[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 14. (1/2)

Super Power Special

A group of three people walked through the exhibition hall.

Xu Jia glanced at the backs of the other two people and felt that they looked pretty impressive.

There are eight contestants in this round. Not long after the game started, three people gathered together!

When the others saw it, their eyes couldn’t help showing surprise. They tried their best to stretch their necks to look, but they didn’t dare to approach at will.

“Come here, I have something to say.” He said solemnly.

The contestants were quite hesitant.

A tall, thin young man muttered, “Who are you? Why should I listen to you?”

The man with a Chinese character’s face sneered (Guozi), “You don’t have to participate.”

The tall, thin young man immediately shut up. Judging from his experience, if he leaves now, he will change from a team participant to a prey.

Hearing the noise coming from here, more and more players came closer to find out what was going on.

The man with a Chinese character’s face took a deep breath and raised his voice, “Everyone, come here, I have something to say.”

Xu Jia stood aside expressionless, wondering in her heart where this guy got his confidence. Believe it or not, she immediately ran over and tore him apart.

But thinking about it, Xu Jia still leaned against the wall and remained motionless. As the theoretical bottom of the food chain, it is not suitable for the limelight at the moment. The more the contestants treat her with contempt, the longer she survives.

Gradually, more and more people gathered.

Xu Jia looked around secretly and found that seven people, including her, were there! In other words, except for Qi Yuan, all the other contestants were there.

Among the seven players, there are five male players and two female players.

The other female player looks very young, about seventeen or eighteen years old. The girl was holding a teddy bear in her arms and was standing quietly aside. She has a thin figure and a delicate and cute face, like a porcelain doll.

Player No. 4 has the super power “Immortality”!

Xu Jia secretly increased her vigilance.

At this time, Guozi spoke, “The seven of us will unite and eliminate No. 1 first.”

Xu Jia: “…”

For a moment, she almost suspected that she had misheard.

Others also showed surprise.

Only No. 5 was calm and composed as if he had expected what the man with a Chinese character’s face would say.

“Are you kidding?” the tall, thin young man’s mouth twitched. Gathering the strength of seven people to deal with one player seemed like nonsense.

The expression on the Chinese character’s face remains unchanged. He looked solemn and solemnly introduced himself: “Level 3 player. I have played against Qi Yuan several times but never won. Do you still think I am joking?”

The tall and thin young man was startled.

No. 5 stepped forward and said in a deep voice, “Level 3 player. I also fought against Qi Yuan several times, but failed to get any advantage.”

The tall, thin young man’s pupils narrowed rapidly. Two lv3 players can’t handle it? The situation is much more serious than imagined.

Guozi glanced at everyone and said word by word, “Eight players, one lv1, 4 lv2, 3 lv3. I can tell you that if we don’t work together to drive Qi Yuan out first, in the middle and late stages of the game, no one will outwit him.”

Xu Jia finally understood why Qi Yuan wanted to break up with her. In the past, he had made too many enemies, and the hatred was too stable. If the two were discovered to be acquainted, she would likely be attacked.

“Can you confirm that player No. 1 is Qi Yuan with just a glance from afar?” Xu Jia raised doubts, even though she knew in her heart that they were not wrong about the Chinese character’s face.

“I have to know him even if he turns to ashes!” He said this with gritted teeth, clearly having been severely cheated before.

No. 5 said, “It’s very similar to Qi Yuan’s style to attack players right from the start.” He is fast, accurate, ruthless, and not sloppy at all.

After a pause, he added, “It doesn’t matter even if No. 1 is not Qi Yuan. The game initially gives priority to eliminating a level 3 player to eliminate strong enemies for everyone. I don’t think anyone will object, right?”

Xu Jia was silent. No. 5 is right. This is a single-player competition, and eliminating high-ranking players is in the interest of all players present.

She immediately changed her words and said, “I think what you said makes sense, and I am willing to join.”

A level 1 player and it’s a female player; who cares whether she joins or not?

Guozi looked at everyone with a cold smile. “What about you all? What are you going to do?”

Without waiting for the player to answer, he raised the corner of his mouth, and his smile became colder, “The ugly words are ahead. When the Union Army besieges No. 1, they don’t want jackals snooping behind them.”

In other words, join or be besieged.

The tall and thin young man raised his hand first, “I joined.”

“I’ll join in,” the young girl said softly, hugging the teddy bear.

“And me.” Everyone responded to the call.

Rejection means elimination. Everyone is not stupid, so of course, they will not refuse. Even if you have other ideas in your heart, you will readily agree to it first.

Soon, a seven-man alliance was formed.

The tall, thin young man asked, “How to contain No. 1? We don’t even know where he is.”

No. 5 gathered his attention. After a moment, he said in a positive tone, “No. 1 is on the way over.”

Everyone was shocked. How did this person know? Is there a monitor installed on No. 1?

No. 5 waved his hand and said, “Follow me.” Then he led the way.

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