[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 30. (1/2)

Ghosts and Gods Special

“I see.” Xu Jia sighed and walked out of the corner. By now, the survivors’ weaknesses have become clear.

Xiao Yin: “!!!”

“Where did you come from?!” Her voice was a little broken.

“I found Le Lin before you, but I didn’t show up. After I found you approaching, I hid.” Xu Jia said calmly, “I think if he was surrounded, Le Lin wouldn’t Refuse to join forces with me? “

After all, he is the one who is about to be eliminated and has no choice.

Sure enough, as soon as Xu Jia appeared, Le Lin felt confident. He quickly reached into his pocket, unscrewed the bottle, and poured water on the other two people.

Xiao Yin wanted to hide but was forcibly held back by Xu Jia and was thrown into the face.

On the other side, because the distance was too close, Xiao Yang couldn’t dodge, and half of his body was soaked in water.

Along with the death bell, the radio announced, “Ghost No. 6 OUT.”

At the same time, big blood-red characters appeared in front of the player, “Did you tell me not to get wet?”

Xiao Yin’s weakness is wearing a red scarf! Xu Jia reacted and quickly took out a scarf, trying to put it around Xiao Yin’s neck. Unexpectedly, Le Lin rushed over and held her hand down to prevent her from moving.

“Hurry up and make her scream!” Le Lin yelled.

Xu Jia instantly understood Le Lin’s thinking. Compared with Xiao Yin, she is more difficult to deal with. So, after Xiao Yang was eliminated, Xiao Yin was left alone. Le Lin immediately turned his gun and pulled Xiao Yin to attack her.

Sure enough, the alliance is worthless, and cooperation is just for betrayal.

Xu Jia simply gave up her original goal and turned to attack Le Lin.

Xiao Yang watched the two people wrestling with each other with great interest and couldn’t help but sigh, “A good show is going on, I really can’t bear to leave.”

But when the time came, he disappeared.

At the critical moment, Xiao Yin’s mind was particularly clear. She moved closer to Xu Jia, helped hold him down, and pinched his arm.

Unexpectedly, Xu Jia gritted her teeth and said nothing. Suddenly, she kicked her legs and jumped up suddenly. Then she raised her hand and waved the glasses on Le Lin’s face to the ground.

Le Lin lost his glasses, and his vision became very blurry. Knowing that he had been eliminated, he couldn’t help but get angry: “Two people working together can’t win against one person? What are you doing?”

Xiao Yin was furious, “I pinched her arm! She just won’t scream, what can I do? This is a girl, I can’t pull her hair, right?!”

“It’s a trap! It’s too confusing! This game is unplayable!” He would lose 2vs1, and Le Lin was devastated.

The radio announced on time, “Ghost No. 4 OUT.”

At the same time, big blood-red characters appeared in front of the player, “Did you tell me that your glasses can’t be taken off?”

Xu Jia got up from the ground and looked at Xiao Yin, her eyes full of anger, but her voice was extremely cold, “You pinched me just now, right?”

Xiao Yin: “…”

What can she do? The situation was urgent, and she couldn’t think of any other way to make Xu Jia scream.

“It’s your turn.” Xu Jia flexed her muscles and looked like she was about to fight.

“Excuse me, can I apply for suicide?” Xiao Yin asked cautiously.

All her friends were dead, and she was left alone to face the ferocious BOSS. Xiao Yin felt a little scared.

“No.” Xu Jia coldly rejected Xiao Yin’s request and approached them step by step.

If you are not allowed to surrender, you will have no choice but to bite the bullet! Xiao Yin felt furious. When Xu Jia entered her attack range, she took a step forward and planned to throw Xu Jia to the ground with an over-the-shoulder throw.

Xu Jia did not resist. It’s just that when she fell, she hooked Xiao Yin’s neck and brought Xiao Yin down with her. What’s even more tragic is that due to the fall over the shoulder, Xiao Yin hit the ground head first when she fell… and her neck was under Xu Jia’s control…

“Woo–” Xiao Yin was thrown so badly that stars appeared in his eyes.

Xu Jia restrained her and sneered, “Do you think I would be unprepared when I saw you throw me over my shoulder when I was in the Three Musketeers? I have asked professionals, as long as I hook your neck when you throw me over my shoulder, I will fall and You will also fall. As an aggressive party, you may even sprain your neck.”

Xiao Yin’s face turned gray, and she didn’t want to speak for the time being.

Xu Jia pinched Xiao Yin’s cheek with a little force and asked, “It’s a competition, how can you pinch someone? Do you still have any competitive spirit?”

“I couldn’t think of any other way at the time…” Xiao Yin’s voice was vague and paralyzed.

She endured it repeatedly, but finally, she couldn’t hold it in any longer. She gave up on herself and said, “For the sake of not tearing out my hair, can you give me a good time?”

As for winning or anything like that, she has no idea at all; she just wants not to be tortured when she is eliminated.

After flicking her forehead as a lesson, Xu Jia hummed softly and tied the big red scarf on Xiao Yin.

Xiao Yin closed her eyes happily – she was finally out.

The death bell rang for the last time, but it sounded like the sound of nature to Xiao Yin’s ears.

The radio announced, “Ghost No. 5 OUT.”

The black watch on the right hand also made a beep sound.

Xu Jia lowered her head to check.

[Congratulations to the player for winning this game.]

[Your current player level is lv2. If you win three subsequent games and the game-winning rate is above 30%, your level will be upgraded to lv3. (Currently, your winning rate is 100%. Participated in a total of six games and won six.)]

[The watch can view information about players whose level is lower than yours. Currently, you can view lv0 players and lv1 players.]

[Congratulations on being named the MVP of this game.]

[After thirty seconds, you will be teleported away.]

[Note: After leaving the game, “Infinite Variety Show” is not allowed to be mentioned to non-players.]

Xu Jia sat on the ground leaning against the wall, quietly waiting for the system to transmit. She felt as if she had just fought a battle. Not only was she physically exhausted, but she was also mentally drained.

Thirty seconds flies by.

After returning to her room, Xu Jia was so tired that she didn’t want to move, so she slept on the bed.

Have a good night’s sleep.

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