[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 26. (2/2)

“Where’s to travel?” Xu Jia brought up old things again.

“No, I don’t like traveling.” Qi Yuan said meaningfully, “If I go out one day, it must be for my honeymoon.”

Xu Jia opened her mouth, but she didn’t have the nerve to hit him—this guy didn’t even have a girlfriend. She didn’t know how long it would take until he had a chance to have a honeymoon.

“I thought I finally got rich, so I wanted to return the favor.” Xu Jia was disappointed.

Qi Yuan looked indifferent and said, “I’m not short of money.” I’m just short of a wife.

“Okay.” Xu Jia could only give up.


The next day, Xu Jia slept until she woke up naturally. When she opened her eyes, she found that it was already past ten in the morning.

She sighed with emotion, “I don’t have to work overtime, my boss won’t suddenly call me to report, and I don’t have to worry about being so poor that I starve to death. Just glance at the account balance and you can feel what happiness is. Heaven!”

As soon as she got up, she cleaned up and went shopping happily.

She can order whatever she wants and won’t feel bad if she eats four or five hundred dollars in one meal.

She can buy whatever you want, including clothes worth over 1,000 yuan and shoes worth hundreds of dollars.

Go to the cinema to watch a movie on weekdays and enjoy the exclusive treatment.

She would have almost gotten a lipstick shade in every color if she hadn’t been sane. But even so, she had a great time shopping. And all this together only cost 10,000 yuan.

When Xu Jia returned home in the evening with a full load, she felt extremely satisfied and that her hard training was valuable. Money gave her not only confidence but also a sense of security.

When Xu Jia returned home, Qi Yuan was about to go out. After catching a glimpse of his childhood sweetheart’s appearance, He strongly suspected the girl had gone out for robbery.

After pampering herself and having fun all day, Xu Jia got up the next day and threw herself into hard training again. But this time, she no longer forced herself but combined work with rest and arranged her time reasonably.

After all, the force value is slightly low, and the IQ can make up for it. But she sprained her leg and became semi-crippled, almost losing in competitive games.

Time flies; seven days have passed, and a new round of the game is about to begin.

Xu Jia sat on a chair and calmly waited for the game to load.

Soon, the login was successful.

Xu Jia glanced around and found her sitting in a school classroom. It’s just…the surrounding atmosphere is a bit gloomy.

Big golden characters appeared on the wall one by one, explaining the game’s rules.

“Welcome to the ‘Infinite Variety game.”

“This round of the game is ‘Ghost Special’, with a total of eight players. Among them, you are player No. 2.”

“Ghosts and gods are hiding in the deserted campus. Please eliminate the seven players except you.

“Note 1: You are a coward and will be eliminated if you scream. (Speaking when the sound reaches 60 decibels is screaming).”

“Note 2: Ghosts and gods each have their own weaknesses. Reminder cards recording the weaknesses of ghosts and gods are scattered throughout the campus.”

“Note 3: Only by correctly attacking the weaknesses of ghosts and gods can they be eliminated.”

“Please work hard to find the prompt cards and be careful to avoid attacks from other players. The last player left will win the final victory.”

“The game will officially start in ten minutes, players please be prepared.”

Then there are the winning rewards.

[If you win this round of the game, you will personally receive a cash reward of 400,000.]

[After testing, you are a lv2 player. All bonuses you get in this round of games will be given a 10% bonus. (That is, the winning bonus is 400,000, and the actual amount after victory is 440,000)]

“My character is a coward. If I scream, will I be eliminated?” Xu Jia touched her chin and pondered, “Then if I don’t speak in this round of the game, won’t I be invincible?”

But then she thought about it and felt something was wrong: “If I meet someone I know, if I don’t speak, isn’t it obvious there’s something wrong?”

“The reminder card records the weaknesses of ghosts and gods. she doesn’t know if the corresponding serial numbers of ghosts and gods will also be recorded.”

“A fright attack is fine. Anyway, I’m brave and I’m not afraid of being scared. But what if it’s a pain attack? What if I can’t help but scream?”

After much thought, she couldn’t find a suitable solution. Xu Jia couldn’t help but feel distressed, “This time the game is a bit troublesome.”

She might be eliminated if she gets a little excited or raises her voice a little.

But if she remained silent and pretended to be mute, others would quickly react after finding the cue card – she was the one who couldn’t scream, and they would then take targeted attacks.

Suddenly, Xu Jia was in a dilemma.

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