[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 20. (2/2)

The Beautiful Three Musketeers

Xiao Yin really wanted to say if you are not afraid of death, go and see if the coalition forces looking for you will take the opportunity to stab you in the back. It’s best to end all internal strife!

At the critical moment, she caught sight of something from the corner of her eye. I saw a hand reaching out and waving on the second-floor balcony not far away. The wrist is very white, very thin, and very small. At first glance, it belongs to the girl. In addition, a blue square scarf was tied around her wrist, which made her look even more eye-catching.

Xiao Yin: “…”

Balcony sniper? She suddenly remembered some bad memories.

Xiao Yin’s companion, player No. 6, slowly said, “I think cooperation is possible.” While saying this, he grabbed Xiao Yin (No. 5) ‘s shoulders and signaled the latter to stop talking.

Xiao Yin shut her mouth tightly. She was not worried about her teammates but about how to lure the black team into taking the bait.

“You are still well-informed.” No. 9 praised. At the same time, he glanced at Xiao Yin intentionally or unintentionally, with a hint of disdain that “a woman’s hair is long but her knowledge is short.”

Xiao Yin was not angry because she felt that she did not need to care about the dying person. Aren’t you rushing to form an alliance? Then, she would happily send Team Black to die.

She glanced at No. 6, showing helplessness, and compromised, “Find a private place to talk.”

No. 10 nodded with deep understanding, “That makes sense. This place is connected in all directions, and people might jump out of nowhere. Let’s go and talk in the corner.”

So Xiao Yin took the initiative to lead the way and led the black team to a hidden corner diagonally below the balcony.

It is worth mentioning that the balcony is not equipped with guardrails but walls. Xu Jia squatted down, half-crouching. From a distance, it was impossible to tell that anyone was hiding on the balcony.

No. 9 and No. 10 were wary of a sudden sneak attack by the white team, but they never thought that the threat might come from above.

“What kind of cooperation method?” No. 6 was very interested in joining forces and couldn’t help asking immediately.

“Encircle and suppress the red team and the yellow team!” No. 9 said decisively. Then, he talked eloquently, describing his thoughts in detail.

Xiao Yin did not focus on the conversation but on observing where everyone was standing. She and No. 6 faced the balcony, and even if there were attacks from above, their strip’s name could not be hit. To guard against them, the black team stood in a very good position with their backs facing the balcony!

Xiao Yin said that even if she misunderstood, it didn’t matter that the person hiding her whereabouts on the balcony was a member of the Three Musketeers. It’s good for everyone; just eliminate the black team as soon as possible; it’s an eyesore.

Xu Jia lived up to the expectations of her friends.

“biu~biu~” twice, the black team members were taken away in a wave.

Halfway through the words, No. 9 raised his head blankly. He seems very confused about why it rains in the game.

“Fuck! There’s someone on the balcony!” Then, No. 10 roared.

Xu Jia poked her head out from the balcony and waved to the four people downstairs, who were in a good mood.

Xiao Yin’s eyelids twitched. The sight in front of her was so intense that she couldn’t help but think of her past self and reach for the water gun.

“Blue team?” No. 6 looked solemn and narrowed his eyes.

But before he could think about it, a scream suddenly sounded——

“Someone is sniping! Run!” As she said this, Xiao Yin grabbed her companion’s arm and ran away.

No. 6 was stunned, and then a strong force came, and he was dragged away.

The broadcast sounded like this: “Player No. 9 is OUT, player No. 9 is OUT. Player No. 10 is OUT, player No. 10 is OUT.”

Well done! Xu Jia silently praised her friend in her heart and then quickly evacuated.

After running for a long time, No. 6 finally came to his senses. He suddenly shook Xiao Yin away and smiled, “What are you afraid of? The person ambushing on the balcony is a girl, and she is level 1. There are two of us, both level 2. Why should we run away?”

“Yeah…” Xiao Yin blinked, looking innocent as if she just remembered it, and explained, “I was so scared, I forgot about it.”

No. 6 was shocked and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you really lv2? How did you get to such a high level?”

“In the previous team competition, there was a big boss who could be hugged.” Xiao Yin lied without batting an eye.

number 6: “……”

So, was the powerful teammate he thought he was matched with actually a vase?

“I will definitely not run away next time!” Xiao Yin vowed.

“Haha.” No. 6 wanted to cry.

Xiao Yin smiled brightly, but she thought in her heart that in order to pretend to be stupid and cause destruction, she had to try her best!

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