Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 11. (2/2)

The body structures of monsters in her continent and monsters here are similar. The biggest difference is that monsters there cultivate inner alchemy, while here monsters cultivate crystal cores.

Gu Fan first took the crystal core and then gradually cut off the monster’s fur, lungs, and internal organs. The scene was extremely bloody.


Gu Fan wanted to ask Lu Ya if he had a container suitable for holding internal organs. Turning her head, she found that Lu Ya was not there by the river.

There was a strange movement in the trees nearby, and Gu Fan looked up suddenly.

Lu Ya was hidden among the lush branches and leaves, looking at her thoughtfully.

Gu Fan pointed to the cut-open belly of a monster and said, “There are some parts inside that can be used to make elixirs. Do you have a container that you can lend me?”

Lu Ya: “How much higher should the elixir made from the bones, blood and internal organs of an A-level monster be than the hair growth elixir?”

Gu Fan: “Leave it to my grandpa to refine high-level elixirs. I can only refine low-level elixirs.”

Lu Ya: “What kind of medicine is considered low?”

Gu Fan: “Hair growth pill, scar removal pill, whitening pill, aphrodisiac pill, intestine moistening pill…”

Gu Fan listed seven or eight kinds of elixirs in one go, all of which were needed by ordinary earthlings but of little use to those with superpowers.

Lu Ya: “What are the high-end elixirs?”

Gu Fan’s heart beat fast, and she said anxiously: “We can talk about these after we get back. You can lend me the container first, otherwise the things will be broken.”

Lu Ya was silent for a few seconds, then put a few plastic buckets out of the spar.

Gu Fan filled a bucket and immediately urged him to put it into space. The preservation effect of the space would last forever.

However, the monsters have strong skin and flesh, and each one is handled very slowly. More than three hours passed before they realized it. As evening came, the setting sun was blocked by the mountains and jungles, and the light at the foot of the mountain suddenly dimmed.

Two monsters were left, and Gu Fan was so tired that her hands were sore.

Lu Ya hid in the tree. Because he didn’t know whether the wind bear had quietly approached, they stopped talking to each other.

Gu Fan shook her sore arms and looked at the surrounding grass dyed red by animal blood. The strong smell of blood almost made her vomit. Didn’t the wind bear smell it yet? Or did the wind bear have a full meal before, and now it is not interested in food?

No, even if the Wind Bear is not interested, aren’t the other monsters on Fairy Peak interested?

This thought made all the hairs on Gu Fan’s body stand up.

Weak humans will fear the strong. There are also distinct levels in the herd. The fact that other monsters have not come can only mean one thing. The wind bear has come. The low-level monsters dare not compete with the wind bear for food, and the S-class wind bear might be hiding in the dark to spy on and observe her.

What should she do?

The S-class monster has human-like intelligence. Does Wind Bear suspect that she is bait?

They are all bait anyway, so why not pretend to be more like them?

Gu Fan turned the dagger in her hand and walked toward one of the two remaining monster corpses. Just when she was about to squat down and start working again, suddenly, she raised her head warily as if she sensed some danger.

Observing around, Gu Fan frowned and thought for a moment. Finally, she seemed to give up on the last two monster corpses, activated her combat boots, and flew quickly towards the way she came from, without any regrets, as if running for her life.

When she flew about 500 meters, a beast roar suddenly came from behind. The roar was like thunder, which made Gu Fan’s soul tremble, and she almost forgot to control her combat boots.

While trying to maintain balance, Gu Fan turned around uncontrollably.

A small mountain-like wind bear appeared out of thin air, running towards her as fast as the wind.

Five hundred meters is nothing. The wind bear shortened it by half in one jump.

Seeing the ten-meter-high wind bear and dark clouds approaching her like waves, Gu Fan was like an ant who forgot to react. There was only one thought in her mind: She was going to die.

At that moment, Gu Fan seemed to have returned to the Cultivation Continent when she was chased by high-level monsters.

So, no matter where she escapes, will she eventually be killed by an animal?

Wind Bear’s body was so big that there was only darkness in Gu Fan’s eyes.

Suddenly, a gorgeous golden light rose from behind Wind Bear. Its light was as bright as the scorching sun coming into the world.

The golden light swallowed up Wind Bear and Gu Fan.

She had to close her eyes to block out the dazzling light.

Something was on her waist, and the familiar pulling feeling took her flying out at an unfamiliar extreme speed.

Noticing that the light outside was dimming again, Gu Fan opened her eyes and saw the wind bear lying face on the ground, with a one-meter-wide golden sword stuck on its back.

With a “thong” sound, she bumped into something, but instead of being knocked away by her, the thing had an arm around her waist, hugging her and moving back a few meters.

Gu Fan looked up and saw Lu Ya’s cold face.

“Thank you for your cooperation.” Lu Ya looked at her and Wind Bear on the ground and said.

Gu Fan was still frightened, and her whole body was shaking.

“Stay here and don’t move. I’ll go check on the Wind Bear.” Lu Ya let go of her waist and grabbed her arm with one hand. After ensuring that Gu Fan still had the strength to maintain balance, he dropped toward Wind Bear’s position.

Gu Fan looked again and found that more than half of the golden sword was submerged in Wind Bear’s body, and the other end of the sword should have been inserted into the ground.

Mutated monsters are the same as those with superpowers. If their vitals are injured, it will be difficult to save their lives.

Just when Gu Fan judged that the wind bear should be dead, suddenly, the wind bear turned over at an extremely fast speed, opened its mouth wide, and spit out a dense thorn of soil at Lu Ya!

Lu Ya dodged out instantly. At the same time, the giant sword inserted into Wind Bear’s body was twisted hard. What Wind Bear spit out from its mouth turned into a pool of blood.

Gu Fan was far enough away that neither the earth’s thorns nor the bear’s blood affected her.

The wind bear fell to the ground, and the earth trembled.

For the next few minutes, Wind Bear remained motionless, with only bright red blood continuously flowing out from its wounds and the corners of its mouth.

The Wind Bear is dead. Where is Lu Ya?

While Gu Fan was wary of Wind Bear possibly cheating on its death, she searched everywhere. Finally, she found a familiar black figure in the jungle nearby.

He was lying in the grass, seemingly injured.

Gu Fan immediately flew towards him.

The author’s side story:

Fan fan: Are you dead?

Lu Ya: What would you do if I died?

Fan Fan: I will dig out your space crystal and see the good things inside.

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