leadership, but the problem wasn’t resolved. Sister Zhu ridiculed us, and we went two days without eating.”

This time, when they came to participate in the program, they were shocked by the impact of others, especially the artists from Shi Zhi’s studio.

The youngest trainee was scolded for chewing on a small piece of chicken, returning with a red mark on his forehead.

Everyone erupted in silence.

Shi Zhi expressed understanding under Ye Ziwen’s hopeful gaze and assured these “kidnapped” cats from other households.

“No problem.”

“I’ll solve this as soon as possible for you.”

Ye Ziwen comforted his friends, “Don’t worry, Boss Shi always keeps her promises.”

Everyone was a little excited.

Shi Zhi continued, “However, there are two points I need to emphasize.”

She didn’t want to dampen the mood, but certain things needed to be made clear.

They all looked at Shi Zhi seriously and attentively, “What?”

Being serious and focused, there were definitely requirements for changing jobs.

Shi Zhi said, “You must work hard to earn your own cat food.”

Trainees from Extreme Culture nodded unanimously. This was definitely not a problem.

They had long been accustomed to Shi Zhi’s straightforwardness, and they could accept it. Their previous company might have been big, but it lacked any personal touch.

Timesai emphasized the second point, “Perhaps you don’t really understand the true situation of our studio. In fact, there is intense internal competition within our studio as well.”

The trainees from Extreme Culture gasped in shock.


They actually wanted to transfer to Shi Zhi’s studio because they felt the atmosphere was too good, yet they still had to step on each other’s toes and treat each other as enemies. They were fed up with it.

So, harmony was just a facade?

Because of Shi Zhi’s honesty, the issue of being poor wasn’t a big deal, but they hesitated because of her last point.

Li Zhouxu looked troubled, “Boss Shi, we appreciate your honesty, but intense internal competition… We’d rather deal with outsiders.”

Ye Ziwen couldn’t bear it any longer, “Intense internal competition is just rock-paper-scissors.”

“If there are good resources and several of us are eligible, we’ll settle it with rock-paper-scissors.”

Don’t be scared by what Boss Shi said!

The trainees from Extreme Culture: …So, this is what intense internal competition looks like?

They hardly had any other demands, not even asking about their treatment. It was clear they couldn’t bear it anymore.

The only request came from one of the junior trainees.

“Boss Shi, if we join your studio, can we have fried chicken and cola?”

He quickly added, “If not, just forget I said anything.” He looked quite anxious.

If even this could be defined as the reason for changing jobs by the marketing team—

A job change triggered by a meal of fried chicken; Shocking! Extreme Culture trainees quit in anger, all because of a meal of fried chicken. (Not really.)

Shi Zhhi said, “Of course.”

“Would you like some?”

They could order takeout.

As for soda, Shi Zhi was a spokesperson herself and had plenty. She had her team staff bring in several cases from the company.

Brother Quan and the rest of Shi Zhi’s team were also surprised by the scene.

When the door opened, several contestants, most of whom were from other companies, were in Shi Zhi’s room.


But it wasn’t that surprising for private fans to appear in Shi Zhi’s room, either.

They suppressed their curiosity and started arranging food and drinks for everyone.

The junior trainee ate the fried chicken, tears streaming down his face, dripping onto the burger bag he was holding, making quite a noise.

Shi Zhi handed him a tissue.

Ye Ziwen asked, “What’s wrong?” Feeling sorry for the kid, “Everything will be okay.”

The junior trainee said, “Sob… I’m fine… The fried chicken is just so delicious.”

While choking back sobs, he took another bite.

Such delicious food shouldn’t be spat out.

He wasn’t crying out of sadness; he was crying because it was so delicious.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, if the money is not enough, we can take a cushion.”.

When the Extreme Culture trainees were leaving, they were still worried about the breach of contract fee.

The breach of contract fee wasn’t a small sum.

Shi Zhi told them to go back and rest, focus on training, and not think too much about it; she’d take care of the rest.

How much money could trainees have?

After they left, Brother Quan asked, “Do they really want to switch?”

They were all very talented and had a great chance of forming a successful group. They could be a money-making machine for any company. So why did they suddenly want to join them? What did Shi Zhi do?

Shi Zhi shrugged, “Probably… thanks to the poor performance of their peers.”

