[RM] Infinite Variety Show

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Chapter 8. (2/2)

Zombie Special

It’s been a while since the game started, but No. 11 is clueless and confused. So she wandered around aimlessly, using the stupidest method to open room after room.

After coming out of the “Russian” room and finding nothing, she turned and entered the “American” room.

I didn’t expect anything at first. I just opened the cabinet and searched casually. Unexpectedly, a small treasure box came into view as soon as he opened the wardrobe.

No. 11 exclaimed. Then she quickly realized something, covered her mouth, and looked around warily.

No one else was in the room.

She felt relieved and quickly opened the treasure chest.

The box contained a bottle of blue solution and a card next to it. No. 11 picked up the card and read it carefully.

When she saw that “because it was jointly researched and developed by 10 countries, it can only be found in these 10 countries”, No. 11 slapped her forehead and suddenly realized, “The place of origin of the item! Find the corresponding country room!”

The more she thought about it, the more she realized that this was what happened, and No. 11 was very excited. Although she failed to analyze the rules on her own, she was lucky enough to find the treasure box and see the instruction card. She finally understood what the game was about.

Hiding the special solution in her bag, she took out the toothpaste and checked its place of origin as she walked.


No. 11 had just muttered something when her whole body suddenly stiffened – she felt something pressed against her back.

“Don’t move, hand over the contents of the treasure box.” A clear female voice came from behind, threatening, “You have seen the cards, you should know that if you shoot your tag with a water gun filled with a special solution, humans will also be kicked out. .”

Who is behind her? No. 11 frowned and started thinking quickly.

But as soon as she moved, the other party immediately put the water gun closer and said rudely, “If you dare to run away or look back, I will shoot you immediately. You can take a gamble and see if you are agile enough to survive.”

No. 11 immediately did not dare to move.

“Hand over the things, hurry up.” The other party seemed very impatient and repeatedly urged him.

No. 11 was secretly anxious. No other players were seen passing by this tiny corner.

She softened her tone and tried to persuade, “We are all human beings and we are in the same group. There is no need to kill each other.”

Xu Jia twitched her lips and thought, who is with you?

“We can work together…”

No. 11 wanted to say something else, but Xu Jia ruthlessly interrupted, “You have ten seconds. If you don’t hand over your things, I will shoot.” It was unsafe to stand in the corridor, and she had no time to waste with the other party.



No. 11 was speechless and looked annoyed. She’s acutely aware that the water gun and special solution are important to winning and doesn’t want to hand them over. Especially when someone came and pointed a water gun at her; their attitude was very unfriendly.




No. 11’s face turned green. Why do you still bring the one that counts faster and faster??

“Forgot to mention,” a voice came from behind, very nonchalant. After you eliminate the player, your belongings will be automatically transferred. If you want to die, I can help you.”

Then, the guy behind him started dancing shamelessly and counting, “Five.”



“I’ll give it to you!” No. 11 took the special solution from her bag without hesitation – obviously, life is more important than the special solution.

Xu Jia took it and stuffed it into her bag.

No. 11 thought that the matter was over and was about to leave. Unexpectedly, the person behind took it one step further and requested, “Take out the items in the bag as well.”

No. 11 couldn’t bear it anymore and roared, “Why do you need so many water guns and solutions? Can they be used by one person?”

She already had a set of weapons, but they still clung to her.

Etc! No. 11’s eyes flickered as she thought about it. Could it be that she was tricked? The other party only had a water gun, and no special solution was found? Then, when the other party poured the newly obtained solution into the water gun, wouldn’t she be able to take the opportunity to escape?


Xu Jia shot a gun on the ground, and the blue liquid splashed on the white tiles conspicuously.

No. 11’s pupils tightened – the other party was not bluffing!

She said coldly, “I don’t need to explain so much to you, just tell me whether to give it or not.”

People are knives and servants, and I am fish and meat. There is no other way but to obey and do as you are told.

Don’t let her know who it is! No. 11 gritted her teeth and had to take the toothpaste from her bag and hand it over.

Xu Jia took the toothpaste and shot at the name tag without hesitation.

No. 11 heard the shooting sound and turned around hurriedly, her expression frightened and angry, “You…”

Xu Jia said confidently, “When did I promise that I would not kill you if you handed over the things? No, right?”

No. 11 was about to curse, but her figure disappeared first, and she felt extremely depressed.

Xu Jia murmured softly, “If we hadn’t eliminated the players, their belongings would have disappeared. Who is talking nonsense to you?”

Yes, “Personal items will be automatically transferred after a player is eliminated” is a lie. Xu Jia deliberately said this to make No. 11 obediently hand over the things.

She deliberately created an illusion – you can get items by eliminating players. She didn’t shoot because she didn’t want to eliminate human companions.

However, No. 11 did not have enough information to tell whether it was true or false. After believing that “after the player is eliminated, the belongings will be automatically transferred, ” she took it for granted that the other party did not intend to eliminate her but was just coercing her.

It’s a pity that one step is wrong, and every step is wrong. In the end, the things were given away, and the people were gone. It was like losing both partners and troops.

The broadcast sounded, “Human No. 11 OUT, Human No. 11 OUT.”

“There are seven more people.” Xu Jia said to herself.

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