Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #78

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Chapter 78

Cheng Yu: He wants to hear what Shi Zhi said is wrong. If the other party can point it out… he will respect the other party’s point of view and then actively refute it.

The boss, who was stared at by death, said: “…No.”

Shi Zhi is right.

Dad, the biggest investor, is here, so what problems can they have?

Cheng Yu was sure the other party had no objections, so he looked away. He was relatively gentle and harmless in front of Shi Zhi, but in fact, the negotiation now was still very stressful.

This matter is basically settled like this.

Cheng Yu also stopped Mr. Sun Zhi, “Mr. Sun.”

Mr. Sun Zhi was originally crestfallen there. After all, he had just been lectured by a female star, and he was a bit embarrassed. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yu would talk to him.

“Mr. Cheng, Mr. Cheng.”

Sun Zhiguang has already learned that this young man is the current person in charge of the Cheng family. The company has a huge business, and he is someone who does not necessarily find it easy to talk to anyone, even if he tries hard to talk to him.

Unexpectedly, Cheng Yu actually called him and recognized him.

Mr.Sun Zhi was momentarily ecstatic, flattered, and thinking about it. Could it be that Cheng Yu wanted to have business cooperation with him?

“Mr. Cheng, do you know me?”

Cheng Yu nodded, “Yeah.”

The next second, “After all, Mr. Sun brought down three listed companies.”

Mr.Sun Zhi: “…”

Shi Zhi grinned, gave a thumbs up, and laughed mercilessly, “Mr. Sun is awesome.” He was able to bring down three companies.

Mr. Sun Zhi: “…” couldn’t laugh.

He walked away dejectedly.


Shi Zhi and Cheng Yu went out side by side. Shi Zhi looked at Cheng Yu with interest, which made Cheng Yu feel a little lost.

“What’s wrong?”

He stressed in his heart that he was not allowed to blush or dodge her eyes.

Shi Zhi mainly thought Cheng Yu was really interesting. Just now, he said that Mr.Sun Zhi had brought down three companies. Was she venting her anger on him?

Mr.Sun Zhi mocked Shi Zhi for being a female star and her age, but Cheng Yu said he had brought down three companies.

The older you are, the more experience you have and the more companies you have ruined.

Young man, you must retaliate for your anger.

However, Shi Zhi must admit that this kind of maintenance is still very refreshing.

Of course, Shi Zhi didn’t say this explicitly. She smiled and asked Cheng Yu, “You seem to know what I’m thinking.”

It was strange. When Shi Zhi thought of Cheng Yu sitting next to her, he pulled out a chair for her. Shi Zhi wanted data to prove that Huo Xing had many shots, so Cheng Yu sent her a fan chart…

Cheng Yu felt guilty for a moment, but it didn’t show on his face, “Maybe it’s a coincidence.”

Shi Zhi: “What a coincidence!”

She sighed: “It would be great if you were always by my side…”

As these words fell, Cheng Yu’s heart beat faster. He breathed secretly, feeling a little complex.

Shi Zhi’s next sentence was, “If you hadn’t been the boss, I would have hired you as my secretary. You are so capable at this job!”

Cheng Yu is definitely the boss’s favorite employee. Unfortunately, she probably can’t afford it even if she has money. After all, who would leave the boss to be her secretary?

The more Shi Zhi thought about it, the more pity she felt. It would be great if Cheng Yu was her secretary.

Cheng Yu: “…” Very good, he thinks too much.

His heart gradually returned to its normal frequency, and he said softly, “Actually, that’s okay.”

Shi Zhi said, “A little hungry.” She had already changed the topic to another direction and vaguely seemed to hear what Cheng Yu said.

“I’m sorry, can you repeat it? I didn’t hear it clearly.” She was also embarrassed.

Cheng Yu raised his head, “How about pancakes and fruit?”

Don’t be too hasty.

Eyes facing each other –

Shi Zhi said, “Yes!”

This is too awesome.

Do you want to order takeout for pancakes and fruit? No, Cheng Yu spent the money to buy pancakes and fruits and made a set of pancakes and fruits for Shi Zhi on the spot.

The taste is very good, and the technique is quite skillful.

Shi Zhi stood next to the pancake and fruit stall with her hands behind her back, staring curiously and calling him a good guy.

Can Cheng Yu even make pancakes and fruits?

Cheng Yu explains, “It’s not easy to be versatile in life.”

Sometimes, it tastes like Gardenia.


Huo Xing and his manager are waiting for an explanation from the program team.

Huo Xing was anxious, “The program team won’t really let us withdraw from the competition, right?”

The agent also comforted Huo Xing: “No.”

Immediately afterwards, the program director found them.

Exist? Their program team cannot do anything. Multiple cameras with multiple shoots are no longer possible for him, and a single room is impossible. If Huo Xing cannot accept it, then withdraw from the competition.

Of course, if you still want to participate, then don’t let the “fans” continue to make trouble.

Huo Xing and his agent: “…”

If you fail to become a monster, you will be forced to retire from the competition.

Play for real!

Huo Xing originally wanted to become famous through this show, and it was impossible for him to quit the competition. He said aggrievedly that he would restrain his fans. This was also expected by Shi Zhi. The Director of the program actually didn’t want Huo Xing to really do it. It would be better not to retreat. He wished he could grab Shi Zhi and lift her up.

