[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 17. (1/2)

Xu Jia stretched out her hand and wanted to tear it apart. But as soon as she touched the name strip, she retracted her hand.

“It’s so obvious that you’re letting off. Is it really okay?” Xu Jia expressed doubts.

“You think I’m affecting the fairness of the game, so why don’t you just put me in the same game with you?” Old God Qi Yuan said, “I revealed my identity in the last zombie special. If we continue to be together in the future, If I meet you in the game, but we are not in the same camp, I will still give you victory.”

Xu Jia was speechless. She wondered why she should not just let Qi Yuan tear off her name tag. Anyway, she had a reflection, so she would win the game; at least, it would make Qi Yuan’s behavior less obvious.

While he was thinking about it, Qi Yuan urged, “Tear it off quickly, what are you waiting for?”

Xu Jia: “…”

Not only did he release his weakness, he also urged it.

Xu Jia stretched out her right hand and placed it on Qi Yuan’s name strip, but she did not move. She suddenly realized that even though she knew she was sure to win, she couldn’t bear to tear up her best friend’s name tag with her own hands.

“Close your eyes. As soon as you put some force on your hands, the game will be over.” Qi Yuan taught earnestly.

“I can’t do it.” After a while, Xu Jia removed her hand dejectedly and said in a consultative tone, “How about we think of other ways?”

Qi Yuan turned around and was speechless. They are the only players left to die in the game. What else can be done? Should he blow himself up?

“Trouble.” He muttered, with a hint of helplessness.

Xu Jia had to admit, “The problem is a bit tricky.”

Qi Yuan simply helped her to tear off this name tag. He grabbed Xu Jia’s hand and reached behind himself.

In this way, Xu Jia was the one who tore off the name tag, but he was the one who did it.

Xu Jia couldn’t help but be moved.

The name strip was torn off smoothly.

Qi Yuan slipped the torn name strip into Xu Jia’s hand and said, “Send it to you.”

Xu Jia was stunned and speechless.

Qi Yuan smiled. He said, “Congratulations on winning.” There was no trace of sadness on his face.

Xu Jia sighed, 500,000! He actually said he didn’t want it, so he didn’t want it.

Just when the figure faded and was about to disappear, Qi Yuan accidentally caught a glimpse of something, and his expression suddenly changed, “Be careful!!”

However, before he finished speaking, he completely disappeared.

Xu Jia was stunned. Be careful? Be careful about what?

There seemed to be a strong wind blowing behind her head.

Xu Jia was stunned. Apart from her, how could there be any survivors in the game?

With a “stab” sound, her name strip was torn off.

Even if mixed with the broadcast sound of “No. 1 OUT”, the “sting” sound is still very clear.

Xu Jia slowly turned around. She was greeted by No. 8’s proud laugh, “Are you stupid? My superpower is ‘resurrection’! There was an OUT broadcast after my name was torn off. It seemed like I had been eliminated, but in fact I would quietly resurrect at the point of birth! “

“Thanks to you for eliminating the other players, and thanks to No. 1 voluntarily being eliminated, things went so smoothly!”

“Although superpowers can only be used once, and although the beginning was not smooth, it was me who won in the end! It was me!!!”

No. 8 laughed wildly.

Xu Jia told him indifferently, “Sorry, you were eliminated.”

“Are you kidding!” No. 8 didn’t believe it at all. Unexpectedly, when he lowered his head, he found that his figure was fading.

No. 8 was shocked, “!!!”

Xu Jia reminded him, “Look carefully to see what is written on my name tag.”

No. 8 hurriedly opened it to check. Then, the word “reflection” came into view.

number 8, “……”

In just a few seconds, he felt like he was back on a roller coaster. From being surrounded by huge surprises to missing out on victory, it was so fast that people couldn’t react.

“What the hell!” No. 8 threw the name strip to the ground angrily and roared hysterically.

“Win.” Xu Jia exhaled a long breath.

The OUT broadcast sounded again.

The black watch on the right hand also made a beep sound.

Xu Jia lowered her head to check.

[Congratulations to the player for winning this game.]

[Your current player level is lv1. If you win a subsequent game, your level will be upgraded to lv2.]

[The watch can view information about players whose level is lower than yours. Currently, you can view lv0 players (new players).]

[Congratulations on being named the MVP of this game.]

[After thirty seconds, you will be teleported away.]

[Note: After leaving the game, “Infinite Variety Show” is not allowed to be mentioned to non-players.]

Got the house!

Xu Jia happily waited for the transmission.


As usual, Xu Jia fell into a deep sleep as soon as she returned to the rental house.

When she woke up, it was already dark.

Not caring about anything else, she quickly checked the text messages on her phone.

The first text message——

[The income (winning bonus) from your card with the last number 1234 is 500,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 500,000.00 yuan.]

The second text message——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (MVP bonus) is 100,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 600,000.00 yuan.]

The third text message——

[The income from your last number 1234 card (bonus for killing players: 20,000 bonus for each kill) is 40,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 640,000.00 yuan.]

The fourth text message——

[The income from your card with the last number 1234 (level bonus: 640000*0.05=) is 32,000.00 yuan, and the balance is 672,000.00 yuan.]

The fifth text message——

[Congratulations on the victory. By Qi Yuan.]

“You discovered No. 8’s sneak attack before teleporting, but you knew it was me who won?” Xu Jia pondered for a moment, replied to the text message, and asked Qi Yuan to go out for dinner tomorrow.

Then…she read the first four text messages over and over again, laughing from ear to ear.

The previous more than 700,000 yuan had been transferred to other accounts by her. In other words, she made a net profit of 672,000 in the third game!

“This is what we call high welfare.” Thinking about her former company, which was known for having weekends but was very intensive and often worked overtime, Xu Jia felt that there was no comparison between the two.

After scanning her account balance several times, she felt happy.

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