[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 20. (1/2)

The Beautiful Three Musketeers

Le Lin is still conducting a blanket search. Along with him, besides Si Hai, there were two male players.

Si Hai walked to Le Lin and said nothing but raised her chin in a certain direction.

Le Lin took advantage of the situation and took a look. What he looked at were No. 11 and No. 12, who had tentatively agreed to cooperate with him.

Le Lin shook his head imperceptibly and said in a very low voice, “It’s not time yet, let’s find No. 2 first.”

Why can’t he forget No. 2? His liver aches from thinking about it.

She said softly, “There are twelve players, including three women and nine men, so there are three pairs of male and female companions and three pairs of male and female companions in total. In my opinion, the male companions should be eliminated first, they are strong competitors.”

“You don’t understand.” Le Lin was very persistent, “I don’t trust No. 2, if she doesn’t die nothing good will happen.”

Si Hai said in her heart that since No. 2 died, it was her turn to be worried.

“She is just a level 1 player, a woman, and their companion is dead, so she is alone, what’s the point?” Si Hai pretended not to care.

Le Lin asked, “You are also a female player. Do you also think that female players are always at a disadvantage and do not need to be taken seriously?”

Si Hai: I have never thought about it this way, but I really hope you can think so.

Le Lin sighed, with a look of vicissitudes on his face, and said earnestly, “No. 2’s name is Xu Jia, and I have played with her several times. The first time she was cheated, she was only lv0. This person is very smart, and her strength cannot be measured by level. Only by getting her out can we have any hope of winning.”

With that said, he continued to search.

Si Hai looked at Le Lin’s back and really wanted to take out his water gun and shoot to eliminate the troublesome guy. However, the three pairs of male and female companions were difficult to deal with, so she had to take the overall situation into consideration.

Why can’t this guy be obedient? Si Hai was in a very depressed mood.


A treasure box was found under the seat next to the pool.

No. 10 was surprised and happy. He quickly waved to his teammates and opened the box.

No. 9 quickly approached and saw, at a glance, that a bottle of special solution was in the box. He quickly lowered his voice and warned, “Quick, put it away.”

No. 10 nodded and quickly stuffed the solution into his bag.

Xu Jia hid not far away and watched secretly, thinking about how to get closer and give them a surprise.

She saw that No. 9 and No. 10 were talking with their heads down; their backs seemed completely defenseless, and she was about to approach and attack them. Unexpectedly, after taking two steps, No. 10 suddenly raised his head. Her heart tightened, and she quickly retreated to the darkness.

However, No. 10 found nothing wrong and continued to talk to No. 9.

Xu Jia thought that the distance between the two parties was too great for an outburst, and she had to find other opportunities.

Soon, No. 9 and No. 10 reached an agreement and walked in a certain direction together.

Xu Jia’s heart moved, and she quickly followed.

In fact, targets are not randomly selected blindfolded. But after careful selection, she confirmed the target.

There are 12 players in total, divided into 6 groups. There were 3 pairs of male and female companions and 3 pairs of male and female companions.

Before any female players are eliminated, the nine male players do not know the real rules of the game, so they will be very relieved about the teammates assigned by the system. Under such a premise, it is very easy for girls to get their teammates out.

The really tricky thing is the three pairs of male and female companions. Without the support of spies, eliminating these six people would require calculation and strength. Therefore, Xu Jia decided to take the lead in dealing with Nos. 9 and 10.

Si Hai encouraged Le Lin to eliminate the yellow team first, and it was actually based on the same consideration. It’s a pity that Le Lin wanted to get No. 2 out of the game and firmly rejected the proposal.

The two of them walked and chatted.

No. 9 said, “The red team (Le Lin, Si Hai) and the yellow team (Nos. 11 and 12) have joined forces. If we don’t want to sit and wait for death, we must either destroy the coalition or find someone to cooperate.”

No. 10 sighed, “I wanted to find a few more treasure boxes to arm myself, but I didn’t expect the red team and the yellow team to be so decisive. Time waits for no one!”

“Then let’s start the battle.” No. 9 was not afraid at all but was full of fighting spirit. “I’ve seen it. Some are male and female teams, and some are male and female teams. In other words, we had a certain advantage from the beginning of the game.”

“Let’s go find the white team. I saw them appearing over there just now.” No. 10 raised his right hand, tied with a black scarf, to point out the direction for his teammates.

Xu Jia was secretly worried. She couldn’t let two boy-boy groups join forces; otherwise, big trouble would happen!

Fortunately, the black team also had a small calculation in mind. Cooperate until the last four people are left, and the friendly forces will inevitably start a war. Instead of playing against two male players, it would be better to play against a man and a woman. So the white team they are interested in is actually No. 5 and No. 6, and there are spies in them.

After walking for a while, the black team and the white team met.

Xu Jia followed quietly from a distance. When the two teams met, she secretly glanced in the direction of the four of them. At this time, she was surprised to find that the woman on the white team was Xiao Yin—that punk girl in the zombie special!

It’s just that the brown-haired young man who was inseparable from her was nowhere to be seen. Xu Jia guessed that maybe Xiao Yin was the only one who entered the game this time.

The black team and the white team are talking.

Xiao Yin pretended not to know, “Cooperation? Why?”

No. 9 said seriously, “The red team and the yellow team have united. If the others don’t cooperate, there will be absolutely no way to survive.”

“Come on.” Xiao Yin sneered, “How can there be a permanent alliance in this crappy game? Maybe the red team and the yellow team are at loggerheads by now, or someone has betrayed them.”

She finally understood that, except for teammates bound to the system, finding players to unite was equivalent to finding untimed explosives to place around her.

“If you don’t agree, then you can only go to No. 7 and No. 8.” No. 9’s tone was extremely regretful, but it actually contained a threat.

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