Hail for Shi Zhi’s favor!

Of course, the program director only thought about it in his mind and did not dare to actually do it.

Huo Xing’s agent even asked the program director roundabout.

“After reaching a settlement, Shi Zhi shouldn’t pretend to be a fan online, right?”

Shi Zhi pretending to be a fan is like being a fan of Huo Xing. If she really pretends to be a fan of Huo Xing and talks like that in the conference room, Huo Xing doesn’t need to become famous, he can be slapped to death directly.

When the Director told Shi Zhi, Shi Zhi wondered, “Am I so boring?”

Yes, it depends on your mood. If you offend her, she can do it.

However, although Huo Xing stayed, maybe he felt that he had lost face, or maybe he wanted to prove that he was the show’s traffic controller, so his manager urgently told the program team.

“We can’t shoot anymore. Huo Xing’s old injury has recurred temporarily and he needs to go to the hospital for a check-up.”

It’s like that. After the previous commotion, everyone on the program team could see Huo Xing pretending. They couldn’t blame him or say anything to him. After all, his old injuries had recurred.


Shi Zhi commented privately.

“He should actually retire.”

What’s the point of not having these things?

“But it’s good, since he’s not here…there will be more shots of the other contestants.”

Congratulations to the other contestants for getting rid of this drama queen.

The Director of the program team didn’t know why he found Shi Zhi when something happened. After all, Shi Zhi was not from the program team… Maybe he just felt that Shi Zhi was safe and reliable.

The Director also expressed his concerns, “There are many Huo Xing fans.”

Shi Zhi: “The other hundred beautiful boys have greater power!”

“Okay, we are quite familiar with each other. If you have anything to say, just say it.”

The Director burst into tears and laughed: Hehehe.

He was actually thinking about whether Shi Zhi could appear on the screen. Originally, the Director planned to invite Shi Zhi to be his mentor, but later Shi Zhi didn’t come and recommended Lu Zeming.

Lu Zeming is indeed very strong. He can be counted among the young people in China in terms of dance, and the reviews are also very good. The Director feels that it is not a loss to find Lu Zeming. If this development continues, a large number of fans will be attracted if there is no accident.

But he still wants Shi Zhi to come out.

This hot-searched woman with a good physique.

Shi Zhi said she understood. After all, Huo Xing was angry with the show crew because of her. There were artists from her studio in the show, and she had invested in it. She definitely hoped that this project would get better and better.

Leave it to her.

Shi Zhi asked some netizens on Weibo what they thought and what they would like to see if she appeared on the show.

The smart Gardenia has already guessed it.

“Are you going to appear in The Strongest Ido?”

A day later, Shi Zhi went to the comment area to find the answer.

Seeing the top answer, Shi Zhi: You are indeed a shady netizen.

Then, she has nothing to fear.


One dares to comment, and the other dares to perform. Huo Xing’s absence from the next episode of “The Strongest Idol” has been revealed to fans.

He bought both hot searches and press releases. After all, a wheelchair can’t be bought for nothing. (?)

Huo Xing’s makeup in the wheelchair was haggard. His fans could only feel sorry for him. They went to confirm that Huo Xing could not record the next episode of the show due to injury and left a message on the program official’s V.

“Okay, I know that the stars will not appear in the next episode and will not contribute ratings and clicks to the program. “

“I hope Xingxing will recover quickly and watch the show any day.”

“The Strongest Idol may not care about our tens of millions of fans at all, hehe, I hope the show will receive huge ratings~.”

“Top-level Huo Xing is also paying attention to the data. He is in high spirits and does not look like a patient.

He directed his agent, “Look at the ratings?”

It should come out. He wants the program team to see clearly how important he is.

With strength and data, “The Strongest Idol” cannot be without him. After this episode, the program team will know his importance. Will they coax him back in a nice way?

He will have to take a good look at the shelf when the time comes.

Huo Xing was already fantasizing about the program director crying in front of him, which was so flattering.

The agent looked at the computer confusedly, breaking Huo Xing’s fantasy.

“The ratings…are high.”

“It was more than twice as high as the pilot episode. When Shi Zhi came on stage to play, the ratings were five times as high as yours.”

That’s not all.

Even the hot search is already on it.

Click on “The Strongest Idol” to watch Teacher Zhi play a spinning top online on stage.

Previously, Shi Zhi had no performances scheduled on “My Type of Youth”, but now she has arranged them on “The Strongest Idol”.

Huo Xing: ???

He danced and sang in the show but couldn’t compare to the outdated Shi Zhi spinning Top?


Data slapped Huo Xing.

Without the program director coming to him with tears in his eyes and begging him, Huo Xing still wasted an episode. Looking at the crazy increase in fans of the other contestants, Huo Xing regretted it endlessly.

He hurriedly called the Director of the program. He couldn’t wait for the program team to find him. Moreover, he doubted, would the program team really find him?

He was excited this time and said, “Director, my injury is almost healed. Can I go back… I don’t need to rest anymore. I know the show team is considerate of me, but I long for the stage. I can do three somersaults in a row. Prove it to you!”

“There is no need for an independent room. I have not had a nervous breakdown recently. I sleep very well. I love group life.”

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