[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 22. (1/2)

The Beautiful Three Musketeers

No. 6 was unsure how his teammates were looking at him, and he continued to analyze with great interest: “Based on the current situation, consecutive serial numbers will become partners. In other words, the No. 2 and No. 3 teams eliminated, we two are a team, No. 7 and No. 8 are a team.”

“If there are two male players on the other team, then eliminate them first. If it’s a combination of men and women, then act according to the situation and it doesn’t matter who is eliminated.”

Then, No. 6 emphasized, “What needs to be noted is that you should try to avoid the sharp edges and never be the one who takes the limelight, lest you be besieged by the other four people.”

Xiao Yin nodded repeatedly as if she was listening carefully, but in fact, she didn’t care at all. There were so many thoughts in her mind, and all she could think about was other things.

When should she attack No. 6 and give him a surprise?

She really wants to see his stunned expression.

How about waiting a little longer? Should she use him to deal with the other two male players first and then send him out after losing his use value?

Xiao Yin thought a lot but still had a well-behaved and obedient look on her face, “I will do whatever the boss says.”

No. 6 wants to entrust important responsibilities to his teammates and discuss major plans together. But when he was about to speak, he looked at Xiao Yin with a particularly complicated expression. Should he just let it go on his own? What if he trusts the wrong person and his plan fails?

“Have you thought of a plan?” Xiao Yin raised her face and asked.

No words for a long time. After a long time, No. 6 sighed and said melancholy, “Let’s adapt to the situation.” It seemed that everything was left unsaid.

“Okay.” Xiao Yin agreed seriously on her face, but she was complaining wildly in her heart. How dare you despise her with such an IQ? Where does the courage come from!

“Let’s go, go find the survivors first and inquire about the situation.” No. 6 said.

Xiao Yin thought, never mind! Later, she deliberately let No. 6 walk in front and then shot him as a surprise. Anyway, after No. 6 is eliminated, there are three Musketeers and two opponents left in the game, and she can win even if she faces the enemy head-on!

Unexpectedly, she had just made up her mind when a figure suddenly jumped out from the corner, aiming directly at the name strip behind No. 6.

She rushed over, aimed and shot, soaked the name strip with solution, and completed the whole set of actions in one go—within five seconds!

Someone screamed. But it’s not Victim No. 6, but Xiao Yin, “He is my prey!!!”

Xiao Yin never expected that the prey she was targeting would be eliminated first. She couldn’t send No. 6 out with her own hands. She was filled with regret and annoyance, and she wanted to kick someone else in the face!

Why is this person so annoying!! Xiao Yin was filled with grief and anger.

Annoying ghost—Xu Jia showed approval and praised, “Yes, you are good at attracting attention.” Thanks to Xiao Yin talking to No. 6, she succeeded in the sneak attack.

Xiao Yin felt so aggrieved that she didn’t care about someone’s compliment at all.

Number 6, being fought over by two women “…”

He didn’t feel happy at all but looked confused. He couldn’t even understand why his friend and the sneak attacker were having a good conversation, but they ignored him.

Even until he disappeared, his friend didn’t even look at him. Instead, he chased the attacker and asked if she had anything.

“Player No. 6 is OUT, player No. 6 is OUT.” A routine announcement was broadcast.

“There are only two opponents left.” At some point, Si Hai came over.

At this point, after the game started, the three beautiful Musketeers successfully reunited for the first time. However, at this time, the opponent has been disabled…

“Well, if No. 7 and No. 8 are eliminated, the game will be over.” Xu Jia agreed.

The game has ended, and it is no longer important whether it is covered up.

Xiao Yin raised her hand, “Can I ask, who did you eliminate?”

She was not very clear about her friend’s great achievements and wanted to learn more about them.

“I did no 4, 11, and 12.” Si Hai said calmly, “The sneak attack on No. 11 hinted at No. 4’s teammates to help contain No. 12. After No. 12 is eliminated, No. 4 will be sent out.”

“6, 9, and 10 are my masterpieces.”

Xu Jia tapped Xiao Yin lightly with her index finger, “Seduction.”

Point to her again, “Shoot.”

Xiao Yin silently sighed in her heart. What a cruel teammate.

Si Hai wrinkled her nose and protested, “Isn’t it right? It’s all your fault that No. 1 was eliminated!”

“It’s nothing.” Xu Jia denied it without thinking.

“You just said a few words to him and you tricked him to death.” Si Hai didn’t believe it at all. “You didn’t even have to do it yourself. Someone took the initiative to help with the cooking.”

Xu Jia: “…”

Something doesn’t sound right, but it seems impossible to refute it? The mystery makes sense.

“What do you want from the cooperation of the Three Musketeers?” Xiao Yin muttered angrily, “In my opinion, just one of you two can clear out all the targets.”

She once naively thought that female players were at an absolute disadvantage in 3vs9. But later, she discovered that numbers didn’t mean anything. The number of prey is limited, so you have to fight to kill it.

“I can indeed clear the target by myself, but it takes too much effort.” Xu Jia said sternly, “Division of labor and cooperation are good. It can save a lot of trouble.”

Of course, the available resources must be used.

This person is serious! God knows if she was actually joking! Xiao Yin was a little confused.

“Let’s go and eliminate the last two people.” Xu Jia waved her hand and took the lead.

Just looking at her posture, Xiao Yin almost thought that there were thousands of troops behind this person, so she was very confident.

Si Hai also said, “It’s time to end the game.” After that, she quickly followed.

Xiao Yin was speechless and had to follow closely.

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