She hadn’t done anything, but their peers were just too incompetent.

Brother Quan knows that this is a good thing. These highly sought-after trainees joining the studio would definitely bring better benefits but before the benefits……

“The penalty for breach of contract should not be a decimal point.”

Shi Zhi sighed: I don’t want to pay a penalty for breach of contract.

She asked Brother Quan, “If I acquired Extreme Culture, would there be no need to pay liquidated damages?”

Brother Quan, “Of course.”

After answering, he looked at Shi Zhi.

Is she going to buy the company again?

Because you don’t want to compensate for high liquidated damages and then directly acquire the company? What kind of excellent brain circuit is this, mainly because of how much money it costs, so Shi Zhi makes this move.

The tone seemed to be that she was going out to buy a Chinese cabbage, and he was starting to sour.


Shi Zhi: Adopting one cat is still adopting, adopting a group of cats is also adopting, and acquiring a company is also an acquisition.

This one isn’t bad, either.

Since there’s no need to pay a penalty for acquisition, let’s just do it.

Calling the omnipotent Butler.

The Butler assures it’s no problem and immediately initiates the acquisition. “Miss, do you need to acquire the companies around this one as well?”

Shi Zhi says, “…That’s not necessary.” She’ll just acquire this one.

The Butler replies, “Understood.”

“There’s something I’m not sure if I should mention.” Shi Zhi respects the butler a lot; he is very capable and loyal.

Shi Zhi says, “Go ahead.”

The butler says with seriousness, “Miss, ‘Your movie’ is making money, the studio is making money, and the efficiency of Extreme Culture Company is also good… It’s great to see the innate money-making ability reflected in your lineage, but there’s still a need for caution, you don’t need to worry about squandering your wealth, your family’s fortune is so vast, you couldn’t squander it even if you tried.”

At that time, the steward saw BUtler investing in movies and even thought that the movie industry was one of the best places to make money; unexpectedly, she made quite a bit.

Shi Zhi: The Butler thinks she makes too much money and works too hard; she wants her to squander her wealth properly. Actually, Shi Zhi isn’t hard working at all; it’s all just effortless for her. Brother Quan envies Shi Zhi’s excellent mindset and spending confidence; that’s just how she is.

Shi Zhi has decided firmly that she won’t disappoint the butler’s expectations and will spend the money well.

The Butler asks, “Should we spend some more now?” No waiting, no more talking, let’s just spend some more right away.

Shi Zhi says, “There’s a nice handbag.” The price is equally beautiful: over two million. The crucial point is that it’s hard to get; as Bai Wu told Shi Zhi, it needs to be preordered.

She buys two, one for herself and one for Bai Wu. With the Butler, there shouldn’t be any need to pre order.

The Butler praises, “This handbag indeed looks good, it’s spacious… It’s suitable for Miss to go to the market.”

“I’ve already informed the brand, two in white, and one each in the other colors.” Miss can choose which bag to carry to the market according to her clothes and mood, as she pleases. …

The Butler always acts quickly and has the best team; soon, Extreme Culture changes its management. The behind-the-door boss becomes Shi Zhi. As usual, Zhu Yanan goes to the company to clock in, planning her day ahead. First, she plans to belittle the other remaining small artists on her hands; they’re all incompetent, still practicing even now. Looking at the others rising steadily in the rankings of “The Strongest Idol” and gaining a large number of fans, jealous, aren’t they? Envy is useless because they’re just incompetent.

The contestants participating in “The Strongest Idol” competition can’t be spared either.

Do they think they’ve grown wings just because they have fans and a bit of fame? Do they really think fans love them because of their excellence?

No! It’s because of her, Sister Zhu. She packages and markets them well, and which is why they have a fan base. Once Sister Zhu stops working, they’ll be nothing.

However, Zhu Yanan didn’t even get to see her artists. The company’s staff informed her, “Sorry, Miss Zhu, you’ve been fired by the company. Go to HR to settle your salary.”

Zhu Yanan is dumbfounded. Why? Why was she fired? Zhu Yanan was fired. Apart from the CEO leaving, she was the only one fired from the company. Zhu Yanan feels like she’s woken up to a different world after just a nap.

Shu Zhi doesn’t need employees who abuse the staff in the workplace. The Extreme Culture trainees didn’t expect happiness to come so suddenly.

