Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #73

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Chapter 73

Shi Zhi wore glass slippers and rode a pumpkin carriage to the ball, still wearing a sparkling pink dress.

In terms of pink, netizens who have raised Xiao Shi Zhi have a special liking for it.

The organizer has previously informed the audience and guests that the dance has many endings and that everything is possible.

NPCs perform according to the setting thinking, and even the director does not know what collisions will occur.


Six guests gathered at the door.

“What ending do you think we will achieve?” Zhou Changxing asked the others with a smile.

He is the oldest among the six. Originally, he wanted to avoid participating in this variety show. Still, he also wanted to experience more young and novel things. After much hesitation, he participated under the persuasion of his manager.

After this period of time, Zhou Changxing still found it quite interesting.

Zhao Qian made a reasonable analysis, “The best outcome for the female guest is that she may be favored by the prince and become a princess, while the male guest may be a minister…”

In fact, this is not only Zhao Qian’s guess but also the guess of netizens.

Lu Dajun was chatting with Shi Zhi. He called Shi Zhi, “Queen Shi Zhi, I think you are likely to become the princess.”

Shi Zhi shook her head, “Princess Lu, that’s not necessarily the case.”

Lu Dajun was still chattering there, “I counted on my fingers and thought I was probably a national advisor… Is there a national advisor in the West?”

This is not important. Aircraft carriers and spaceships have appeared in the “Sunflower Collection,” so what logic is there?

In fact, Lu Dajun was taken away by the guards as soon as he entered the dance.

Lu Dajun: “Why?!”

He has done something wrong to treat him like this.

The guests also did not expect that Lu Dajun would face “execution.”

King: “I hate wizards. Wizards are representatives of evil.” He is the king; he has the final say.

Lu Dajun: ???

Emotionally speaking, his identity was a mistake from the beginning.

Lu Dajun was taken away, and Shi Zhi waved towards Lu Dajun with pity in her eyes.

Take care of yourself.

We have already reached the end. The cartoon villain cannot be resurrected like Shi Zhi before, and Lu Dajun’s ending is to die.

And Shi Zhi is indeed what Lu Dajun and Gardenia guessed –

The prince, whose plot is determined by procedures, fell in love with Shi Zhi at first sight.

“From the moment I saw you, I felt that you were my sweetheart…”

The prince’s appearance is pretty good, with blond hair and blue eyes.

The old mother (old father) who raised the cub squint their eyes for a while: Well, the cub is not worthy of them.

In fact, everyone doesn’t care about the appearance of the paper man—it doesn’t matter if he’s a mosaic. What they care about is the identity he represents! It’s just so realistic.

The barrage has been posted.

[Congratulations to Xiao Shi for achieving the status of princess; Xiao Shii is awesome!]

[Ah ah ah, the princess turned into a princess; I have been working hard to walk and run these days; it’s worth it! (Although it was worth it at the beginning. I lost several pounds, and it was much more efficient than when I was clamoring to lose weight before.)]

[Princess Shi Zhi]

Seeing that Shi Zhi’s ending is about to be achieved, it is still a high achievement and a happy ending.

Facing the prince who expressed his affection, Shi Zhi said, “Is it true?” “I don’t believe it.”

Prince NPC:?

Shi Zhi had deep doubts about how he could feel that she was his sweetheart as soon as he saw her. Shi Zhi elaborated, “You don’t know me at all.”

The director of the program was also confused by Shi Zhi’s continuous questions. He said emotionally that this princess is still a badass.

Shi Zhi: She is not an arrogant person; she is talking about facts.

The prince NPC has already started talking according to the set lines.

Prince: “I understand, you are kind and beautiful…”

Shi Zhi hit the nail on the head: “You don’t like me, you just lust after my body.”

The theory of the greedy body, although it is late, has arrived.

Prince NPC:!

Who will save him? Why did Shi Zhi say such rude words? How should he answer? He is going to cause trouble!

The paper man couldn’t stand it either. The guests and staff burst into laughter.

I want to give Shi Zhi a thumbs up.

Netizens were confused by Shi Zhi’s words, but those who raised Shi Zhi followed Shi Zhi’s train of thought, and the more they looked at it, the more they thought it was a matter of greed.

