[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 29. (1/2)

Ghosts and Gods Special

Xiao Yang handed the newly found reminder card to his girlfriend.

Xiao Yin glanced at it and found that what was written on the card was, “A certain ghost or god will be eliminated if their lips are painted with lipstick.”

“Lipstick? It seems that the owner of the weakness is a girl.” Xiao Yin guessed.

“Not necessarily.” Xiao Yang reminded her, “This game is not going to take the usual path.”

Xiao Yin opened the props to check and found that the lipstick was purple and black. She couldn’t help but shudder as she imagined the male player’s appearance with lipstick applied – the picture must be breathtakingly beautiful.

“So far, two cue cards have been found.” Xiao Yin concluded, “One says not to scream, and one tells you to put on lipstick. Two players have been eliminated, namely No. 1 and No. 7.”

Then she sighed and murmured, “There are too many people left. I can’t guess who the weakness corresponds to.”

“Calm down. I don’t know who to attack. Others should also have a headache.” Xiao Yang comforted her warmly.

Xiao Yin cheered and promised, “In short, I will be absolutely cautious this time and will not let myself be plotted again!”

In reality, Xiao Yin and Xiao Yang are boyfriends and girlfriends. One time, when she was playing an online game with a team, she accidentally clicked “yes”, and the two of them were pulled into an infinite variety show together.

They have a good relationship and never doubt each other. Xiao Yin trusts Xiao Yang more than her teammates, who are matched to her by the system.

It stands to reason that they should win big in the game if they join forces. But… No matter how good her teammates are, she can’t stop herself from always falling behind at critical moments.

While she was talking to her boyfriend, a hand suddenly stretched out from her blind spot and tore her apart. What’s even more depressing is that this happened more than once, and I couldn’t escape it every time.

However, when the two of them were put into different games and could only rely on themselves, Xiao Yin always stayed alert and performed outstandingly.

Although the infinite variety show is just a game, there is no penalty for losing, and there is even a consolation bonus. Still, Xiao Yin cannot bear to hold himself back. What is even more unacceptable is that because of her, the two of them missed the victory several times!

She was determined to make a difference. My boyfriend is by my side, so if I accidentally get distracted or something, I definitely don’t want to! Regardless of whether he can win in the end, at the very least, the reason for losing cannot be because of her.

“It’s just a game; I never blamed you.” Xiao Yang didn’t care much. As if he had caught a glimpse of something from the corner of his eye, his expression suddenly changed, and he shouted loudly, “Be careful!”

Because the incident happened suddenly, he couldn’t control his voice and shouted very loudly.

Someone made trouble again while she was talking to her boyfriend! Xiao Yin felt inexplicably sad and angry. At this moment, old and new hatred surged into my heart. She grabbed the visitor’s wrist and threw him to the ground!

“Hiss—” No. 8 gasped, feeling his waist was about to break.

Xiao Yin caught a glimpse of the big red scarf in the person’s hand, and her eyelids jumped. Just a little bit close. She was going to be eliminated again.

Yes, the player who will be eliminated if she wears a red scarf is none other than her.

What made Xiao Yin most angry was that the timing of the sneak attack was neither early nor late, just after she had made her promise. It was just a slap in the face on purpose!

“Hold him down, and I’ll put lipstick on him.” Xiao Yin raised the corners of her mouth and looked at No. 8 coldly.

Apply purple-black lipstick and force him to look in the mirror, and the guy will scream. In this way, both elimination methods have been tried.

It would be best if he could be eliminated, but if not, Xiao Yin thought coldly that it would be good to leave this guy with a psychological shadow.

Number 8: “……”

Xiao Yang did as he was told.

No. 8’s heart trembled. If others don’t know, how can he still be ignorant of his affairs? Lipstick is his weakness!

He thought they couldn’t find the cue card and didn’t have the necessary item—lipstick. Even if the attack failed, nothing would happen. The other party had no choice but to let him go, so he carried out sneak attacks with confidence and boldness. Who knows, the other party actually has a tool that can knock him out!

“I was wrong! I am deeply aware of my mistake, really!” No. 8 bowed his head decisively.

“Go to hell and repent slowly!” The hard-hearted Xiao Yin twisted off her lipstick, revealing the charming and evil purple-black color inside.

No. 8 shivered. Not only was he about to be eliminated, but he also felt fear from the bottom of his heart when he thought he would be painted with purple and black lipstick.

He felt that he could still struggle. No. 8 resisted with all his strength, trying to save his weak, pitiful, helpless self. Unexpectedly, Xiao Yang suppressed him with just one slap.

“The person has been held down, you can apply it.” Xiao Yang reported the situation to his girlfriend.

So Xiao Yin took action without any politeness. She carefully traced the lip shape of No. 8, trying to make it look better.

However, the person involved was unwilling to cooperate and struggled desperately. With a flick of his head, the lipstick ran from his lips into his body.

Xiao Yin got angry and simply applied it with her eyes closed. Anyway, everything from the nose down is the mouth…

“Help!!” No. 8 screamed miserably. The shout spread far away, fearing that someone would hear it.

So Xiao Yin consciously speeded up her homework. Waving lipstick is like coloring a picture with crayons, whatever is convenient for you.

After a while, No. 8’s philtrum, lips, and chin turned purple and black, looking very scary.

He put on lipstick and screamed. Can he be eliminated? Xiao Yin looked at No. 8 with expectation.

As expected, the death bell rang in my ears for the third time.

The next second, the radio announced, “Ghost No. 8 OUT.”

At the same time, large blood-red characters appeared out of thin air in front of all the survivors, “Did you tell me not to wear lipstick?”

No. 8, aggrieved, immediately roared, “Did I ask you to paint it?!”

Xiao Yin raised her chin, her expression aloof and cold. Who asked you to sneak attack? Deserve it!

No. 8, with a mess and full of resentment, completely disappeared.

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