[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 21. (1/2)

The Beautiful Three Musketeers

OUT broadcast spreads to every corner of the game.

Le Lin ignored it and muttered, “Where is person No. 2? Where did she go?”

Si Hai’s face was expressionless, but her heart was a little irritable. No. 2, No. 2, just know No. 2! Can’t her teammates give up their obsession and do something meaningful with her—such as eliminating the yellow team that had formed an alliance?

“If we can’t find anyone, we can’t just stand still, right?” Si Hai expressed her dissatisfaction frankly, “The game has started for a while, the treasure box has not been found, and we have only eliminated No. 1. In addition to looking for No. 2 all over the world, nothing else was done. To be honest, I don’t understand or agree with your plan.”

Le Lin smiled bitterly, “I understand. People who have never fought against No. 2 really don’t know how powerful she is.”

“The only thing I can tell you is that I am not exaggerating. If you ignore Xu Jia because her level is low, you will suffer a fatal blow in the middle and late stages of the game.”

“I’ve been on the wrong side a few times, so I don’t want to make the same mistake again.”

Si Hai looked at her teammates quietly and analyzed, “What happens after we eliminate her? Without supplies, how can we fight with others? Calm down. It’s not that we can win by eliminating No. 2. The correct approach should be “It’s about trying every possible means to eliminate all players from other groups.”

Le Lin was very helpless, “You have never been cheated, so you can’t understand my feelings personally.”

Si Hai thought to herself, who could say that she had never been cheated? If she hadn’t been with No. 2, she would have gone looking for her to take revenge without even saying a word!

But there was no way. Who let the system bind them together? She could only insist that Le Lin’s plan was unreasonable—very unreasonable!

“Then what do you think we should do?” Le Lin asked. Companions matched by the system are natural allies and much more reliable than joining forces with other contestants, so he could not ignore Si Hai’s opinions.

Si Hai said seriously, “Sneak attack on the Yellow Team and destroy them. Even if we are looking for allies, we should look for a male and female team.”

Le Lin had to admit that what his friend said made sense.

In fact, the reason why they chose to form an alliance with the Yellow Team was simply because the first team they met was the Yellow Team. When he later discovered that there were both male and female combinations and male-male combinations in the game, he once thought about changing allies. But they never caught No. 2, so things were delayed.

“Look for another ten minutes… no, just five minutes. If we can’t find anyone, we will do what you said.” After a fierce ideological struggle, Le Lin finally made a decision.

Si Hai: “…”

This guy is hopeless.

She said with a cold face, “Well, let’s just part away. The two of us will act separately. I will do what I want, and you will follow your plan. Anyway, no matter who wins, my companions will also win.”

After saying that, she strode towards the yellow team.

Le Lin wanted to stop the person but felt that he was not confident enough. Since entering the game, he has really been looking for people, so he has wasted a lot of time. Apart from eliminating No. 1, there was almost no achievement.

When passing by Le Lin, Si Hai stopped and said word by word, “I don’t take No. 2 seriously, not because I despise her, but because I believe in my own strength. You are also a lv2 player, don’t you have confidence in yourself?”

Le Lin was suffering and couldn’t tell. He has indeed reached level 2, but that’s because he didn’t meet Xu Jia in the last game. Before that, he met Xu Jia twice in a row, but he lost both times. The defeat was so miserable that he almost suffered a psychological shadow.

The two people made eye contact and looked at each other in silence.

Si Hai lowered her eyes, unable to conceal her disappointment, and softly uttered two words, “Forget it.” It was as if she was completely disappointed with her friend.

But in fact, Si Hai had other plans in mind.

There are currently three people out, namely No. 1, No. 9, and No. 10. She was present when player No. 1 was eliminated, and it was confirmed that he was male. When No. 9 and No. 10 were eliminated, the broadcast talked about players but did not mention “spies,” indicating that No. 9 and No. 10 were two male players.

In other words, the Three Musketeers have changed from the original 3 vs 9 to 3vs6. If she can eliminate the two yellow team members and then eliminate her apparent teammates, the situation will become 3vs3.

Because of this, Si Hai no longer wants to play around with Le Lin and plans to act independently.

Just do what comes to mind.

Si Hai glanced at Team Yellow and found that they were concentrating on searching, so she approached them naturally while chatting, “How’s it going? What did you find?”

“No, nothing, I didn’t find the treasure box.” No. 11 replied firmly. As he spoke, he blocked Si Hai’s path.

Si Hai blinked. If she remembers correctly, everyone agreed to find someone together? Why is this guy talking about a treasure box all of a sudden?

After looking at No. 11 for a moment, Si Hai raised the corner of her mouth slightly. It seemed that someone was just asking for it!

No. 12 couldn’t help but hold his forehead – he was about to cry because of his teammates. It’s amazing to lie so carefully.

“There seems to be someone flashing over there. Come with me and take a look.” Feeling that it was impossible for the other party not to notice something strange, No. 12 simply used the simplest and crudest way to push the person away.

Si Hai thought to herself that even if she was not a spy, she would not want to form an alliance with these two fools. Their behaviors are all weird, no matter how weird he looks.

“What kind of good thing is it that you have to hide away?” Si Hai not only refused to leave but clung to No. 11.

I found it! No. 11 was shocked and could not help but walk quickly to the treasure box, which he then hugged in his arms.

Si Hai sighed with emotion. This was the level 1 player she was familiar with. From time to time, he acts stupidly and is a little naive. His stupidity is quite cute. The most important thing is that if you have not developed good movement habits, you will forget to protect your back when you are in a hurry.

After being tricked by someone who was like a gatekeeper, she almost didn’t recognize the word “lv1 player”. But now, she finally met the newbie, and she was almost amused. Fortunately, she has always had strong self-control, so she didn’t reveal her secret.

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