Doomsday Stewed Salted Fish

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Chapter 7. (1/2)

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lu, it’s too dangerous outside the base. I don’t want to take risks.”

Gu Fan rejected Lu Ya’s proposal just like she rejected Xinghe and others and proposed a solution: “If you don’t believe in the efficacy of the beast-avoiding pill, you and I can cancel the transaction. You return the beast-avoiding pill to me, and I will return the ten thousand merit points to you.”

There was a sound of inhalation coming from behind, and it was Meng Lianying who covered his mouth.

It was normal for Gu Fan to reject them, but Gu Fan dared to reject his cousin?

Meng Lianying’s eyes were sympathetic when he looked at Gu Fan.

Hearing this, Lu Ya turned the porcelain bottle in his hand and looked at Gu Fan critically: “You don’t dare to follow mei. Are you worried that I will find out that this is fake medicine and you can’t explain it?”

Gu Fan said seriously: “You can insult me, but don’t insult my grandfather.”

Lu Ya: “Miss Gu misunderstood. Unless someone provokes me first, I will not insult anyone. However, since you are in the business of selling medicine, you should establish a good reputation. You and I can cancel this transaction, but I will question the effectiveness of your medicine, and the base’s Industrial and Commercial Management Department will never apply for a business license for you. Without a business license, if you sell any medicine, you will be detained by the police.”

If Gu Fan turned around, she would find that the corners of Meng Lianying’s mouth had begun to twitch.

But Gu Fan was suspicious of Lu Ya’s threat: “Yesterday, I was selling drugs at the police station, and I didn’t have a business license at the time. Why didn’t they arrest me?”

Lu Ya: “Because at that time, the police thought you were the person I wanted to take care of, and they gave me a face.”

Gu Fan:……

Meng Lianying finally couldn’t stand it any longer, so he approached Gu Fan, patted her shoulder, and said, “Just go with cousin. Don’t worry, with my cousin here, he will definitely be able to protect you and return safely.” If your beast-avoiding elixir is really effective, Meng Lianying added silently in his heart.

Gu Fan finally understood that she had offended the base’s local boss. If she didn’t agree to Lu Ya’s request, she would not be able to gain a foothold in the base.

“Of course, if Miss Gu’s medicine works, I will compensate you with 10,000 points as physical and mental compensation for the hard work of traveling.”

After beating the stick, Lu Ya handed Gu Fan a sweet date in due time.

Gu Fan didn’t find it sweet, but this high compensation price made her unwillingness a little better.

At this moment, Xinghe, Fenghuo, Taishan, and Qingteng, who had been listening, ended their low-pitched discussion and came over to Lu Ya and said: “Young Marshal, actually before you came here, Gu Fan had agreed to go with us to An city for a mission, since the young marshal also wants to go to An City to hunt the wind bear, how about we go together?”

Gu Fan’s heart moved slightly, but her face showed no flaws.

Seeing that Lu Ya seemed reluctant, Xinghe smiled and explained: “Gu Fan is timid. If a monster attacks, she will feel more at ease if there are more people around her. Of course, after this trip, she has seen the young commander’s strength. She will definitely not have such worries when she gets the chance to go out alone.”

Lu Ya accepted this explanation and asked, “When are you going to An city?”

Xinghe: “We will set off early the day after tomorrow. What do you think, Marshal?”

Lu Ya: “Okay.”

Meng Lianying coughed, put a hand on Gu Fan’s shoulder, and asked for benefits for her: “Cousin, look at Fan Fan, a new retail investor who has just arrived. She doesn’t even have decent armor. It’s so dangerous outside the base. Since you asked her to go out with you, should you prepare a suit of armor for Fan Fan?”

Gu Fan glanced at him again. Don’t think she would forget that Meng Lianying arranged a sofa for Lu Ya to sit face to face with her.

Lu Ya was very generous: “A set of A-level armor, okay?”

Meng Lianying’s eyes lit up, and then he was a little jealous and said sourly: “I earned my A-level armor by myself, cousin, you are partial.”

Lu Ya turned a deaf ear and dialed a number. While waiting, he glanced at Gu Fan up and down.

Gu Fan was puzzled.

Three seconds later, the communication was connected. Lu Ya said expressionlessly: “Prepare a set of women’s A-level armor, height 170cm, other dimensions calculated according to the golden ratio, and will be delivered tomorrow morning…”

Gu Fan noticed an unfamiliar word: the golden ratio.

She turned around and asked Meng Lianying, who was nearest: “What is the golden ratio?”

Meng Lianying’s handsome face turned slightly red, and his eyes flashed: “I can’t say this; you can check it yourself.”

Gu Fan looked at the others.

Xinghe had already sat back on the sofa and read the newspaper. Fenghuo took Taishan and Qingteng to play cards without looking at her.

“Meet you at the exit of the base the day after tomorrow morning.”

Lu Ya arranged Gu Fan’s armor, stood up, and said goodbye.

Meng Lianying went to see him off, and Gu Fan opened the notebook behind her and searched for “golden ratio.”

A lot of content popped up on the web page. Gu Fan picked a link related to body shape and clicked on it. After reading it carefully, he finally understood why Lu Ya glanced at her quickly with that look before making a call.

As a hundred-year-old female cultivator about the same age as the five Meng Lianying men put together, Gu Fan felt that she had been scorned by a junior.

Although he is young, he is a genius who she will definitely not be able to defeat.

Meng Lianying just came back from seeing Lu Ya off. When he came in, he saw Gu Fan looking unhappy at the laptop screen. Meng Lianying guessed it and quickly explained: “Fan Fan, don’t get me wrong, my cousin does like to use force to suppress human beings, but he will never deliberately tease others. He only wants to arrange a suitable armor for you by observing your figure. You don’t want the armor to be sent to you and it will turn out to be inappropriate, right?”

Gu Fan calmed down and asked, “I heard that the A-level armor can fly?”

Meng Lianying: “Yes, the A-class armor is equipped with flying boots and a jet engine. It can reach a speed of 20 kilometers per hour and can withstand bullet-strength physical attacks. Due to the shortage of high-tech materials, the A-class armor is expensive but not commercially available. Usually only A-level superpower users can obtain a set only after reaching a certain contribution value.”

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