Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 12. (1/2)

When Gu Fan came to Lu Ya’s side, she found him with his eyes open and trying to sit up.

After ensuring the person was alive, Gu Fan wanted to check his physical condition.

At this time, Lu Ya was in a very embarrassed state.

There was a hideous wound on his cold and handsome left face as if a sharp blade flew past and split the flesh.

His left leg was even worse, with a row of sharp earth thorns nailed directly on it. Fortunately, the defense of the S-class armor was strong enough, which greatly weakened the fatal blow of the wind bear, so that although the few earth thorns destroyed the armor layer and stabbed into Lu Ya’s leg, it did not hurt Lu Ya’s bones.

“Bear with it.”

Gu Fan squatted down and reminded Lu Ya in a low voice before pulling out the thorn.

Lu Ya: “Thank you.”

Gu Fan held his knee with one hand, and every time he pulled out a thorn, she immediately used the “healing technique” of the wood magic spell on the wound. After pulling out six thorns in a row, she performed the “healing technique” six times in a row. Half of the wood spirit power in her body had been exhausted. Still, because of her shallow cultivation and the huge hole in Lu Ya’s blood, her first round of treatment only temporarily stopped his bleeding.

Gu Fan used the second round, and at the cost of exhausting the wood spirit power, Lu Ya’s six blood holes finally healed slightly. The slightest movement would not cause bleeding.

Gu Fan sat on the ground, her face pale, and she wiped her sweat.

Lu Ya looked at her silently, his dark eyes showing no emotion.

Gu Fan still remembered that she gave Meng Lianying a muscle-building and blood-tonifying pill in prison and later lied to Lu Ya that she only cured Meng Lianying with wood-type powers. She looked at Lu Ya and explained with shame. : “You have too many wounds, and each one is very serious. If there is only one, I should be able to cure it. My mental power is close to exhaustion, so I can only do this for now.”

Lu Ya expressed his understanding.

Gu Fan continued to wipe her sweat.

Lu Ya looked at the injury on his leg and didn’t know what he was thinking.

“The Wind Bear must be dead, right?” The surroundings were getting darker and darker, and Gu Fan wanted to leave quickly.

Lu Ya: “Dead, but controlling that giant sword exhausted my mental energy. You and I can only stay here for the night.”

Gu Fan became nervous: “Your mental power…”

Lu Ya: “Earth monsters are good at defense. This wind bear is still S-level. When you get its crystal core later, you will know how strong its body defense is. If I don’t try my best, it may escape again.”.”

Gu Fan: “Then what should I do now? I can only deal with a small number of C-level monsters. What if…”

Lu Ya: “With the breath of the wind bear here, there shouldn’t be any other monsters approaching here in two or three days. You don’t have to worry.”

Gu Fan: “How long does it take for your mental strength to recover?”

Lu Ya: “It will be no problem to deal with a small number of A-level monsters tomorrow morning.”

After hearing this, Gu Fan felt a little relieved.

In the open space next to it, a wheelchair suddenly appeared.

Lu Ya: “Help me up, and I’ll teach you how to clean up the wind bear’s body.”

Gu Fan understood, bent down and stood beside him, put her hands on his armpits, and relied on the physical fitness of a cultivator to be far superior to ordinary people, and steadily helped Lu Ya, who was a head taller than her, up.

“Your powers are not strong, but your strength is quite strong.”

Lu Ya, who sat in the wheelchair, looked at Gu Fan and commented.

Gu Fan smiled: “Maybe I have developed my physical strength by running around in the mountains and forests with my grandfather since I was a child.”

Lu Ya was noncommittal.

Gu Fan slowly pushed him to Wind Bear’s body.

Before, life and death were hanging by a thread. Gu Fan only had two impressions of the wind bear: huge and dark. Now, when she took a closer look, she found that the body of the wind bear was covered with a layer of black armor with a metallic luster, like a hard rock; judging from the wound caused by the golden sword, this layer of black armor is half an arm thick.

With such a defense, Lu Ya wanted to insert a giant sword so deep. No wonder he had to go all out.

“Are you sure he is really dead?” Gu Fan was still a little worried.

Lu Ya: “You can try putting a fireball next to its ears.”

Gu Fan then placed a fireball on each of Wind Bear’s ears.

With two bangs, the fireball exploded and turned into black smoke, blown away by the wind. Wind Bear remained motionless, and the fireball beside his ears was gone. This not only proved that Wind Bear was really dead and therefore had no reaction to the attack but also proved that Gu Fan’s attack power was not good.

Lu Ya took the giant sword back into the space crystal to make her feel more at ease.

When the giant sword broke away from the bear’s body, it brought out more blood, but the wind bear still remained motionless.

Gu Fan believed that it was really dead.

“That sword isn’t your superpower?” Gu Fan asked curiously.

The exhaustion of mental power seemed to give Lu Ya a headache. He leaned his head back against the back of the wheelchair, gently pinched his forehead with one hand, and explained in a low voice: “It’s an S-class alloy sword that I condensed with my special powers, the first time I condensed the sword tip exhausted my mental energy. After all was completed, I put it into the space for easy use at any time.”

Gu Fan understood. Lu Ya used his own method to refine a top-notch magic weapon for himself. The golden thread he usually used was purely for dealing with low-level monsters.

Lu Ya stretched out his hand, and there was a dagger the same color as the golden sword in his palm. He seemed to have no strength left and motioned Gu Fan with his eyes to come over and get it: “This one is also of S-level quality. You can use it to cut the wind bear. “

Gu Fan found a treasure, took the dagger, and couldn’t help but touch the blade first.

“When you heal my injury, this dagger will be my thank you gift to you.”

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