The program director was also puzzled as to what Shi Zhi was going to do.

No longer a princess?

The prince’s patience has a limit, and the king’s patience also has a limit. With a wave of his hand, the king is about to make Shi Zhi suffer the same fate as the wizard Lu Dajun.

Shi Zhi spoke.

“Why hasn’t it happened yet?”

This doubt appeared on the head of the cartoon villain, as well as two red apples.

Everyone: …the apple looks a bit familiar. Could it be that Lu Dajun gave it to Shi Zhi as a friendly gift to fill her stomach, but it is actually poisonous [you will know how poisonous the wizard’s special apple is after just one bite]?


At the beginning of the dance, Shi Zhi did one thing. She quietly cut the poison apple open and put it on the fruit plate in front of the prince and the king. She also saw the two important leaders of this “dynasty” eat it with her own eyes.

It feels like it should work. If it doesn’t work, it may be a problem with Apple itself.

There is no problem with poisonous apples. They are really poisonous.

The two paper figures, the king and the prince, fell down with a sound, and two little Apples appeared above their heads.

Shi Zhi’s move shocked the entire audience.

She actually killed the king and the prince!

Shi Zhi, wearing a gorgeous pink dress, said to the fallen prince, “I just said you don’t understand me.”

Kindness and pureness, she is not a good person.

Wear the pinkest clothes and do the wildest things.

Shi Zhi looked at where the king was sitting before, “I want to be the queen.”

Why do you want to be a princess? Queen, doesn’t it smell good?



Program team:!

Lying in a big trough.

Cheng Yu didn’t feel too surprised. This was Shi Zhi’s character.

The two main people in power have been poisoned to death by the poisoned apple. The apple is really exciting, not a fake apple.

Seeing that a palace riot was about to start, the other four guests looked left and right to see if they were going to do something. After all, we were all together.

Zhou Changxing felt that Shi Zhi was a bit hasty. After all, they were at a ball held by the king. Even if the king and the prince were inadvertently poisoned, there would still be guards.

There is no need for them to appear when some guards express their intention to capture Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi stretched out his hand to stop them, saying that he had something to say.

“Let me discuss something with you.”

“Follow me, you’ll get five insurances and one housing fund, triple your salary, have weekends off on Saturdays and Sundays, include food and accommodation, and annual leave… how about it?”

Due to the efforts of netizens, Shi Zhi’s small treasury on the show has already become number one. She is considered the richest man in this dynasty. Offering such conditions to the guards is not difficult.

Although everyone followed Shi Xiaozhi’s example of accumulating wealth, the prince chose this path.

The guards thought for a moment. They were still looking [shocked] and [angry] in their heads, but now their faces suddenly changed.

Everyone is happy.

Such an immediate boss is much better than the king. Everyone can see who is getting the best deal.

Netizen: Can you have some opinions of your own?

But they thought about it, what kind of magical new boss is this? If it were them, they would also rebel.

Zhou Changxing is also very good at pushing the boat with the flow. He has already shouted decently, “Your Majesty the Queen.”

As an actor, he can act anytime and anywhere, which is not easy for him.

The original palace incident was successfully resolved due to Shi Zhi’s operation. Geng Can asked Shi Zhi.

“What if they are determined to avenge the king?”

Shi Zhi told Geng Can, “I have an aircraft carrier, a spaceship, and artillery shells outside.”

Shi Zhi wanted cannonballs in addition to the previous two things. No one thought much about it at the time. Who knew it would be like this?

If you fail to persuade them to surrender, then use force to attack!

Simple and crude but easy to use.

The netizens who raised Shi Zhi were stunned. All day long, they shouted at the mini version of Shi Zhi, “Mom loves you,” and so on. The current Xiao Shi is still cute, but what do they think –

Shi Zhi is their mother.

But soon, a crown symbol appeared on Shi Zhi’s head.

If you like it, I’ll give it to you.

Players who developed Shi Zhi: ???

Did Xiao Shi tell them? They seem to be able to do it!

Previously, other guests also gave gifts and flowers to their cub-raising players, and Geng Can even performed a girl group dance.

