Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #69

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Chapter 69

Cheng Yu stared at the computer screen for a long time. Of course, the time was one-tenth less than the time he spent staring at the bracelet, and his mood was a little subtle.

Something seemed to snap and break into pieces.

However, Cheng Yu still insisted on giving Shi Zhi a fishing rod and only went out after completing the task.

Cheng Yu protected the bracelet very carefully. He wanted to prevent it from getting wet. After all, the plastic and the small string were not resistant to being made. When he was working, he especially took off the bracelet and kept it. Thinking about it, after Cheng Yu goes down the mountain, he wraps the red rope with a layer of platinum.

Then, Cheng Yu saw manager Shi Zhi’s brother Quan greet Cheng Yu.

“Mr. Cheng.”

He wears the same Bodhisattva bracelet on his hand.

Cheng Yu: “…” It doesn’t matter, he comforted himself; Brother Quan will definitely have it; Shi Zhi gave it to him as her manager.

Then he saw the assistant of Shi Zhi’s team, still wearing the same style as him.

There are even aunties who cook in the village and children in the village.

Cheng Yu: “…” It doesn’t matter. Auntie worked hard cooking, and the children were very cute.

Cheng Yu didn’t know that Shi Zhi Butler wore two on his hands, one on each side. If this also means winning or losing, then the Butler is the absolute winner.

Shi Zhi gave many Bodhisattva bracelets to the Butler, allowing him to achieve freedom with the Bodhisattva bracelets.

That night, Cheng Yu spent another whole night sharpening his fishing rod, but his mood was completely different from before.

It turned out that it was left to him, and he was not the only one.

Happy or unhappy, He still has to make a fishing rod for Shi Zhi; otherwise, what else can he do?


When the news about the scumbag female reached Shi Zhi, her expression was: ???


She just wholesaled some old lady’s bracelets and gave them to her friends as souvenirs. How could she become the scumbag female?

Shi Zhi refuses this title; she is not, she doesn’t have it, and she doesn’t talk nonsense.

Yes, everyone guessed one thing right, the bracelets are indeed wholesale.

The whole entertainment industry has Shi Zhi’s Bodhisattva bracelet. This meme is viral. Who doesn’t have Shi Zhi’s bracelet? Not only the artists, Shi Zhi takes care of everyone, even the crew and program crew of the co-operators.

Some people don’t.

Tang Yunling.


Tang Yunling and Shi Zhi have many familiar friends on WeChat. In the past few days, everyone in their circle of friends has been showing off Shi Zhi’s bracelet.

In fact, even if Tang Yunling doesn’t want to follow it, it’s the same with other social networks. You can see such Weibo posts just by browsing Weibo.

Tang Yunling stared at the phone and sneered: Ha, amazing?

Does she care? She doesn’t want it even if it’s given to her.

But Tang Yunling was not free and easy. No matter whether she was filming, eating, or sleeping, she was always thinking about this matter: why didn’t she, why didn’t Shi Zhi give it to her?

She doesn’t want a face?

Tang Yunling’s agent hit the nail on the head: “You have such a bad relationship with Shi Zhi; it’s strange that she can give it to you.”

Previously, She was chasing Shi Zhi to get some heat, but later, Shi Zhi helped Tang Yunling, but Tang Yunling still wanted to get some heat.


Tang Yunling chose to buy it for himself. It was not expensive, and SF Express delivered it quickly. Later, Tang Yunling also seriously put on the Bodhisattva bracelet.

This one was specially chosen by her. It looks exactly like Shi Zhi’s one.

Tang Yunling was filming on the set and didn’t go out much. However, reporters would visit the crew. When Tang Yunling was flipping her hair, the reporters noticed that something on her wrist looked familiar.

If they read it correctly, “Teacher Tang Yunling, is the Bodhisattva bracelet you are wearing given by Shi Zhi?”

Tang Yunling: Of course… no.

However, Tang Yunling had already thought about what to do and would neither admit nor deny, leaving them enough room for imagination, and it was basically stable.

Of course, if Shi Zhi really cares about her and wants to slap her in the face, she won’t be able to.

Because she didn’t say at all that this was a gift from Shi Zhi.

Tang Yunling felt that she was so smart.

But the reporter said, “Oh, I saw it wrong. Although it looks similar, it’s not the model from Teacher Shi Zhi.”

Tang Yunling’s smile froze. Why!

