[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 16. (1/2)

On the surface, No. 4 throwing the teddy bear to Xu Jia is a very dangerous move. If Xu Jia had malicious intentions, she could just tear off the name strip behind the teddy bear.

But in fact, Si Hai had no choice at all.

She is a female, and No. 7 is an adult male. They cannot fight one-on-one and cannot even escape. Suppose you are distracted from protecting the teddy bear, grabbing the doll with one hand, and fighting against No. 7 with the other hand. In that case, the outcome will be a disastrous defeat and elimination.

Throw the teddy bear to Xu Jia. Without her fatal weakness, Si Hai can give it a try. Only in this case does she have a chance of winning.

Whether No. 2 will tear off the teddy bear’s name tag depends on which collaborator she likes more.

To put it bluntly, Si Hai’s approach was probably to find a way out of a certain-death situation. Although it is not clear whether she can survive, it is at least better than being in one.

In fact, it didn’t matter to Xu Jia, who survived. But compared to No. 7, who has the replacement technique, No. 4, with a baby face and petite figure, undoubtedly looks more pleasing to the eye. So Xu Jia hugged the teddy bear and stood calmly watching.

“You’re stupid!” No. 7 was furious. “Compared to her, of course it’s more suitable to cooperate with me. Without my superpowers, I’m just an ordinary person.”

Xu Jia’s face was expressionless, and she cursed in her heart, “You are stupid, you don’t even know that you have been framed.” Furthermore, you said that if you don’t have superpowers, you don’t have superpowers? Who knows if it’s fake? It’s more reassuring to be out. After all, the replacement technique is so powerful that people want to get rid of it quickly.

“Die.” Si Hai broke the jar fearlessly. She had no intention of defending, and her offense was powerful.

No. 7 wanted to grab the teddy bear from No. 2, but Si Hai was reckless and attacked very fiercely. No one was paying attention, and No. 7 was touched by the name strip and suddenly broke into a cold sweat – he was just a little bit closer to being eliminated!

No. 7 was frightened for a while, so he simply stopped entangled, turned around, and ran away. Unexpectedly, Si Hai pounced and directly held the person down.

“Madman!” No. 7 struggled violently and cursed loudly.

Si Hai was expressionless, “I just want to live.”

With a snap, she tore off No. 7’s name strip.

“You think you can survive like this? You idiot!” No. 7 was furious and wanted to tear No. 4 apart.

Si Hai looked indifferent, “At least you don’t have to die immediately.”

The announcement sounded, “Player No. 7 is OUT, Player No. 7 is OUT.”

In this way, there are only four people left on the field: Qi Yuan (No. 1), Xu Jia (No. 2), Si Hai (No. 4), and Lin Dongyang (No. 6).

After taking several deep breaths to calm down, Si Hai stretched out her right hand and demanded, “Give me back the teddy bear.”

“Actually, I’m thinking about eliminating you altogether.” Xu Jia honestly expressed her innermost thoughts.

Si Hai: “…”

Even if she thought about it in her mind, this guy still said it out loud, which shows that she is shameless to a certain extent.

“After I’m out, can you deal with No. 1 and No. 6 by yourself?” Although she was questioning, Si Hai still looked calm.

Xu Jiaxin said, why not? There was a guy who came to her door for her to take advantage of! However he disappeared just after saying that, and he has not been seen again.

Xu Jia was silent for a while, thinking that if that person hadn’t been Qi Yuan, she would have suspected that she had been deceived.

Si Hai added, “Think clearly, No. 1 and No. 6 are both men, and they are naturally superior in physical strength. Compared to them, is it more appropriate for me, as a woman, to stay until the end?”

“And you know my weaknesses and how to deal with me.”

“If after thinking about it you still decide to take off the name tag, I have nothing to say.”

Xu Jia had to admit that she was almost shaken.

But her superpower is “reflection”. What if she and No. 4 stay until the end and “reflection” doesn’t work on the puppet’s immortality?

Thinking of this, Xu Jia immediately planned to let No. 4 out. Unexpectedly, Lin Dongyang suddenly appeared, came over very ignorantly, and said hello, “Hello.”

In an instant, many thoughts flashed through Si Hai’s mind.

The teddy bear was caught in No. 2’s hand, and she was unable to attack. There are four people left on the field. If No. 6 is eliminated, there will only be No. 1, No. 2, and her.

No. 1 is an Lv3 player. If No. 2 wants to win, he must join forces with her. She took the opportunity to ask No. 2 to hand over the teddy bear to show her sincerity. It must be too difficult—without her help, No. 2 would be at a disadvantage, and it would be impossible to win No. 1!

Thinking of this, Si Hai spontaneously walked towards No. 6, ready to take action as planned.

Lin Dongyang’s heart was ringing with alarm, and he shouted while retreating, “If you have something to say, please speak up. Please stand further away.”

Si Hai ignored him at all. She has no way out. Only by eliminating No. 6 can she gain the right to negotiate and have a chance to survive.

Xu Jia continued to watch. From the moment No. 4 and No. 7 started arguing with each other, the plot unfolded according to her plan. But knowing that it was a trap, would No. 4 and No. 7 refuse?

Of course not.

In others’ eyes, Xu Jia has mastered the superpowers of all players. He has super auxiliary abilities and almost zero attack power.

Mastering everyone’s superpowers makes eliminating other players much easier. Her attack power is approximately zero, which means that when only two people are left, she is unable to resist.

There is no one more suitable to be a teammate than her. So when Xu Jia said, “The winner will cooperate with her,” No. 7 easily accepted it.

If No. 4 had not been exposed and felt that she could not win, she would definitely have strongly agreed.

But in this way, no matter who survives player No. 4 or player No. 7, they are destined to be led by Xu Jia.

For example, Si Hai, at this moment, can’t wait to tear off No. 6 in order to gain negotiating power.

Lin Dongyang didn’t know why, but when he saw Si Hai chasing after him, he immediately panicked and shouted, “Don’t come here!”

He didn’t plan to fight No. 4 until he understood what her superpower was.

But Si Hai acted as if she couldn’t hear him and pursued him stubbornly.

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