[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 31. (1/2)

Prison Break Special

“Won’t I often run into familiar faces and be besieged in the future?” Xu Jia was a little distressed.

Qi Yuan looked like a veteran with a lot of experience and said calmly, “There’s nothing I can do. Once I win too many times, I will naturally become a thorn in everyone’s eyes. No one wants to eliminate strong enemies.”

“But for us, victory is easy to get. Only by winning can we get bonuses. There is no reason not to win if we can.”

“The more games you play and the more players you meet, you will gradually find that more and more people know you. There are some players who you have no impression of at all, but they remember you deeply. Because you may have eliminated them before, but their performance was not outstanding, so you don’t remember.”

“Puff.” It was obviously a very serious matter, but Xu Jia laughed out loud unconsciously.

“Indeed.” She had to admit, “There are several players in each game, but not many of them can leave an impression on me. I don’t know their names, and I can’t even remember their appearance. Only the players who stay in the later stages of the game will leave a particularly deep impression on me.”

“So as the game progresses, the group of players at the top of the pyramid all know each other. Some of them haven’t reported their names, but they are already familiar with each other.” Qi Yuan said.

“Is level 3 the end?” Xu Jia asked again, “It sounds difficult to advance.”

“Anyway, I haven’t seen a level 4 player.” Qi Yuan shrugged.

While chatting, the food was served.

Xu Jia glanced and found that there was only one pair of bowls and chopsticks. She couldn’t help wondering, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

“I’ve eaten in advance, and there will be a game soon.” Qi Yuan replied lightly.

Xu Jia: “…”

He’s about to go out to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra money, and this guy still has the mood to chat with her and cook for her?

Xu Jia suddenly felt that the chopsticks were very heavy and a little difficult to lift.

Qi Yuan remained calm and said, “Eat yours, I’ll be back soon.” As soon as he finished speaking, he disappeared.


Qi Yuan looked around and found himself standing in a solitary cell.

Large golden characters appeared on the wall one by one and began to explain the rules of the game.

“Welcome to the game of ‘Infinite Variety’.”

“This round of the game is called ‘Prison Break Special’, with a total of five players. Among them, you are prisoner No. 1.”

“You are currently detained in a single room. There is a password lock on the door, and the password information can be found in the room. After finding the password, you can open the door.”

“There is only an exit on the first floor of the entire building, but the door has been locked and requires a key to open. Please find the correct key within 2 hours and escape from the prison building. After escaping successfully, the player wins the game; if you fail to escape within the time limit, it will be considered a mission failure.”

“The bag contains important items that help players escape from prison, please use them properly.”

“The game will officially start in ten minutes, please be ready.”

“Escape room type?” Qi Yuan was a little surprised-it was his first time playing escape room in Infinite Variety.

The golden words continued.

“Note 1: There are traps in the prison building, please be careful.”

“Note 2: This round of the game is a single-player game, and one key can only let one person leave.”

“Note 3: If all prisoners escape, the game will end early. If all prisoners fail to escape, the game will end after 2 hours.”

[If you win this round of the game, you will personally receive a cash reward of 600,000.]

[After testing, you are a level 3 player. All the bonuses you get in this round of the game will be given a 15% bonus. (That is, the winning bonus is 600,000, and the actual amount you get after winning is 690,000)]

Qi Yuan opened the bag. After a careful inspection, he found a red key and a map of the prison building in it.

Flipping through the map, he found that the prison building had three floors and a total of 100 rooms. In addition to the room number, each room is also marked with words such as “light blue,” “water green,” and “grass green.”

Picking up the red key, Qi Yuan immediately reacted, “Just like in the zombie special, the colors have directions. Compared with a carpet search, a directional search is much more efficient.”

“Just now I felt strange, why do you give a red key at the beginning? Probably use the red key to open other locks and find new keys. Take a few detours in the middle, and then you can find the final key.”

“It’s just that I don’t know what the pattern between the colors is for the time being, so it’s hard to start.”

Many thoughts emerged in Qi Yuan’s mind, but it didn’t take much time. At this time, the blood-red words just appeared.

“Please keep the following information confidential to other players.”

“You are a spy (prison guard) and are responsible for preventing prisoners from escaping from prison.”

“Please do your best to prevent prisoners from escaping in the next 2 hours. If none of the four players escape successfully within the specified time, you will win the final victory. If one or more players escape successfully, the mission will fail.”

“Note 1: In this round of the game, only the spy has the ability to capture prisoners. Wet the prisoner’s name tag with a special solution, and the system will detain the prisoner and put him in a single prison.”

“Note 2: In this round of the game, prisoners can only be detained and cannot be eliminated.”

“Note 3: After being detained in a single prison, the prisoner can escape again, with no limit on the number of times.”

“Note 4: If the spy’s name tag is wetted by a special solution, he will also be detained.”

“Note 5: At the beginning of the game, players can set 3 traps by themselves. The number of traps that can be set for each two prisoners detained later 1.”

“The game is about to start, good luck to you.”

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