Reporter: “Teacher Shi Zhi’s model is made of plastic.” Tang Yunling’s model is made of jade.

The reporter doesn’t know whether the jade is good or bad, but at least it is jade.

When Tang Yunling failed, she wondered how someone could give away plastic as a gift.


Shi Zhi later received another friend request from a stranger.

She added the person, and the other person asked, “Would you like to sell a Bodhisattva bracelet?”

Shi Zhi also replied to it and sent it almost at the same time.

“Tang Yunling, is that you?”

There was silence over there, and it took a while before the input was displayed.

Tang Yunling, “How could you tell, I didn’t use my photo as a profile picture this time…”

Tang Yunling felt defeated. She had already learned the lesson from the last time. Not only did this account not have a circle of friends, but even the avatar was a cartoon character. Looking at the cartoon character of a mouse on the avatar, Tang Yunling doubted whether this cartoon was the same as herself. Are there any similarities?

Otherwise, why would she be recognized by Shi Zhi again?

Tang Yunling was puzzled. She had to die with an understanding.

Shi Zhi: “I didn’t see it.”

“I’m just guessing.”

Then it was scammed.

Shi Zhi was not a fairy. She definitely couldn’t identify this kind of trumpet that didn’t leave any useful information. Her intuition was that it might be Tang Yunling.

Tang Yunling: “…” took a breath. This woman is so terrifying, so insidious!

Shi Zhi still had to continue filming and vlogging, so she didn’t chat with Tang Yunling for too long. She didn’t expect Tang Yunling to be so eager for her bracelets. Since she had already come to her door, it didn’t matter if she gave her two.


The filming went very smoothly. While the road construction project there was going smoothly, the film was also completed.

When it came to the last few scenes, everyone on the crew was crying.

The explosiveness is so strong that they were shocked just by reading the script. The feeling during filming was even more heart-wrenching than the words.

After filming the last scene, Shi Zhi looked at Zhang Mingxia’s Weibo without taking off her makeup.

Zhang Mingxia has successfully divorced. She brought the Mahua stall to a bigger city. Although she will lose some old customers, there are more people in the new city and new life. The delicious and inexpensive Mahua will be her postcard. Soon, It created a good reputation, had more customers than before, and made more money.

The psychiatrist, Shi Zhi, found that Zhang Mingxia was no longer needed. Still, the two became good friends and had many topics to talk about.

The psychiatrist also told Shi Zhi, “Zhang Mingxia is definitely your loyal fan. She always tells me about you.”

Amway Shi Zhi’s dramas are all kinds of good. Because she has money, Zhang Mingxia also started spending money to buy products endorsed by Shi Zhi.

Why should you burn yourself for a man who is completely ignorant of consideration, takes his contribution for granted, and shouts and drinks? Isn’t it nice to live a happy life by yourself, spend money on your idol within your ability, and support her career?

When Shi Zhi heard that Zhang Mingxia spent money to buy her endorsed products, she disagreed.

Don’t spend money, I’ve told you so many times!

Facts proved that Shi Zhi couldn’t stop them, and Zhang Mingxia did enjoy it.

Shi Zhi is just glad that she does not blindly accept endorsements now. The endorsements are useful, and the quality is acceptable.


After filming the movie, Shi Zhi was able to take the team back to the city from the mountains. Although there was a lot of fun in the mountains, Shi Zhi also promoted a slow life that many people yearned for.

But the team members are really a little anxious.

They want to watch movies, unpack express delivery, and experience the feasting of the big city!

It’s not that there’s nothing here; it’s just that the road is too far, and they are too lazy to bother.

The most important thing is that they can’t stay here any longer; they are almost as fat as balls.

Everyone received food from Shi Zhi one by one, and they were extremely happy. They posted the loving food from Sister Shi on social networks all day long.

They finally felt the destructive power of turning Ning Jiachi’s eight-pack abs into six-pack abs. It didn’t take long for Ning Jiachi and the others to eat the food cooked by Sister Shi, but it took them a long time to eat.

As fat as two people.

Later, people from the Gardenia team returned, and Gardenia, who was picked up at the airport, took photos and compared them with the pictures from a few months ago.

Yo ho, they almost fainted from laughing on the spot.

The abdominal iron is well-deserved.

Want to gain weight? Call Sister Shi.

Of course, in the end, Gardenia discovered that they also wanted to eat her cooking, and they were willing to gain weight.

