[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 19. (2/2)

The Beautiful Three Musketeers

As mentioned in the description, the bag contains a palm-sized pocket water gun and a bottle of special solution one finger long and three fingers wide.

Xu Jia poured the solution into the water gun, then put the backpack on her back and put the water gun in her pocket.

At some point, the white light shield that enveloped her disappeared. Xu Jia took a deep breath and planned to find companion No. 1 first.

Unexpectedly, not far away, she met someone.

“Why are you the trouble again?” The other party’s expression fell a little, and his tone was a little trembling.

Xu Jia glanced at the red scarf on the visitor’s right wrist and said calmly, “The road faces the sky. Everyone goes to one side, and no one gets in the way. Let’s decide the outcome in the middle and later stages of the game.”

Le Lin’s eyelids jumped. According to this person’s style, he should be tricked before the outcome is determined. How can he wait until the later stage?

“Let’s go.” Xu Jia waved and left without staying much.

Le Lin watched Xu Jia go away; a thought flashed through his mind, and his face gradually became resolute.

After walking a certain distance in a random direction, Xu Jia still didn’t find Companion No. 1. She stopped to think. After a moment, she decided to go to the balcony on the second floor to look out. Anyway, what she is looking for is the person with a blue scarf tied around the right wrist. It’s pretty conspicuous.

Suddenly, she was keenly aware of a blazing gaze in the distance. Xu Jia couldn’t help but look back, only to find the girl holding a teddy bear from the previous game standing in the corner staring at her, with a red square scarf tied around her right wrist.

Le Lin’s nominal companion? Xu Jia curled her lips and smiled.

The two made eye contact, exchanged knowing glances, and then moved apart.

Xu Jia walked to the balcony on the second floor and looked into the distance. After a while, she finally found traces of No. 1 in the northeast corner of the pool. Xu Jia’s eyes lit up immediately, and she trotted over.

When they arrived, No. 1 happened to find a treasure box from the nook and cranny. Seeing someone approaching, he immediately looked at the person with vigilance. When he noticed the blue scarf on Xu Jia’s right wrist, he relaxed his expression and said in a somewhat showy tone, “I found the treasure box.”

“Open it and take a look.” Xu Jia was quite curious.

No. 1 immediately checked the treasure box.

The box opened, and inside was a pan. No. 1’s face stiffened.

He hesitantly picked up the pan and gestured behind him as if intending to cover the name strip. Unfortunately, turning his hands back is very inconvenient, and the armor is not as practical as he imagined.

“Not bad.” Xu Jia praised against his will. She felt that if she concentrated on covering the name strip with the pan, she might even forget to shoot the water gun.

No. 1 had a dark face and a very unhappy expression.

At this moment, four people rushed towards them. The leader was Le Lin, “It’s her! Don’t let her run away!”

No. 1 looked shocked, obviously not understanding how he had offended the other party.

“Run!” Xu Jia spoke urgently and quickly, “Let’s run separately! I’ll attract their attention!”

Then she spread her legs and ran wildly, “ta da da da,” and quickly disappeared into the distance.

Number 1: “……”

She disappeared in the blink of an eye, attracting who’s attention!

Blue scarf? Le Lin narrowed his eyes. “If we can’t eliminate her, it’s better to eliminate her companions first.”

Only then did No. 1 realize why he was being targeted.

“Wait!” he said hurriedly, “I’m not familiar with her…”

“Still one group.” Le Lin said. Then he waved his hand, and four water cannons fired.

No. 1 only felt that water was spraying from all directions. The pan could block this side, but not that side. Soon, he turned into a drowned rat and was eliminated.

Before disappearing, No. 1 was speechless for a long time and had no idea what kind of companion he had picked up.

“He found the armor as soon as he entered the game. The blue team is really good.” The two male players with yellow scarves on their wrists couldn’t help but sigh.

“No. 2 is not out yet; it’s too early to worry now.” Le Lin looked solemn. “Keeping her will be a disaster after all; we must kick her out as soon as possible.”

Si Hai glanced at her companion without any trace, wondering in her heart, what on earth did No. 2 do? Why did the companion insist on eliminating No. 2 first?

But thinking about No. 2’s “outstanding” performance in the superpower special, she felt that if they weren’t part of a group, she would want to kill No. 2 first and then start the game.

The broadcast of “Player No. 1 OUT” is played repeatedly in the swimming pool.

Xu Jia hid in the corner and gasped for air, feeling that life was very difficult.

“Fortunately, I have practiced.” She was extremely glad that she had especially practiced long-distance running so that she could escape.

At the same time, she began to understand Qi Yuan. There is simply no way to explain why players are hostile to you because you are too powerful. Thinking about it carefully, Xu Jia felt that she actually didn’t do much…

No. 1 was even more unjust. He was eliminated because he failed to clear up the relationship with her.

“But the more this happens, the more I want to eliminate them all.” Xu Jia muttered as she took out her pocket water gun, her eyes becoming eager to try.

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