They received such good news as soon as they arrived: Zhu Yanan won’t be leading them anymore. From now on, they’ll be led directly by Shi Zhi. Teacher Shi Zhi actually acquired the company directly? How did she manage that? After all, Shi Zhi understands the people’s hearts. Facing such inquiries, She seriously babbles, “Your CEO ran away with his mistress, and they happened to be looking for someone to take over, so I took over at a low price.”

The CEO, on the other hand, already received the money and is said to be happily traveling abroad; even if he hears Shi Zhi say this, he won’t blame her.

Shi Zhi adds, “But even at a low price, it’s still quite high… You all must train well and not disappoint my expectations.” The trainees say in unison, “Understood!”

Brother Quan: … Seeing through but not exposing. Who was it that acquired the company so abruptly before? Brother Quan thinks it’s for their own good to provide appropriate encouragement and not slack off on training. …

As a seasoned agent, even though Zhu Yanan’s methods were harsh, even industry insiders couldn’t stand it, but her results were there.

She was fired by the company, shaking with anger, but she had no choice; she still needed to work. She had already begun to consider going to other companies. However, before she could go to other companies, she directly faced social death.

First, the artists oppressed by Zhu Yanan left messages online.

“I’ve seen a lot of people asking where I’ve been these years, I apologize to the audience who has been waiting for me. In reality, I was hospitalized for treatment, I have depression… When I signed with the company, I was full of expectations for my future, and then @Agent Zhu Yanan took me on. I admired this agent very much. However, I never dreamed that endless suffering would follow.”

“She scolded me, made me stand as punishment, just because she wasn’t satisfied with something trivial. I had to admit in front of her over and over again that I was worthless.”

“I, who used to be optimistic and upbeat, a few years ago, wrote in my diary that the only thing that could defeat me was myself. I believed I was a unique existence in the world. But because of Ms. Zhu’s suppression, I suffered every day, sleepless nights, hair loss, anxiety, until I went to see a psychiatrist. Ms. Zhu finally left me alone. She said her team didn’t need neurotics…”

This artist spoke at length and even released voice recordings. The conclusion was, “I heard Ms. Zhu has been fired, so I have to come out and say a few words. I hope she won’t kill another young person with dreams.”

He has many Weibo followers, but he hasn’t posted on Weibo for two years. Only a few true fans continue to leave him messages every day. They thought he had retired, but they didn’t expect such explosive information when he came back. A once shining new star was suppressed by the agent into depression and called a neurotic.

The voice was secretly recorded, and they can indeed hear how unpleasant and harsh the woman over there scolded.

Netizens were saddened by it. She easily destroyed a person.

There are also sharp-eyed discoveries.

“Our Xu Xu, is Xu Xu’s agent Zhu Yanan?”

Xu Xu is Li Zhouxu.

“The Strongest Idol” has become the hottest variety show, and the contestants’ fans have quickly accumulated. Fans will also pay attention to the company.

Fans of several trainees of Fan Extreme culture: Damn it! She really is!

I want to hit someone.


Before the Extreme Culture trainees appeared on the show, the trainees with better conditions had fans. The fans could not help but post on Weibo while their popularity was rising.

“These few are really having a very difficult time. I suspect Ms. Zhu’s heart is black.”

“They never complain about tired training, but this kind of high intensity is no longer for a normal person. Once I saw Shao Shao, Shao Shao said that the bread was so fragrant, muttering that he hadn’t eaten for a day, and he was thin like a skeleton. We looked distressed and wanted to buy something for Shao Shao to eat, but Shao Shao said that the agent wouldn’t let it, and she hated him for being fat…”

Fans following the revelations from the fan site manager were puzzled.

Fat? Where is he fat?

Just the description alone made them want to cry. Is this how an idol should be treated? This is worse than how an average school child lives!

Although Zhu Yanan’s workplace bullying didn’t involve physical violence and couldn’t be legally punished, the harm it caused was just as severe.

Her Weibo account was flooded with a large number of netizens, and Zhu Yanan was so scared that she directly deleted her account. With such exposure, no company would be willing to hire her anymore.

Fans shed tears for Pink’s brother (or younger brother). They wondered who was taking care of him now and hoped it wouldn’t be another wolf who would chew him up and spit out his bones.