Some people have shown the spirit of winning only when they love to fight.

Can you fight for Shi Zhi?

“Let’s all do crowdfunding. Sister Shi will fight for one hour, and I will fight for one second.”

“I… I’ll fight for ten seconds!”

Shi Zhi also saw it and replied to them, “Today’s opening is a big reward. It doesn’t cost any money. As long as you complete a thousand excellent test papers, you can successfully summon Shi Zhi and start a live broadcast.”

In fact, the gardenias were just enjoying themselves, but they unexpectedly attracted Shi Zhi.

Gardenia: !!!


There is also such a surprise.


It’s the real Princess Shi Zhi!

Other artists are all buying goods, and millions of copies—tens of millions of copies—can unlock any special videos, but they did not expect that they now have such a brand. Sister Shi actually kept up with this trend.

It’s just that others are competing for sales while they are competing for excellent test papers and still have the characteristics of Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi was always urging them to study, a woman who spent two hours tutoring in advanced mathematics to persuade her crazy stalker fan to stop and just be normal students and casual fans.

Gardenia: Okay, but they like it so much.

Some people have already said, “Sisters, I will go ahead and endorse it!”

Received encouragement and support from office workers, “Come on, we are with you.”

Of course, there are office workers who also want to take advantage of it and have a sense of participation, so they focus on their own children.

She left a message: “My son is in the first grade of elementary school this year. If he gets 100 points in the exam, can he be included in it?”

Shi Zhi also replied to her: “Okay.”

Gardenia Mom: “Okay, I will urge my son to study hard!”

First-grade son: ???

At such a young age, he has to bear too much and work hard for his mother to chase the stars.

Shi Zhi felt that she had a fate with this Gardenia, who had become a mother. Since the child had worked hard, she also had to express her heart and express her support.

Shi Zhi told the assistant, “Let’s also arrange tutoring materials for this child from childhood to adulthood.”

When Shi Zhi left the mountain, many people still came to see her off, and everyone was a little reluctant to part with Shi Zhi.

Uncle Fishing is sad, no one is fishing together. The children are also sad. The child king is leaving.

“Sister Shi Zhi, I recognize you as the champion of the mud contest!”

Shi Zhi knelt down and told him, “Silly boy, you don’t need to admit it, I am also a champion.” This is a definite fact!

Shi Zhi has her own obsession with winning the mud contest.

Kid: “……”

The assistant next to Cheng Yu sighed, “Shi Zhi is so popular.”

Immediately follow up, “She is worth it.” She will be liked by more and more people because she is worth it.

Assistant: “…” Why would he say something like this to Mr. Cheng, a die-hard fan? Shouldn’t he have expected it a long time ago?

Cheng Yu gave Shi Zhi the newly made fishing rod.

Have you seen the dark circles under his eyes? This is a sign of his hard work.

Shi Zhi asked Cheng Yu to have a good rest. His health was the most important thing, but Cheng Yu started to cough lightly in the wind again.

This time, Shi Zhi handed Cheng Yu a tube of lozenges; the sun shone on her face, and she said to Cheng Yu.

“I specially asked Da Jun to buy it. Seeing that you have a bad cough, I hope it can be used… If it doesn’t work, why don’t I send you some medicine when I go out?”

Cheng Yu can’t be like this. Although he is at the forefront as a party member, his body is the capital of the revolution. Shi Zhi is a little afraid that Cheng Yu will die if he continues like this.

Cheng Yu also knew Da Jun. After all, there were not many people in the village. He had an electric three-wheeler at home and would often go down the mountain to buy some things.

Cheng Yu didn’t expect to receive the throat lozenges given by Shi Zhi. He was slightly startled, but he kept a calm face.


After sending Shi Zhi away, Cheng Yu’s assistant asked Cheng Yu.

“Mr. Cheng, when are we leaving?”

Cheng Yu frowned, “Are you in such a hurry because of something?”

Assistant: He’s fine, but Cheng Yu came here after Shi Zhi. Now that Shi Zhi’s people are gone, why are they still here?

Are you really here to contribute to society?

The key point is minor. It is enough to keep professionals.

The assistant felt that he might have asked the wrong question and thought about his words, “I have nothing urgent to do, I just want to know the arrangements later…”

Cheng Yu stretched out his finger; it was 1.

Assistant: “A month?” It can’t be a year, right?