Players who raise Shi Zhi are actually not envious. They don’t engage in comparison. Watching Shi Zhi busy back and forth in the early stages is already very healing. Later, Shi Zhi’s fishing and catwalks are also very happy.

But they never expected that their own cub would eventually give them such a big gift!

Throne, is it okay?

[This gift is too expensive.]

[Ah ah ah, why is my Xiao Shi so promising? She is so cute!]

[Quickly take a screenshot and post it on WeChat Moments, and the old mother sheds tears of pride.]

The program director really didn’t expect Shi Zhi to achieve such an achievement. Still, originally, there were many ways to play it.

Shi Zhi, whom Gardenia has regarded as the strongest cub, is thinking deeply about one thing: now that she has become the queen, people will not let her wear Barbie pink anymore, right?

Shi Zhi really doesn’t want to wear Barbie pink.

Then, her queen’s crown was decorated with Barbie powder.

Shi Zhi: “…”


Lu Dajun was “executed” by the king, and Shi Zhi gave Lu Dajun a “lavish burial”. The achievements of the other people were also arranged by Shi Zhi. Anyway, everyone did a good job.

Then Queen Shi Zhi, with the help of the Zhou Changxing version of the vampire Earl, worked together to build a harmonious society.

The old positive energy.

Build a harmonious society together with vampires. Anyway, this variety show has different kinds of fireworks.

Someone has already started editing Shi Zhi’s game line, and the title is——

“Queen from the Ghetto”.

The video begins with a mini version of Shi Zhi in a small, shabby house with only four walls, wearing tattered clothes, starving to death, digging potatoes, and repairing the roof… No matter how you look at it, it is miserable, and then there is Shi Zhi, who becomes a killer at the dance. Killing a king and a prince and becoming a queen.

Coupled with the very hot BGM, it actually gave me a sense of déjà vu, like a hot-blooded anime.


The cub-raising variety show is over, and Shi Zhi has achieved the status of queen.

As soon as she met Brother Quan, he asked Shi Zhi, “Why are you so wrong?”

Shi Zhi: “…you ask me, who should I ask?”

She didn’t know that she would have to reach that point. Lu Dajun complained about Shi Zhi’s poverty, which was deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Shi Zhi found that Gardenia seemed to think that she was poor more and more.

However, the people around Shi Zhi have changed since she participated in the variety show about raising cubs. For example, when people on the team looked at Shi Zhi, they changed from calling her the old sister Shi to occasionally letting her slip and calling her “Xiao Shi.”

When Shi Zhi returned to the studio, the artists in the studio also called her that.

Gardenia: why didn’t you wear a pink skirt today? Did your mother not work hard enough?

Shi Zhi said to the company’s male trainees, “Have you learned how to dance, are you good at singing, understand how to rap, and don’t burn your mouth?”

If you are sure, you have trained well.

“Let me see.” Please start your performance.

Mom this.. mom that.. she sees that everyone is in a state of disbelief.

Male trainee: “Master Shi, I didn’t practice well…”

Of course, He still couldn’t help shouting in my heart.

Gardenia cub.

No one is afraid of Shi Zhi. Shi Zhi has no airs about herself. She sees that everyone seems a little idle.

Shi Zhi called the newcomers together again, “Everyone, you can make up your own mind. We may let you participate in a talent show later.”

For those who are acting in the company, Shi Zhi has already assigned them to the crew, and those who should sing have already released a single. Everyone is developing, but there is still a group of people who sing and dance.

They want to take the idol route.

Nowadays, drafts are very popular, and Shi Zhi cannot ignore them. Recently, there was news that TV stations will join forces with several companies to hold a men’s team draft. Shi Zhi thinks this is an opportunity.

Let me tell everyone in advance.

In fact, these new singers and dancers feel envious when they see the other people around them filming and releasing singles. However, things have improved greatly since the boss changed. They have gained followers on Weibo, and advertisements are arranged.

Whenever there is an opportunity, The boss will try her best to take them with her, and there are also professional teachers who arrange classes every day.

It’s almost like a dream.