The fan site manager, with great connections, found out the information since Shi Zhi didn’t deliberately hide it.

Now, Shi Zhi was in charge.

Shi Zhi didn’t directly move the few trainees from Extreme Culture to her studio, but it was almost the same since she was the boss anyway.

Gardenias: ???

They just wanted to follow the gossip, but unexpectedly, it involved their own idol.

Did this involve the handiwork of Master Shi Zhi, too?!

Someone half-revealed and half-speculated, “Ye Ziwen had a good relationship with the trainees under Zhu Yanan and stood up for them. Shi Zhi couldn’t stand Zhu Yanan’s ways either, so she orchestrated a takeover of the company…”

Gardenias: Princess Shi Zhi is amazing! Following Princess Shi Zhi is totally worth it!

But… wasn’t Princess Shi Zhi supposed to be poor? Why does this feel so grand and rich?

Shi Zhi retweeted and liked the posts of artists persecuted by Zhu Yanan and told Brother Quan, “See if this artist needs help.”

“The company will cover his medical expenses… if he recovers, he can still get back on stage.”

Shi Zhi also noticed everyone’s questions. Yes, she was rich, thank you.

The moment to clear her poor image had arrived.

–It didn’t.

Because of Ye Ziwen’s statement.

Ye Ziwen performed brilliantly on the show, securing a spot in the debut group on his first ranking. In the latest ranking, he surged to first place.

Ye Ziwen: Metaphysics does work!

With tears in his eyes, he gave his speech, “Thank you to the fans, Little Yezi… I will continue to work hard…”

So far, it was standard, but the ending was.

“Make more money for President Shi.”

Netizens: ???

Fans of Little Yezi: ???

It wasn’t just Ye Ziwen who said the same thing. The trainees from Extreme Culture, who recently became artists under Shi Zhi, also said the same thing.

“Make more money.” Earn money for cat food, and by the way, support President Shi.

Netizens spread the word: Look! Shi Zhi is definitely poor!

She probably spent all her savings to take over the company and might even be in debt. Otherwise, why would everyone be so earnest about making money for President Shi?

Fans of Extreme Culture trainees were initially a bit nervous. Their kids had suffered too much under the previous manager, and naturally, they felt protective.

It turned out that the trainees were doing quite well. Not only did they smile more during the recordings, but they also started to show more of themselves, and their personalities were more relaxed.

They even gained weight.

Comparative photos appeared online.

It was obvious that before becoming artists under Shi Zhi, they were skin and bones. After, they looked much healthier, with the same performance costumes fitting snugly instead of loosely.

Shi Zhi, the “Abdominal Muscle Iron,” lived up to her name.

The trainees didn’t let themselves get fat, paying attention to their figures. With the high energy consumption from practice, they managed to stay in shape and even enhanced their looks.

Cheng Yu: “Did Shi Zhi really sign new trainees again?”

He asked his assistant.

The assistant nodded, “Yes, she did.”

Couldn’t President Cheng just check himself? He’d been staring at the computer for ages.

Cheng Yu didn’t say anything more. He sent Shi Zhi a WeChat message, casually asking.

“There’s a rumor online that you signed Li Zhouxu and the others.”

Shi Zhi replied quickly. They were quite familiar with each other now.

“Yes, I’m still busy with their matters…”

Cheng Yu: “…”

Assistant: He felt the low pressure, and the invisible flowers on President Cheng’s head seemed to droop. Could he leave quietly now?

Cheng Yu called the assistant back, but his question was.

“Do you think I have the conditions to become a trainee?”

Assistant: ??? Become what?

President Cheng wants to be a trainee. He was definitely handsome enough, comparable to current top stars, but it was strange. Abandoning a big company to become a trainee?

Cheng Yu felt absurd asking it himself. He told the assistant.

“Never mind, you heard wrong. Go back to work.” Activating the skill, when the boss says you heard wrong, you heard wrong.

Assistant: Okay, he heard wrong.

Cheng Yu replied to Shi Zhi, “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Shi Zhi: “Convenient?”

Cheng Yu: “My pleasure.”

Shi Zhi eagerly sent over things, which Cheng Yu accepted one by one.

The man smiled again at the glass window.

Relying on good looks doesn’t last long. Good looks are common, but being irreplaceable means being useful.

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