[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 18. (2/2)

“In Qi Yuan’s heart, Xu Jia is more important than the game, isn’t it? What the contestants think and do is unpredictable to the audience. This is the fun of live-action variety shows.”

“Let’s start seriously. You can’t tell who will win or who will lose. My Goddess Xu Jia, not bad at all!”

Next, the father-in-law said that the father-in-law was right, and the mother-in-law said that the mother-in-law was right, and a big quarrel broke out.

PD Qian held his chin, feeling that he had encountered the biggest problem in history.

He plucked up the courage to browse the Star Network and found many comments calling for the two to be separated. Many people even claimed that they wanted to turn fans into anti-fans and abandon the show.

The Infinite Variety Show is the most successful show in history, and of course, it cannot be ruined by mere love, so Qian PD readily listened to the audience’s opinions. Starting from the next game, deliberately separate the two.

But the good times didn’t last long. Not long after, another audience on the variety show expressed dissatisfaction.

“Where is Qi Yuan’s little girlfriend? Put the two of them into a game! It’s hard to wait for Pink to appear in a variety show, and the parties involved are so handsome and cute.”

“I want to see gods and goddesses team up to deceive people.”

“Spicy chicken! It’s just a game, and no one is allowed to fall in love? The person you’re dating is smart, capable, and very gentle and considerate. What can the young lady do?”

(Spicy chicken is Internet slang means garbage)

“After seeing the two of them together, you let me watch them abuse others alone again, what a joke!”

What’s even more sad is that after the separation, the program’s ratings remained at 17%-20%. In other words, the ratings dropped.

Then PD Qian finally discovered that those who say they hate pink and those who love seeing pink are actually not the same group of people.

So he tried to bring the two of them together. The ratings increased significantly, rising to 23% and even exceeding 26% at one point.

Playing the game separately, the ratings plummeted to only 18%.

Everything is available on StarNet.

“Look good. Let them be together more often.”

“What the hell? If you show affection while playing games again, I will throw the table and stop watching!”

Together again, the ratings exceeded 27%.

Divided again, the ratings were 17%.

PD Qian thought to himself, don’t you like seeing the two of them together? Don’t like pink? Fuck you! There are too many people who are dissatisfied with their integrity. Only data will not deceive people.

From now on, whenever Xu Jia and Qi Yuan participate in the “Infinite Variety Show,” they will be in the same game, in the same camp, and work hard for the same goal.

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