They have experienced too much waiting, and they can endure hardships themselves. No one took the initiative to tell Shi Zhi whether there would be other opportunities. They were waiting anyway.

But they didn’t expect such good news to come.

Now, everyone no longer cares about raising cubs, and everyone’s eyes are bright.

“Thank you, Master Shi!”

“I will continue to dance now.”

“I’m writing a new song, and I’m only halfway through it. I have to go back and study it carefully…”

Shi Zhi said to Brother Quan, “It’s like you didn’t prepare for the exam, and you started to feel confused before the exam.”

It’s very similar.

Brother Quan also has something to tell Shi Zhi.

“Director Ding Yi said that “Weeds in the Distant Mountains” will also be accepted.”

Ding Yi was enthusiastic about “Weeds in the Distant Mountains.” After the filming was completed, he edited almost day and night, which also shortened the time much faster than previously expected.


“Weeds in the Distant Mountains” is a movie in which Shi Zhi went to the mountains to shoot. Shi Zhi also had a strong sense of presence in the mountains, and the vlog in the mountains was extremely cheerful.

People in the industry are not very optimistic about this film. It has an unknown director and an unknown screenwriter, and the only well-known one is Shi Zhi.

Even when they heard about this movie, their first reaction was, is it a movie that Shi Zhi recorded a vlog, by the way?

Everyone stubbornly believes that the movie is incidental.

The lack of optimism is also reflected in the seating rate.

The market for literary and artistic films is already low, and this film is filled with a rush of excitement from beginning to end. It may be released a few days after it is broadcast, and the ratings may be even lower, and cinemas do not dare to schedule too much. After all, they also have to eat.

Mr. Xu had a hand in it. According to the plan, the film was originally supposed to be released two months later. After learning that Shi Zhi’s movie was about to be released, Mr. Xu immediately advanced the film he had invested in.

This movie was originally planned by Mr. Xu for Shi Zhi to star in. It was a big production with a star-studded cast, which also led to a direct break between Shi Zhi and Mr. Xu. Shi Zhi told him not to do it.

The role that will be given to Shi Zhi later will be replaced by Lu Yingying.

Mr. Xu: If he doesn’t steam the steamed buns, he will tell Shi Zhi what it means this time – don’t be too crazy.

He told Shi Zhi that he had eaten more salt than Shi Zhi had eaten rice.

Shi Zhi’s first two TV series were hits, but that was due to good luck and the credit of the famous director. Who would watch that kind of movie?

Lu Yingying’s new movie schedule is more than three times that of Shi Zhi.


Shi Zhi’s evaluation of Mr. Xu was “childish.”

He is not too young anymore, but his behavior is still childish.

“Don’t fight for quantity, but fight for quality.”

While the entire Internet speculates on what “Weeds in the Distant Mountains” is about and suspects that Shi Zhi may be overturned if she wants to transform, Shi Zhi is very attentive in promoting the film.

The Weibo post about the new movie alone has been forwarded three times.

Even for “Yin Yang Snack Bar”, Shi Zhi only retweeted one piece, and “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Legacy” was also one.

Marketing Account: Shi Zhi predicts that the new movie will hit the streets soon. What’s the final struggle?

The marketing account wrote a lot eloquently and analyzed everything from the disadvantages of Shi Zhi’s movie to the possibility that this movie cannot compare with Lu Yingying in the same period from production to team. Finally, it was concluded that Shi Zhi might be in a bad movie again. Bewitched.

With great difficulty, two quite good TV series were released.

This marketing account has many fans. Some people agree with it, and some oppose it. The Shi Zhi team sent a private message to the marketing account.

The marketing account is also an old marketing account. It has not seen any big storms in recent years. There are so many lawyers’ letters stacked up that they can fill a room. There are also many people who want to spend money to get them to delete articles.

So when the Shi Zhi team first came to visit, the marketing account was still very calm.

“Guess what the Shi Zhi team will do? Will it cost money?”

“No way, Shi Zhi is quite strong. I think it will be a lawyer’s letter.”

They laughed and then began to reveal the answer.

“Shi Zhi… asked us to add the title of her movie, and said it was troublesome for us.”

It’s so outrageous.

