[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 13. (1/2)

Super Power Special

After finishing the skewers and drinking all the drinks, the delivery boy, who earns hundreds of thousands a day, finally said that it was getting late. He was going home first and would contact her later if anything happened.

Xu Jia sent the person to the door and said seriously, “There should be no need to contact you. After knowing the basic rules, I can handle other things.”

Qi Yuan’s face darkened, and he said angrily, “You won’t admit it after eating?”

Xu Jia said righteously, “It’s not good to bother you all the time.”

Besides, she has to rely on herself to play the game. This is not a school exam. Before the game starts, she can also focus on it and do it by surprise. She can only know the specific situation after entering the game, and no one else can help.

Qi Yuan was choked to the point of speechlessness and left with a dark face.

After sending the person away, Xu Jia immediately turned around and returned to the house.

It was getting late because she had slept for a long time. She decided to take a day off and resume her training schedule the next day.

The peaceful days passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, five days have passed since the zombie special.

On this day, Xu Jia finished jogging on the treadmill in the gym, and her watch made a beeping sound, prompting the player to check the information.

[Notice: The next game will start at 5 pm two days later; players are asked to prepare in advance.]

Xu Jia perked up. Is the opportunity to make money finally here?! She was practically counting the days to get through the next two days.

On the day of the game, Xu Jia was in the best condition and couldn’t wait to welcome the game.

At five o’clock in the evening, her eyes blurred, and the surrounding environment changed. This also means that players enter the game.

Xu Jia looked around and found that this seemed to be an exhibition hall. The area was so large that she couldn’t see the edge at a glance. The terrain was a bit complicated, and there were many obstructions.

Large golden characters appeared on the wall, and the rules of the game began to be explained.

“Welcome to the ‘Infinite Variety’ game.”

“This round of the game is the ‘Super Power Special’. There are a total of eight players, each with different super powers. Among them, you are player No. 2.”

“Your super power is ‘reflection’. If someone tears off your name strip, that person will be eliminated and can only be used once.”

“Please make good use of your super powers and be careful to avoid attacks from other players. The last player left will win the final victory.”

“The game will officially start in ten minutes, players please be prepared.”

Then there are the winning rewards.

[If you win this round of the game, you will personally receive a cash reward of 500,000.]

[After testing, you are a lv1 player. All bonuses you get in this round of games will be given a 5% bonus. (That is, the winning bonus is 500,000, and the actual amount after victory is 525,000)]


Xu Jia felt hot in her heart. If she can win the game this time, the money for the house and decoration will be collected directly.

Just when she thought the explanation of the rules of the game was over, large blood-red letters began to appear on the wall.

“Note: In this round of the game, you are the only lv1 player. The other contestants are lv2 or lv3 and have rich game experience.”

Xu Jia: “…”

So, is she a little sheep that strayed into a pack of wolves? No wonder super powers are so useful.

The big, blood-red characters continued to appear.

“To be fair, the system will give you two cue cards for free.”

As soon as the system finished writing this sentence, the next second, seven translucent cards appeared in front of Xu Jia.

The blood-red characters continued, “The superpowers of other players are recorded in the cards. You can choose any two from the seven.”

Xu Jia was pleasantly surprised.

In her opinion, lv2 and lv3 are indeed more familiar with the game, but most players have impressive IQs. So, all things considered, the contestants are actually of similar strength. But since the system is willing to send her reminder cards, it’s not for nothing!

Xu Jia accepted it honestly and quickly selected two cards.

[Player No. 3, super power “Hand of Death.” Player No. 3 owns the best equipment—the “Hand of Death” half-finger glove. After putting on the gloves, player No. 3 touches the target’s name strip and can eliminate the target without taking it off. This ability is limited to three uses.]

[Player No. 4, super power “immortality.” Player No. 4 is a humanoid puppet summoned by Teddy Bear using the ancestral secret technique “Puppet Technique.” The humanoid puppet’s name strip is peeled off, and it can be resurrected an unlimited number of times. The name tag of the doll teddy bear was removed, and player No. 4 was eliminated.]

Player No. 4 is a humanoid puppet who can be resurrected unlimited times if his name strip is removed…

The teddy bear has a name tag…

Xu Jia wiped her sweat and felt that this game was fascinating. If you don’t draw the cue card, you will probably be blinded when you encounter No. 4.

“Why are super powers so weird? There seem to be all kinds of them.” She sighed, feeling that this round of the game was quite difficult.

Whether the contestants are challenging to deal with or not, it is not easy to guess everyone’s super power. Before guessing it, she planned to try her best to avoid fighting with others.

“The game is about to begin, wish you good luck.”

Soon, the white mask covering Xu Jia disappeared automatically.

The moment she learned about her super power, Xu Jia devised a way to win: find 1-2 players to cooperate and follow the team to fool around until the last two people were left. Then, she would hand over her back and have the name strip torn off, and she would be able to win the final victory.

So, for her, the difficulty is how to survive to the end.

“You have to plan carefully.” Xu Jia thought while getting familiar with the terrain.

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