[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 25. (1/2)

Spy Special

“Where are they now?” Qi Yuan continued to ask.

“In the corner next to the stairs on the first floor, they are waiting for me to lure the people from the black team to go there one by one.” After a pause, Xu Jia asked, “How are you doing?”

“There are currently three remaining people, No. 1, No. 3, and No. 5, all of whom are adult males. But apart from me, the other two level 2s have average physical fitness and probably lack of exercise.” Qi Yuan introduced the situation.

Xu Jia felt regretful, “If I had known earlier, I would have come here to inform you earlier. It would be great if No. 7 had stayed, and could be used to deal with No. 4 and No. 6.”

“Calm down.” Qi Yuan reassured me, “I’m here.”

Xu Jia tried to imagine the scene where Qi Yuan and No. 4 would fight, but she found that she couldn’t predict the outcome. One has brute strength, the other has practiced technique, and neither can win.

When the two exchanged information, Player No. 8 finally realized that no one was on his left side.

God-given opportunity!

He felt excited, opened the box, and ran outside. Unexpectedly, he didn’t look at the road when he turned and ended up bumping into someone. The two of them knocked their heads together, and both felt dizzy.

The guy from the black team didn’t care about anything else and shouted loudly, “There’s a guy from the white team here! Come over and help!”

Not good! The others have help! No. 8 stood up in a hurry and wanted to escape quickly.

The guy from Team Black refused to let him go, so he jumped up and started fighting with No. 8.

The two have similar powers, and neither can do anything to the other. As a result, their clothes were messy, and their faces were dirty, but no one was eliminated.

Fortunately, No. 5 from the black team hurried over at this time. He helped hold down No. 8’s flailing arms, and No. 3 turned him over with all his strength and finally caught No. 8’s name strip.

When the name strip was opened, No. 3 immediately fell down from exhaustion, paralyzed on the ground and breathing heavily.

The announcement sounded, “White team player No. 8 is OUT, White team player No. 8 is OUT.”

After hearing the broadcast, Qi Yuan and Xu Jia looked at each other.

Qi Yuan said slowly, “I have an idea…”


After a while, Qi Yuan returned to his friends in the black team.

No. 3 was still paralyzed on the ground, speechless.

No. 5 couldn’t help but be concerned, “Why was No. 7 eliminated?”

Qi Yuan shook his head and looked sad, “He said that separate searches are more efficient. As long as teammates are close, there will be enough time to support each other. Unexpectedly, no sound was made not long after leaving, and the people were gone!” “

“When I heard the OUT broadcast and hurried over, I didn’t see anyone.”

“Speaking of which, No. 7 died unjustly.”

“You were torn apart before you could ask for help…” No. 5 swallowed, feeling very unsafe. He tried to discuss, “There are only six people left on the field. Let’s act together. If we separate, we will be easily caught.”

Just now, he cooperated with No. 3 and spent a lot of effort to eliminate No. 8. We’re going to separate; why do we go out and die one by one?

After pondering for a moment, Qi Yuan agreed, “Okay, let’s go together.”

The three of them rested for a while, then gathered together and moved forward.

As he walked, Qi Yuan warned his teammates in the black team, “If you encounter a difficult opponent, you can go up together and hold him down. You don’t have to tear people apart, just delay as much as possible.”

No. 3 quickly understood, “Provide you with an environment for duel?”

Qi Yuan nodded: “That’s right.”

“No problem.” No. 3 and No. 5 agreed readily.

In games, people with big fists always have the right to speak. Qi Yuan has the highest force value, so at this time, he vaguely looks like the captain of the black team.

When the order is reasonable, No. 3 and No. 5 will obey his instructions.

On the other side, Xu Jia rushed back to report the bad news, looking extremely sad, “Oh no! No. 8 is out! There are only three of us left in the white team.”

No. 4 was furious and asked angrily, “Didn’t I ask you to lure the black team players over? Where are the people?”

“I didn’t meet the lone black team player, but I saw No. 8 being surrounded. I wanted to rescue him, but my effort failed to rescue him and almost got me in.” Xu Jia looked distressed.

God knows she has never met No. 8. But when she said this now, she seemed particularly loyal! Risking your own life to save your teammates! His teammates’ failure to complete the task entrusted to him was entirely due to reasons.

“Silly, so stupid!” No. 4 couldn’t help shaking his head, but he didn’t say who was stupid or where the stupidity came from. He might also think that everyone else was stupid…

“What’s going on with the black team? Are the players good?” No. 6 said suddenly.

Xu Jia looked solemn and said seriously, “The three survivors of the black team are all male players, young and middle-aged, but as thin as a bamboo pole, they don’t look difficult to deal with.”

No. 4 poked his teammates with his elbow and chuckled, “Do you think all players are like us and are gym instructors by profession? Salary workers generally lack exercise and are as weak as chickens. They can be picked up with one hand.”

Gym instructor? Xu Jia suddenly realized that it was no wonder the two were muscular and exercised frequently.

“Be careful, and you won’t make a big mistake.” No. 6 solemnly said, ” To win more winning bonuses, players may quit their real jobs and conduct special training. They have to be on guard.”

No. 4 sneered, “How many players are there like this? The winning rate must be very high to have the courage to quit your job. Besides, the effect will not be obvious after just one or two months of training. You have to persist for at least half a year.”

Xu Jia, who quit her job and has maintained a winning streak since training until she sprained her foot, didn’t want to talk.

However, No. 4 became increasingly enthusiastic: “Think about it. If you use up all the bonus money for special physical training and fail to win the competition in the end, wouldn’t it mean that all the money is wasted? What if you end up losing your job? That would be even worse!”

“It makes sense.” No. 6 nodded in approval.


No. 4 wanted to continue saying something, but Xu Jia interrupted and reminded, “The game is not over yet. People from the black team may be looking for us, and they may rush over at any time.”

The implication is that now is not the time for small talk.

“Just come. Are you afraid of them?” No. 4 snorted coldly. I’ll show you later what defeating ten with one force means!”

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