[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 30. (2/2)

The first thing Xu Jia did when she got up the next morning was to check her account balance.

The first text message——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (winning bonus) is 400,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 400,000.00 yuan.]

The second text message——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (MVP bonus) is 100,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 500,000.00 yuan.]

The third text message——

[The income from your last number 1234 card (bonus for killing players: 20,000 bonus for each kill) is 60,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 560,000.00 yuan.]

The fourth text message——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (level bonus: 560000*0.1=) is 56000.00 yuan and the balance is 616000.00 yuan.]

Looking at the series of numbers in the account, Xu Jia suddenly felt that all her efforts were worth it!

After breakfast and watching two high-IQ movies, it was almost noon. Xu Jia openly ran to knock on the neighbor’s door, intending to get some food.

Qi Yuan opened the door and let her in. He was happy in his heart but very disgusted, “Why does a guy who earns hundreds of thousands a day and millions a month come to my house to eat? Don’t you have rice at home?”

Xu Jia was very sensible and took the initiative to praise him, “Your food is very delicious! You are also handsome and can cook well!”

Qi Yuan paused, then looked back at her with a look of confusion. “Tell me, what are you here to do?”

Judging from past experience, she won’t praise someone easily when everything is fine.

Xu Jia is depressed, which is the best thing about her childhood sweetheart. Qi Yuan would be able to detect it immediately if something was on her mind.

“Actually, I came to chat with you.” Xu Jia decided to confess.

“Chat?” Qi Yuan had a faint smile, his eyes still sharp.

“Okay, actually I have a question I want to ask you for advice.” Xu Jia had to change her words again.

“Can’t you just ask casually? Why are you so pretentious?” Qi Yuan said casually, “You are too polite, and I don’t like it.”

Brothers! So loyal!

Xu Jia’s heart was hot, and she simply said, “That’s it. I just played a game yesterday. Unexpectedly, I met several familiar players in the game and was almost attacked by them.”

Qi Yuan didn’t understand what was wrong with this, “Isn’t it normal?”

Xu Jia was puzzled, “Why do I meet them so often? Are there not many players in the Infinite Variety Show?”

Qi Yuan smiled, “There are many people who have been invited, but only a few are lucky enough to become official players.”

“The promotion of lv1 to lv2 will stop some people. Some people even managed to win three games and be promoted to lv2 players because they were lucky enough to encounter group competitions and embraced the support of high-level players.”

“When level 2 reaches level 3, it will be even more troublesome. The number of wins is still a trivial matter. The most difficult thing is the 30% win rate. This alone is enough to win over 90% of the official players.”

“For example, I am currently at level 3, and the opponents I match are either high-level players at level 2 or level 3 players. There are not many powerful players, and there are only so many people coming and going. As time goes by, of course, they will become familiar to each other.”

“The same goes for you. Although you are currently at level 2, you still maintain a record of unbeatable wins, right? So of course, most of the players you match will also be high-level players.”

Most of the players she matched with were high-level players? Xu Jia realized that something was not right. “There is a guy who met me four times and lost four times. His winning rate shouldn’t be too high.”

Xu Jia is talking about Le Lin. Somehow, this unlucky kid kept running into her.

“Do you have a misunderstanding about high-level play in general?” Qi Yuan raised his eyebrows and said seriously, “Players with a winning rate of more than 30% are very rare, there are only about thirty people. Not to mention some people stepping online, a little If you relax, you will fall; if you take it seriously, you will rise.”

“According to public standards, a winning rate of more than 20% is already great. After all, this is a one-to-many game, and it is very difficult to survive to the end.”

Finally, he said earnestly, “There are very few smart people and stupid people, and ordinary people are the vast majority. You can’t use your standards to measure the general public.”

Xu Jia: “…”

She knew that public standards would differ from her situation, but she didn’t expect the gap to be so big.

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