Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 17. (2/2)

Lu Ya didn’t think much and immediately replied: “Two times, what do you think?”

Gu Fan smiled: “Okay, okay, the young commander is really a good person.”

As a strong person who can bully the weak at will, Lu Ya is really good at treating her like this. Just now, she was afraid that Lu Ya would open his mouth and ask her to join the army ten or even a hundred times in one breath.

Gu Fan only went there twice and stayed with the relatively safe rear medical team. This not only repaid Lu Ya’s favor without offending him, but it also satisfied Gu Fan.

She was in a good mood, and her joy showed on her face.

Several words appeared in Lu Ya’s mind: timid, irritable, cunning, and innocent.

Some apparently contradictory characteristics can appear in her at the same time.

No matter what, he plotted against her.

Holding the steering wheel with one hand, Lu Ya took out a dark-wrapped gift box from the space while paying attention to his surroundings and handed it to her: “Thank you for joining me, some snacks, let’s pass the time on the way.”

Gu Fan already knew their words. He took the gift box and saw that the snack inside seemed to be called chocolate.

She opened the box, and a special aroma wafted out. Inside the box, there were many small bags. Gu Fan picked up a bag and tore it open to see the long snacks inside. She licked them carefully first.

It seems very sweet.

Gu Fan took a bite. Well, it had a mellow taste that she had never tasted before.

Since it was to kill time, Gu Fan ate one piece at a time, eating five pieces in a row while still tearing the packaging.

Lu Ya believed even more that she was a retail investor.

“Chocolate is high in calories, so it’s best not to eat too much at one time.”

Gu Fan stopped biting the chocolate, tilted her head and asked him: “What does calorie mean?”

Lu Ya: “It just contains a lot of sugar and fat. If you eat more, you will easily gain weight.”

Gu Fan understood a little bit. Anyway, just like those lunch boxes, they contained many things that were useless to the human body, but this was too simple for her. She could eliminate them by practicing at night.

“That’s okay, I’m not afraid of getting fat.” Gu Fan continued to eat.

Lu Ya didn’t look at her, but her golden proportions came to mind. He just didn’t know if she could maintain her golden proportions if she developed the habit of eating chocolate.


Four days later, the two returned to the base in the afternoon.

Lu Ya drove her to the villa of Xinghe and others.

The door to the villa was still closed, and Gu Fan couldn’t wait to get in. He unbuckled her seat belt and was about to get out of the car.

Lu Ya sat in the driver’s seat and did not move. He only asked: “I promised to take you to visit Modern Pharmaceuticals before. Do you still want to go?”

Gu Fan paused as she pushed the door open, then turned around and asked, “You must be quite busy, right? Can Xinghe and the others take me there?”

Lu Ya: “They can only take you to visit some free and open museums. Pharmaceutical companies will not allow outsiders to enter, and the military scientific research base is even less likely to give you a chance.”

Gu Fan understood. She wanted to visit Modern Pharmaceutical, so she could only follow Lu Ya.

“I want to go, when do you have time?”

Lu Ya: “Are you in a hurry?”

Gu Fan was not in a hurry; she still had some chores to do next.

Lu Ya: “Today is June 18th, and I have to go back and forth to An City, so let’s set it on the 30th of this month. I will contact you when I get back.”

Gu Fan had almost forgotten about the black snake in An City. Hearing that Lu Ya really had to go because of the box of chocolates, Gu Fan kindly reminded him: “The black snake looks better than Wind Bear.” It’s much more difficult to deal with. Isn’t your grandpa also an S-level warrior? You go together; it’s safer if there is more than one person.”

Lu Ya: “The old man has to guard the base. If he leaves the base, it must be for something more serious.”

Gu Fan: “Then who are you going to take?”

There are only five S-class warriors in the Jiangnan base. Except for Lu Ya, the remaining three are marshals of the other three armies. They are all in their fifties or sixties. Can Lu Ya, a young man, impress them?

Gu Fan was afraid that Lu Ya would act impulsively and die outside.

With one more S-class strongman, Jiangnan Base will be safer. When Jiangnan Base is safe, she can sit back and relax.

For his own sake, Gu Fan also hoped that Lu Ya would live well.

However, before Lu Ya could answer, Fenghuo and Meng Lianying ran out from inside like monkeys. When he saw Lu Ya’s car, Fenghuo rushed to the passenger seat window and looked inside wide-eyed.

Lu Ya looked at Gu Fan as she was getting out of the car.

Gu Fan had no choice but to tell him to be careful, open the door, and get out of the car.

“Fan Fan, why are you back so late? How are you, are you not injured?”

“With my cousin here, how can Fan Fan be hurt?”

After Meng Lianying finished fighting Fenghuo, he wanted to say hello to his cousin in the car. Unexpectedly, before his hands touched the car’s body, the off-road vehicle suddenly drove away, causing him to almost fall down while holding the air!

“Hey, someone’s flattery seems to have been in vain!”

Meng Lianying kicked Fenghuo, but Fenghuo quickly avoided it.

Gu Fan looked at the two people chasing and fighting and finally felt safe again.

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