Shi Zhi even took advantage of the popularity of the marketing account. Is he a human being?

Shi Zhi doesn’t feel ashamed, just like she doesn’t feel ashamed when she fights for a single.

Shi Zhi: “If you don’t rub it, it will be in vain. If you rub it, it will be in vain.”


Although the film schedule is very low, and outsiders are almost certain that the subject matter chosen by Shi Zhi this time is not good and will stretch her hips, Gardenia still has great enthusiasm for the movie.

The administrators in the group kept maintaining order and emphasizing.

Be a quality gardenia. Don’t go out to explain and provoke. Let’s speak about the facts. Gardenia will be fine if we get more support.

In fact, even if the administrator hadn’t emphasized it so much, Gardenia would have already reached a consensus.


Xia An’an sent this message to the group.

Then she returned to the small group and said, “At eleven o’clock tonight, sisters, let’s gather at XX Square!”

For “Weeds in the Distant Mountains”, which will be released at midnight.

Xia An’an is a Gardenia, and she is also a former fan who accidentally entered Shi Zhi Van’s car. She has turned from a black fan to a fan a long time ago. The black one is sincere, and the pink one is also sincere.

The small group of people was also from the same city as others: Gardenia. They didn’t have any company, so they simply gathered together to watch a movie together. It was more atmospheric and safer. They had already had dinner together several times for events before.

Because we all liked the same idols, we became good friends later on.

They gathered at eleven o’clock. Everyone chatted, ate something, bought drinks and popcorn, and wouldn’t be bored if they had company. Time passed very quickly, and it was time for the movie to start.

The screen dimmed, and Xia An’an raised her head.

Because of Shi Zhi’s mountain vlog, she guessed that this one should have a happy tone. However, from the beginning, Xia An’an felt that she seemed to have made a mistake.

It was deeper than she imagined, more beautiful than she imagined, and Shi Zhi performed much better than she imagined –

Yang Zhaodi was born on a remote mountain. Her parents named her Zhaodi so that she could have a younger brother. Zhaodi, Zhaodi.

Parents call Yang Zhaodi “a money-losing loser” whether they open or close their mouths.

They had a boy as they wished. Yang Zhaodi received little care but grew up wildly.

She has a pair of very bright eyes, which are astonishingly bright on her gray face. She runs in the fields like a tireless calf. She also runs to school and lies outside the wall to watch others learn to read.

Yang Zhaodi didn’t go to school for a few days because her parents wouldn’t let her. Although she learned very well in that short study time, even the teacher felt pity for her.

Yang’s parents asked, “Why should girls go to school?”

“A waste of money.”

“When you grow up, marry as soon as possible and find a good family.”

Yang Zhaodi is a beauty. Even though she is unkempt and does not have good clothes to wear, she is healthy and energetic and has good facial features.

She is a beauty, which also means that the Yang family’s parents can “sell” her at a good price… No, they can find a rich son-in-law who can afford the bride price.

Yang Zhaodi jumped up and down to visit her childhood friend, who had given birth to her second daughter. Her childhood friend had a docile personality, which was different from Yang Zhaodi, who had a wild spirit in her bones.

Yang Zhaodi talked to her friends about her ideal husband, who must be educated, tall, and gentle…

After returning, she ate a bowl of hot noodles with two poached eggs nestled on top. Yang Zhaodi even thought her parents had made a mistake.

Poached eggs are always only for her younger brother.

Yang’s parents said, “Eat, eat, we prepared it.”

They smiled very kindly and greeted her as if they were treating her younger brothers.

After Yang Zhaodi finished eating the noodles and carefully drank all the soup, there was nothing left. Mother Yang rubbed her hands and told her.

“Zhao Di, I found a good family for you. Tian Zhuang from the next village… They gave an eight thousand as a bride price. You should be sensible. If you get married, your brother will have enough money to build a house for his wife.”

In the movie, Yang Zhaodi made a nauseating motion, and the warm noodles in her stomach seemed to be tumbling upwards at this time.

Xia An’an, who was watching the movie, also felt that she was beginning to feel the same nausea.

The temperature in the cinema was very comfortable, but Xia An’an’s arms were covered with goosebumps.

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