[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 17. (2/2)

At noon the next day, Xu Jia went to the appointment on time.

When she arrived at the Chinese restaurant, Qi Yuan was waiting in the private room.

“Already ordered.” He took a sip of tea.

This guy… Xu Jia’s eyelids twitched. Could he be ordering all his favorite food??

After taking the menu and looking at it, she finally felt relieved. Unexpectedly, their tastes were quite similar, and she liked all the dishes they ordered.

“Why did you ask me to have dinner?” Qi Yuan felt that with someone’s stupid mind, she would not think of such an operation as committing himself to each other.

“If you lose in the superpower special, will the consequences be serious?” Xu Jia asked with concern.

Qi Yuan raised his eyelids and suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness in his heart, “Asking now? You asked too late.”

Xu Jia spread her hands and said, “I won all the way and never thought I would lose.” She wouldn’t die anyway, so she didn’t want to know in detail what the consequences would be if she lost.

“The more you lose, the winning rate will decrease.” Qi Yuan replied.

“Aside from that?” Xu Jia asked.

“If the winning rate continues to decrease, there will be no way to upgrade.” Qi Yuan said sternly, “When you reach level 2, you will find that the higher the player level, the more times you are invited to participate, and the more likely you are to participate in high-end games.”

“The higher the level of the game, the richer the winning prize. So except for a few people with rich families, most contestants will fight hard to win.”

“If you lose a certain number of times, will you be forced to leave the game?” Xu Jia thought that newcomers would lose their player qualifications if they lost three games in a row.

“That rule only applies to level 0.” Qi Yuan smiled calmly, “As far as I know, you will not be kicked out of the game after becoming an official player. However, if the winning rate is too low, the number of entries will be greatly reduced. For example, ” Play once every half month, play once a month.”

“Will we play once every three months and once every six months?” Xu Jia was curious. If the frequency is extremely low, it is no different than leaving the game.

“How do I know such a player?” Qi Yuan said confidently, “I am a high-end player, and I play mostly high-end games. I rose up the level not long after I was a newcomer.”

Xu Jia was choked and speechless. She really wanted to say, yes, yes, You are so amazing, and the level of hatred he attracts is extraordinary! The first thing players do when they enter the game is to form a team to find someone to fight for them.

Qi Yuan asked, “How do you feel after playing a round of high-end games?”

“Exciting, extremely exciting.” Xu Jia said seriously, “You never know when the allies will betray you. To put it another way, there are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests.”

There are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests? Qi Yuan laughed. Her summary was very accurate.

“Are you scared?” Qi Yuan deliberately teased her.

Xu Jia snorted softly, “Do you know the fear of three people dying immediately at the beginning? Do you know what it is like to have the game enter the middle and late stages just a few minutes after the game starts?”

You know, she is someone who has seen big scenes!

“I don’t know.” Qi Yuan said slowly, “I have had the experience of ‘Finally finding a way to win the game, but the contestants turned around and started playing the miserable game’.”

Xu Jia: “…”

As expected of a master, you win.

“By the way, why do you know I won? You should have seen No. 8’s sneak attack before disappearing, right?” Xu Jia abruptly changed the subject.

Old God Qi Yuan is here: “After being eliminated, players will directly return to the real world. However, the watch will inform the final result, as well as each person’s identity and superpowers.”

“Even if they lose, the system must let the other contestants know why they lost. Players who survive to the later stage have better brains and can guess a rough idea by piecing together.”

“If you are eliminated early, your knowledge will be very limited.”

I see. Xu Jia suddenly realized that it was no wonder some players went to the forum to ask for help from experts for analysis. It was probably because they were eliminated too early or they were not good at thinking.

“Your superpower is reflection. No wonder you are not afraid of No. 8’s sneak attack.” Qi Yuan shook his head and sighed, “It’s unlucky for him to have a conflicting ability.”

Xu Jia was very dissatisfied. Why was No. 8 so unlucky? She clearly had the foresight to leave her superpowers until the end. Even if Qi Yuan didn’t take the initiative to hand over his back, she would have used other methods to win.

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