Cheng Yu revealed the answer, “One day.”

Assistant: He said he didn’t come because of Shi Zhi!

Cheng Yu: “I think you are quite anxious.”

In Cheng Yu’s opinion, he couldn’t follow Shi Zhi away, as it would be embarrassing if he was bumped into.

Later, he went to Da Jun and asked about the throat lozenges.

Dajun: “Yes, I came down the mountain, and Sister Shi asked me to do some errands. I bought some special medicine for the sick old hen, and then I also brought a tube of lozenges.”

The focus is on the old hen’s special medicine and then the throat lozenges.

Cheng Yu was happy. He was alone this time.

Da Jun only thought that Mr. Cheng, who looked as good as a celebrity, had a strange and handsome smile, as if he had encountered a happy event. Even his steps became much brisker.

Cheng Yu finally stayed in the mountains for a week.

He had a tube of throat lozenges, and he didn’t want to eat any of them. He put them in the house for fear of being eaten by something. There were still many mice in the mountains. In the end, Cheng Yu took them with him and put them properly in his pocket. He patted it from time to time to make sure it existed.


The temperature here was already high, and his body temperature was even higher, so the lozenges melted away.

It’s so sticky in his pocket that he can’t even save it.


When Shi Zhi successfully returned to the city, she could rest for a while.

The Butler rewarded Shi Zhi in an almost exaggerated manner. The eldest lady suffered. Can The Eldest Lady win an Oscar for this movie?

If the Oscar doesn’t go to the eldest lady, the worst he can do is buy it.

Instead of buying an Oscar for Shi Zhi, the Butler wanted to buy it directly.

Shi Zhi had no doubt that he could really make it, but what did he buy it for, and how many awards would he give her every year?

Shi Zhi told the Butler that it doesn’t matter whether there are awards or not. What’s important is that she is psychologically satisfied.

Don’t even think about spending money to buy an Oscar! It’s not necessary.

After Shi Zhi came down from the mountain, she received a call from an unknown person. When she opened the call, she heard an unfamiliar female voice. Shi Zhi thoughtfully told the caller, “You dialed the wrong number.” Then she added the caller to the blacklist.

Didn’t take it seriously at all.

Then, when Shi Zhi came out of the company one day, she was found.

“Shi Zhi, right? I want to talk to you.” The other person looks to be in her early twenties, is stylishly dressed, and has a good appearance and temperament. There is one problem: she likes to look at people through her nostrils.

Shi Zhi asked her, “Gardenia?” It didn’t look like it, but it looked a bit like a crazy stalker fan.

She thought that crazy fans had become extinct after the last time, but she didn’t expect that they still existed, and was this a new way to attract her attention? But it’s safer than chasing a car or something.

Shi Zhi asked: “Are you still in school?”

“Study hard.”

If you go to work, “work hard.”

Or, “You also want to learn advanced mathematics?”

The other party: “…”

What is going on with this woman Shi Zhi?!

She was a little angry, “Shi Zhi, don’t pretend to be confused!”

As if she thought of something, she took out a check from her bag and raised her chin.

“This is five million, leave Ba Ba.”


Shi Zhi actually didn’t understand what the young woman in front of her was doing. When the other person took out the check, she thought it was a fake, so she took it and looked at it.

It seems to be true.

Shi Zhi nodded, “Okay, okay.”

The young woman continued to say: “Don’t speak loudly like a lion. I know Ba Ba is very good, but he has a partner…” She could tell that Shi Zhi was playing a long game to catch a big fish, and the phone call was intentional, but she didn’t answer, and now she was pretending. She shouldn’t leave Ba Ba just because of five million.

This is trickier.

Then she reacted unexpectedly——

Shi Zhi seemed to agree.

The young woman looked confused, “You agreed?”

Shi Zhi: “Yes.”

“Is this considered a gift?” It must be obtained within the scope of the law. “And you have to tell me, who is Ba Ba’s client?”

Otherwise, how could she avoid contact with the other party?

Young woman: !!!

Looked at Shi Zhi in disbelief.

She actually asked her to name his name. Has this woman developed into a business chain?

She must let Ba Ba see the other party’s true face.

Shi Zhi got the answer.

“Ba Ba, it’s Chu Batian. That’s my nickname for him. I’m Ba Ba’s fiancée, Su Xue.”

“This nickname is exclusive to me. I hope Miss Shi will take care of herself and not steal it.”

