Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 13. (1/2)

After jumping out of the RV, Gu Fan looked back.

Lu Ya’s leg is so injured that he will definitely not be able to move around.

Deep in the mountains and old forests, it was pitch black all around. Even with the protection of the wind bear’s breath, Gu Fan still couldn’t feel completely at ease.

She took out more than twenty low-grade spiritual stones from her storage jade bracelet. She set up a low-level defensive formation outside the RV. This formation couldn’t resist high-level monsters, but it could warn Gu Fan of danger in time.

After doing all this, Gu Fan sat on the ground with her back against the RV’s door.

Thanks to the thrills of this journey, Gu Fan felt that her cultivation, which had been stuck at the sixth level of the Qi Refining Stage for twenty years, seemed to be about to break through.

Gu Fan is content and happy, and she is also very excited about this moment.

Experience is indeed helpful in breaking through bottlenecks, but Gu Fan does not regret her previous conservative training. You must know that every year, a large number of disciples of the sect go out for training, but less than 50% come back alive, either dead from the mouths of monsters or from being killed by monsters. Died in a treasure fight between cultivators. How does Gu Fan know if she is lucky or unlucky?

Taking a deep breath to calm her thoughts, Gu Fan closed her eyes and began to practice.


Lu Ya was lying on his back, his face slightly tilted, and his eyes fell on the RV’s window.

After killing the wind bear, his mental energy was not exhausted. The injury on his leg seemed serious, but it was not fatal. He deliberately failed to avoid it. He just wanted to use this injury to get Gu Fan to take out the red elixir and then discuss with her the conditions for cooperation. Unexpectedly, although Gu Fan hoped that he would regain his fighting strength as soon as possible, she had reservations about treatment. She would rather use wood powers than give him ready-made medicine.

Just now, Lu Ya discovered that she was manipulating the gold element again.

Controlling for one night without making any attacks, what on earth does she want to do?

Lu Ya couldn’t figure it out. Considering the injury to his leg, he chose to sleep.

He doesn’t know how long it took, but Lu Ya woke up. It was quiet and dark outside.

The communication bracelet showed that it was only three o’clock in the morning.

Lu Ya was used to sensing the gold elements outside, but she unexpectedly found that the gold elements flowing to her at this time were much more than before, just like a stream encountering high water rushing in one direction, until it finally disappeared when it touched her skin.

This seriously goes against Lu Ya’s understanding of the gold element.

According to common sense, no matter how the superpower controls the gold element, if a person wants to attack, she or he must condense the gold element into a specific form, whether it is a knife or a sword. If they do not attack, the golden element will always exist in the outside world in a free state, and Gu Fan’s actions at this time were as if she had absorbed those golden elements.

It is absolutely impossible for humans to do this.

Some monsters have evolved similar abilities. For example, the wind bear has the earth element condensed in its body, so it opens its mouth and spits out earth thorns to attack instead of controlling the earth element outside. There is also a fire rock lizard that attacks, and the method is also to breathe fire from the body.

Lu Ya could no longer sleep.

Outside the RV door, another hour passed, and Gu Fan opened her eyes.

After her cultivation reached the seventh level, the aura condensed by the five elements of spiritual power in her Dantian was twice as strong as before. Perhaps her strength was still only equivalent to that of a C-level superpower. Still, when she reencountered a C-level monster, Gu Fan would be much easier to deal with. Take the fireball technique as an example. In the past, to kill a C-level monster, she might have to fire three or four fireballs. Now, one or two is enough.

A small improvement is enough to make a low-level monk overjoyed.

She just doesn’t know if it’s possible for her to continue to break through to the eighth level.

Suddenly, there were several coughs in the RV.

Gu Fan stood up and used a dust removal technique to clean away some of the dirt that was discharged from her body as her cultivation level and physique increased.

After regaining her tidiness, Gu Fan walked to the bedroom window and whispered: “Young Marshal, are you awake?”

“Well, I want to go to the bathroom.”

Gu Fan: “…Then I’m coming in.”

Ordinary people have many things to do, like Gu Fan, there is no need to eat when taking Bigu Pill, and there is no need to eat, drink or have to poop.

Pushing open the bedroom door, Lu Ya had already turned on the light.

The bright light made Gu Fan raise her hands to cover her eyes.

Lu Ya leaned on the bedside. Gu Fan appeared at the door, fresh, with white and rosy cheeks. She was as radiant as a wealthy lady who had just woken up in a luxurious villa. There was no trace of the embarrassment of keeping vigil.

Lu Ya was able to stay vigil all night without being affected. That was because of his strong mental strength. What was Gu Fan’s reason? Wood power can heal injuries, but it is useless for restoring mental power.

It seems that the longer he stays in contact with her, the more doubts there are about her.

Gu Fan directly interpreted his complicated gaze as the humiliation and burden of a strong man who had to be helped to use the toilet by her.

Of course, the face of a strong man must be taken care of. Gu Fan smiled, walked to Lu Ya’s bedside, and said, “My mental strength has almost recovered. I’ll help you heal first.”

Lu Ya nodded.

Gu Fan opened the hem of his nightgown and exposed his left leg. The six blood holes the size of a baby’s fist were only slightly healed at the wound section, but the blood holes were still there, looking hideous and terrifying.

Gu Fan recited the spell silently in her heart, and six rays of green spiritual power fell on Lu Ya’s wound at the same time, like spring rain.

Lu Ya only felt a strange itching.

Gu Fan used it three times in succession until the wood’s spiritual power was exhausted again.

At this time, the six bloody holes in Lu Ya’s legs had recovered to only six cherry-sized wounds.

Sweat broke out on Gu Fan’s forehead. She wiped it, looked at the wound, and smiled at Lu Ya: “I will recover later, and I will heal it on you again at dawn. It should be cured.”

There is plenty of spiritual energy here, so she can practice quickly.

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