Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 12. (2/2)

Gu Fan raised her head in surprise.

Lu Ya’s slender hand was still pinching his eyebrows. This action blocked one of his eyes, and the exposed one looked at her calmly.

Gu Fan couldn’t help but be polite: “After I cure you, you can protect me and return to the base safely. We help each other, just thank you as a gift.”

Lu Ya: “I brought you here, and I should be responsible for your safety.”

Gu Fan showed a reserved smile: “Thank you so much, Marshal.”

“Let’s get the crystal core before it gets completely dark.” Lu Ya closed his eyes and said.

Gu Fan pushed him to Wind Bear’s giant side so that he could teach her core extraction techniques. Then she jumped on Wind Bear’s neck with a dagger and started from its mouth.

Lu Ya didn’t know when he opened his eyes and looked at the girl still shining white in the dim woods, doing something extremely bloody with excitement and concentration.

According to his observation, she is weak in attack and afraid of death. She is also professional enough, and she can easily do all the work related to alchemy.

So, is her strength just alchemy?

Before night fell completely, Gu Fan finally took out the Wind Bear’s crystal core, which was earthy yellow.

She looked at Lu Ya with blood-stained hands, expectation hidden in her eyes.

Lu Ya said, “Give it to me.”

Gu Fan couldn’t hide her disappointment. She thought Lu Ya would be generous enough to give her this S-class crystal core.

“The internal organs, flesh and blood can be given to you, the other parts belong to the army.”

Lu Ya put away the crystal core and also took Wind Bear’s body in, leaving only Feng Xiong’s blood and breath.

After that, Lu Ya released the RV and looked at Gu Fan: “Before I go in to rest, I want to shower first.”

If conditions permit, he doesn’t want to force himself to get dirty.

Gu Fan: “Your leg is so seriously injured, how do you wash it?”

Lu Ya: “Can I ask you for help? The reward is a one cubic meter crystal. In addition, you don’t have to clean my private parts.”

Gu Fan immediately concluded the deal.

Lu Ya gave her two plastic buckets. Gu Fan went to the river to fetch water. When she returned, she took a closer look and found that Lu Ya had taken off his S-class armor, leaving only a pair of boxer briefs on his body.

The wheelchair was very high-end. When Lu Ya pressed the button, the wheelchair turned into a recliner.

“This will be more convenient for you.” Lu Ya said calmly.

Gu Fan also felt it was much more convenient.

As a hundred-year-old female cultivator who was not in the mood for love, Lu Ya’s handsome facial features, toned body, and even strong strength could not affect Gu Fan in the slightest. She wiped Lu Ya’s body as calmly as if she were cleaning the corpse of a monster. Even when she washed near her private parts, her expression remained unchanged, and she didn’t even glance at places she shouldn’t have looked at.

She helps Lu Ya change into his black silk pajamas, and the cleaning work is completed.

Lu Ya handed her a black crystal. The crystal was inlaid with a silver frame, and a black rope was strung on it so she could wear it around her neck.

“If you like, you can change it to a hanging chain and use it as an accessory.”

Gu Fan didn’t care about this. She only needed a space crystal to cover up the jade storage bracelet. Stroking the smooth surface of the crystal with his fingertips, Gu Fan asked excitedly: “How to use this?”

Lu Ya: “Inject spiritual power. Unless you die, only you can open it in the future.”

Gu Fan put her consciousness into it, and a cubic meter of narrow space appeared in her mind. There were several plastic buckets containing monster body parts inside.

“I have erased my mental power.” Lu Ya observed her expression and took the initiative to explain.

Gu Fan was grateful for his thoughtfulness. After putting on the crystal, she looked at the RV: “I’ll help you in the car first, shall I?”

“Go and wash up first. You’re covered in blood. You’ll have to clean up the car if it’s dirty.”


“Do you have spare armor in your backpack?”

“No, but it doesn’t matter. I have fire powers. I can dry myself after taking a shower.”

Lu Ya said nothing more and watched Gu Fan holding the damaged armor and carrying a plastic bucket towards the river, her figure obscured by the night.

The intermittent sound of water kept coming.

The deep mountains and old forests, the lonely man, and the girl seemed to be a perfect fit for what was going on.

Lu Ya naturally didn’t have that kind of leisurely attitude. What surprised him was Gu Fan’s reaction. He was almost naked in front of her, and her breathing didn’t change even once.

However, she clearly had the red elixir. However, she was reluctant to give it to him, which meant that his appearance and identity did not attract her in any way.

About half an hour later, Gu Fan came back.

She came over and helped Lu Ya get into the car.

Lu Ya’s nose had become accustomed to the bloody smell of Wind Bears, so when Gu Fan came closer, he could easily distinguish the faint scent of flowers he had smelled before. There was no blood on her body.

How could she wash so cleanly without any detergent?

Regarding privacy, Lu Ya did not inquire about the specific details of her bathing.

After getting in the car, Lu Ya touched the button, lowered the curtains on all sides of the RV, and turned on the lights.

As soon as the lights came on, Lu Ya subconsciously looked at the woman next to him.

To help him, she lowered her head, and a thin layer of red appeared on her delicate face due to the exertion, which made the fragrance of her body more obvious.

Lu Ya’s gaze couldn’t help but move down her face.

The dark gray armor covered more of the skin under her neck. The armor was as new as before, and there was no smell of blood.

Gu Fan kicked open the bedroom door.

Lu Ya stopped observing her.

Gu Fan carefully put him on the bed and carefully checked his wounds: “My mental strength will be almost restored tomorrow morning, and I will heal your wounds then.”

Lu Ya: “Thank you.”

Gu Fan smiled and said, “After all, after receiving your thank you gift, how can I not try my best? Well, you can go to sleep and I will keep watch outside.”

Lu Ya nodded.

Gu Fan turned off the light for him and exited the bedroom.

The author’s side story:

Lu Ya: I’m not worthy of using your little red pill?

Meng Lianying: Yes, you don’t deserve it!

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