Shi Zhi felt that Su Xue was thinking too much and there was no way she could call anyone Ba Ba.

As the words of Chu Batian’s fiancée Su Xue fell, the plot appeared in Shi Zhi’s mind. Although the system committed suicide, the plot will still appear at certain necessary moments.

Chu Batian and Shi Zhi had an impression of the male protagonist in the original novel. She was full of words when he appeared on the scene that day. Later Chu Batian said that he wanted to repay her, and then gave her several options for the script. 

Shi Zhi said that she was an artist full of copper smell, and the other party never appeared again.

Unexpectedly, her fiancée would come to her door. Is this really the power of the plot?


Su Xue showed the check to Shi Zhi and then took it back. Shi Zhi had no intention of asking for Su Xue’s check.

She calmly told Su Xue that she had no contact with Chu Batian.

Su Xue asked, “Then why does Ba Ba have your contact information?” She secretly checked Chu Batian’s cell phone and found something unusual. As a boss, he did not have the contact information of other women on his cell phone.

Su Xue discovered Shi Zhi because Chu Batian noted her name with a bright “female” after it.

The question is just what the plot requires.

Shi Zhi: Because I helped Chu Batian.

Su Xue’s face was filled with disbelief, “Ba Ba is omnipotent, so he still needs your help?”

Shi Zhi felt that she should have videotaped it at that time and let Su Xue watch Chu Batian staggering and dancing in the corridor.

Su Xue: “Tell me, what is your relationship with Ba Ba?”

Shi Zhi: “The relationship between the savior and the person being rescued…maybe there is another relationship.”

Su Xue became nervous. What is it?

Shi Zhi: “He owes me money.”

Although Shi Zhi, as the successor of socialism, had no intention of asking for any remuneration, Chu Batian seemed to be trying to seduce her. He talked a lot, and when he knew that she thought it was feasible to give money, he ran away stingily. It can be regarded as a debtor relationship. Chu Batian owes her money.


Su Xue: She felt that Shi Zhi was full of lies and nonsense and that she was too careless to deal with her perfunctorily.

In fact, what Zhi said at that time was the truth.

Su Xue has nothing to do with Shi Zhi, but she can use the power of others. If someone is pestering Shi Zhi and pursuing Shi Zhi, Shi Zhi will have no time to think about Ba Ba, right?


What Su Xue found was a second-generation rich man in the industry who especially liked picking up girls. Once he locked on a target, he would never give up until he won.

She just sent the other party a photo of Shi Zhi and said a few words of provocation. The rich second generation said that it would be no problem to get Shi Zhi and that he also liked Shi Zhi very much.

Shi Zhi was walking during the day to buy roast duck but was blocked in a slightly remote place.

The man had slicked back hair and wore a leather jacket. He leaned next to the luxury car and whistled towards Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi, “Ignore the hair.”

Man: “……”

Why was he treated as a hairdresser?

The rich second generation’s attack was simple and crude. He first pointed at his car and said, “Mine.”

He took out his wallet again, first taking out a thick stack of money, and then starting to pull out various cards.

Launch a money offensive.

“Are you excited?” If you like it, just follow him. He can provide financial help to Shi Zhi.

When the rich second generation saw Shi Zhi, she hesitated to speak. He made up his mind that he had done it. As expected, this trick was the best. He raised a confident smile.

“Follow the most direct thoughts in your heart. Don’t be shy and speak your mind.” Do you want to follow him? Get in the car now.

“He’s shown his cards, his old heart is moved.”

These words were not spoken by Shi Zhi but in a hoarse and rough voice that sounded like a man’s.

“Brother, I feel like he’s quite rich, or maybe it’s just him!”

The rich second generation turned around in panic and saw several strong men wearing black stockings, looking at him as if they were weighing fat sheep.

Shi Zhi: She actually wanted to tell the other party not to show off your wealth casually, as you might be targeted by kidnappers.

When the other party was showing off his wealth, these strong men were standing behind him.

The second-generation rich man didn’t even have time to call for help before he was pulled over and dragged away. He only had time to whimper.

Shi Zhi was very calm. There were bodyguards not far away. They would appear in times of danger.

Are you going to kidnap her too?

Kidnapper A asked his accomplice next to him, “It seems she is a celebrity. Should she be taken away too?”

Kidnapper B glanced at her and said, “Shi Zhi…forget it, she is so poor!”

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