Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 17. (1/2)

A flashy luxury car was scrapped. Lu Ya released the off-road vehicle again. Of course, this time, he was the driver.

Gu Fan sat next to him with a heavy heart.

Lu Ya concentrated on driving as if nothing happened just now.

Gu Fan looked out the window and settled her accounts silently.

The storage jade bracelet also contains a batch of medicines. If she raises the price of all of them, earning one million merit points may not be difficult.

But she couldn’t expose the jade storage bracelet, so in the eyes of Meng Lianying, Lu Ya and others, she had, at most, a small amount of elixirs hidden on her body. She could only make money by relying on the herbs she brought back this time.

Thanks to Lu Ya, she also harvested twelve A-level monsters during this trip. The crystal cores and internal organs were kept for herself. The remaining leather armor was sold for about 200,000 points plus the merit points for killing the A-level beasts.?

After settling the accounts, Gu Fan stopped being a coward and said to Lu Ya: “I’m sorry, I drove too fast and you lost your car, but don’t worry, I will definitely compensate you for the original price. It’s just me. When I first arrived at the base, the only valuable things in my hand were the batch of A-level monster corpses you gave me. When I get back to the base, I will exchange them for merit points. I will pay you back part of it first, and I will pay you back slowly after my pharmacy opens. Can I?”

Lu Ya suddenly stopped the car.

Gu Fan looked at him, puzzled.

Lu Ya glanced at her and said, “After our trip to An City, I thought you and I were already friends.”

Gu Fan: ……

The two had not talked much except for the disputes over healing, collecting medicine, and exploring the bottom of the lake. Are they friends?

However, an S-level strong man and the creditor were willing to be friends with her. Gu Fan quickly showed a flattered expression: “I am so weak that I don’t dare to climb high.”

Lu Ya: “Making friends only depends on whether you are compatible, and it has nothing to do with your strength.”

Gu Fan lowered her head and silently recalled where she fell in love with Lu Ya.

The man’s right hand suddenly stretched out and displayed the screen of his communication bracelet in front of her eyes. Gu Fan looked closer and found that Lu Ya had opened his merit point account. There was a long string of numbers on the account. Gu Fan counted hundreds of millions. He gave up and looked at Lu Ya enviously.

Lu Ya retracted his arm and said: “I can’t remember how many monsters I have killed. The merit points gained from killing monsters and military achievements are added together, which is the number you just saw, so can you compensate me one million? I don’t care.”

Gu Fan didn’t believe it and questioned in a low voice: “Since you don’t care, the car broke down just now. Why do you look like that?”

Lu Ya tilted his head, looked at her and said, “The things you love have nothing to do with the price. For example, the snow lotus on the top of the mountain. If I accidentally step on one and break one, what will happen to you?”

Gu Fan would feel distressed. Such a tenacious and precious flower would at least have some meaning in refining it into medicine. It would be a waste of resources to waste it in vain.

Then, she also understood why Lu Ya regretted that car.

“I’m sorry.” She apologized again, sincerely.

Lu Ya gave a rare smile: “It doesn’t matter. Please pay attention to your speed when driving in the future.”

After talking about this matter, Lu Ya continued to drive.

Gu Fan thought about it but still felt sorry. Although Lu Ya didn’t take one million seriously, it was a huge favor for him to exempt her from responsibility. Gu Fan didn’t like to owe favors, even if the two were friends; she didn’t want to be the kind of friend who could easily pass a huge sum of money to someone else.

Moreover, Gu Fan doesn’t think Lu Ya considers her a friend. He doesn’t look like someone who likes to make friends.

“I still want to make it up to you. Before grandpa sent me to the base, he always told me to be careful to protect myself. I shouldn’t let my good intentions get into trouble, but I also shouldn’t take advantage of others and benefit myself.”

After thinking about it, Gu Fan calls out “Grandpa” again.

Seeing her serious look, Lu Ya thought and said, “Since you insist, I accept your compensation. However, the merit points are of no use to me, so I want to change the compensation method.”

Gu Fan: “Say.”

Lu Ya: “After returning to the base, I will join forces with the military experts to kill the S-class basilisk first. By mid-July, our Lu Family Army will go to An City to clear out the monster. Everyone in the Lu Family Army is an elite, and I want to do my best to save the lives of every soldier. It was also out of this consideration that I invited you to be my accompanying physician.”

Along with his narration, Gu Fan’s guilt for him slowly disappeared.

A young man of twenty-seven years old dared to come and play tricks in front of her.

If Lu Ya hadn’t mentioned this, Gu Fan might not have been able to tell. Gu Fan connected Lu Ya’s reactions before and after the accident as soon as he mentioned it. He deliberately brought out a flashy luxury car for her to drive, deliberately allowed her to go fast, pretended to be napping at critical moments to cause the accident, and then deliberately pretended to be generous, using retreat to advance, intending to use favors to induce her to accept his invitation.

Gu Fan kept the apology on her face and said in surprise: “You still want me to be your accompanying physician?”

Lu Ya shook his head and looked at her meaningfully: “You are too cowardly. I don’t want to force others into trouble.”

Gu Fan suddenly couldn’t see through him again.

Lu Ya continued: “The army has a specialized rear medical team. The members of the rear medical team are all C-level wood-type superpowers and ordinary military doctors. They do not have to go to the front lines to fight monsters. They are only responsible for treating injured soldiers who are brought down. I would like to ask you to join the Lu Family Army’s medical team, you only need to go out with the army once a year. Once you return to the base, you can move freely without being restricted by the army. “

Gu Fan: “The medical team at the rear really don’t have to fight monsters?”

Lu Ya: “No, A-level and B-level wooden medical personnel will be on the front line to treat soldiers at any time. C-level personnel have poor attack power and poor healing ability, so they are more suitable to stay in the rear. Moreover, we will also stay in the rear. Enough troops to ensure that monsters cannot invade.”

Gu Fan didn’t believe in any guarantees. As long as she went out, there would be risks.

But Lu Ya didn’t hesitate to take advantage of her wood power. Gu Fan was a little worried. If she continued to refuse, Lu Ya would be embarrassed and promised to replace the toast with a fine wine.

“Okay, I promise you, but I’m really afraid of taking risks. Can we negotiate a number of times to accompany the army? After that, I won’t have to go again.” Gu Fan looked at Lu Ya with pleading eyes.

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